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Found 5 results

  1. Trying to replace the outer boot on drivers side, have everything apart. How do I pull off the outer CV joint (is it CV?). Saw a ETCG video on boot replacement, the outer CV joint should slide off easily, it wont move. Should it slide off? Appreciate some advice, havent found section in FWSM that covers this, thanks -D
  2. Looking at ordering the CV joint it's all the same parts, I just want to be sure the full assembly will mount the same.
  3. So I'm in the middle of replacing both cv shafts on my 2002 v6 auto, on the passenger side where the cv shaft joins with the intermediate shaft, there is a seal, i accidentally put a screwdriver through this seal, does anybody know what this is called exactly and/or if anybody sells it? Also while on the topic, on the drivers side, i havent been able to get the shaft out at all, i've tried pyring and hitting the prybar with a hammer and have gotten nowhere. Any better ideas of how to get it out? Dont know if whether an exercise in futility or an exercise in perseverance.
  4. Ok. Rotor is off, hubnut is off. Car is on jack. Loosened the lower ball joint nut, but bolt is still in place. Nut is almost all the way off. Does the bolt have to come all the way out? (is the bolt holding the ball joint or just pinching it?) I tried using a fork but I can't separate the ball joint. I am assuming that the ball joint has to come off to swing the wheel out of the way in order to pull the axle out. Thought this was going to be a sunday job. But now it looks like it might be a sunday monday job.... or worse And is the shaft going to be a big problem getting it out of the wheel bearing?
  5. I have a 95 mazda 626 automatic, I need to replace my passenger side cv axle, I banged out the locking dent and used an 18 inch breaker bar with a 32 mm socket and a cheater pipe, I put all my weight on it ( 230 lbs ) and this dam thing wont even budge. my tires are on the ground and the brake is on. I need help have no clue, Is there some sort of trick? please help. need this done asap for work.
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