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Found 10 results

  1. I recently got a 1996 Mazda 626 on the cheap, and it's got some quirks I'm trying to track down. When you first start it in the morning, the car idles at 2k until it gets to temperature, where it settles down at 800 RPM. It also shifts a bit hard when cold, and the first time it hits 25 mph after a cold start, the revs jump up to 5k before the car shifts and continues forward (the car has to sit for 5 hours or so before it's reproducible) I haven't checked much other than fluid levels so far, to make sure the transmission wasn't running dry or something. I've repaired all my vehicles in the past, but as they've been all motorcycles, I'm not entirely sure where I should start. I'm hoping the high idle is just a vacuum leak somewhere, but I've heard some cars idle high when cold by design, which sounds really odd.
  2. This past October I bought my 2000 Mazda 626 LX V6 from my friend's cousin who had moved away. My friend had previously been driving it for about a month, but it was constantly overheating. Eventually he bought his new car and it stayed in his grandparents driveway 7 months until I was about to buy it. Their mechanic who'd worked on the car for years said it needed a new radiator, which he put in. Once I took it to emissions, I realized the check engine light was on and turns out it needed new O2 sensors. I knew it had been low on oil from sitting so many months plus nothing on the dipstick. So my father gave me a quart of oil (don't remember what kind). Right after I put it in, the engine started a rumbling/knocking noise. Shaking almost. It would settle down a little when I took off the breaks, but increased as I accelerated. I was able to drive it home which was 10 minutes away and to my friend's place 15 mins away with noise. Some say it needs a new engine, but I think it may be that oil we put in. Anything sound familiar?
  3. Hello, My 626 decided to stop starting last friday when I was trying to head home from work. I have been trying to diagnose the issue on lunch over the past few days. The car wants to turn over but just cannot. I have found that i have good spark. So I started looking into the fuel system. I don't hear the fuel pump engage when I set the ignition to the ON position. I pulled the output tube off of the fuel filter, there was fuel in the line but it did't seem to have any pressure even though this was right after I cranked the engine. I cranked the engine again and there was no pressure coming out of the fuel filter. I couldn't get to the line in for the fuel filter yesterday. So I am thinking two things, either I have managed to completely kill a fuel filter or there is an issue with the fuel pump. I checked the fuel pump relay and it seems to be working just fine. The fuel filter seems relatively easy to change. I have heard two things about the fuel pump, either there is an access door behind or under the back seat or I have to drop the tank. I did run some injector cleaner through the fuel system a few weeks ago. Does it seem like I am on the right track? Also, is there an access panel for the 2002 626 for fuel pump work? Does anyone know of anything else that might be causing this issue? Thanks, Chris
  4. I just started this and am happy to see forums about fixing up Mazda's. I've had my car for four years and have already put a lot of work in it, but it can always use more. Its a bit of a wiring nightmare, so I've had to tiptoe. Under the hood everything works great except for the fuel injection. It likes to die sometimes if I stop too fast and doesn't kick up to freeway speed very fast. I know its expensive to replace because of the pricey parts so I was wondering if it could just be a simple hose that's not quite doing it's job? I'll talk about this later... I want to show you my car baby! The truck is also a 91, but its a Ford ranger. We got it in pretty awful shape and been fixing er up as well. Okay, I know I'm a dork, yes I spray-painted my rims and emblems (they need to be re-done). Its not in as fine condition that I'd like, but hey, I'm a poor kid.
  5. Engine starts and runs fine. when I turn the car off the key turns to the ACC position and wont release past that position.No matter what i do i cant get the key out. I believe this is giving my car battery issues because I have had to jump my car several times and replace my car battery. the key has been stuck for weeks now What is the problem and how may i got about solving it?
  6. I have a 1999 Mazda Automatic and this evening on my way home I shifted from 2nd gear into drive and found that the RPMs continued to rev. I then tried to shift through the other gears and even into neutral and reverse but although the shifter moved the car stayed in its current gear. I wasn't thinking and turned off the car when I had made it home and now it is unable to start again because i can't get the car into park. Any suggestions on the possible cause and or solutions? Thanks!
  7. Hello all! My car is a 1997 Mazda 626 6v automatic So I was driving a normal routine for me when my car suddenly fell out of gear! There was no obvious sound or motion so it's very confusing what happened. i was making a right turn if that counts for much. I can shift between gears but the car just stays put. From what i have read around it could be the shifter cable but after looking at it with my father it seems to works just fine. I do see some filing around the outside of the cable. The fluids are fine. Any ideas would be appreciated, i am going in their tmw to see if i can pull out the shifter and notice anything bad.
  8. Hi all, Problem: I have a 2002 Mazda 626 V6, 101K miles. Just recently (1-2 weeks), there has been a schreeching noise and somewhat "hitch" and jerking feeling when accelerating from a stop. This occurs only for the first few moments. I have found that if I take my foot off the brake, wait for 2-3 seconds and then ever-so-gently press on the gas, there will be no bad response and the car will move forward smoothly. Steps I've taken: My boyfriend assessed and thought it seemed like a transmission / shifting issue. So I took it in for a transmission drain and fill (Penzoil brand at Jiffy Lube). I bought a bottle of Lucas Transmission Fix and had them put it in there as well. For the next 3-5 days -- it seemed to work! Shifting / noise issues were gone... but they are back now. I checked my transmission fluid levels, they seem fine... but the color is a type of muddy red and everything I've read here says that color is bad. Result: Still having schreeching issues, not sure what they mean... wonder if I should drain it all out and refill with fresh clean Mercon. Also, worried it could be a much bigger problem. Thoughts?
  9. Hey everyone, I just put a junk yard automatic tranny into my 626. I have everything reinstalled and I've triple checked it. It wont start/ runs incredibly rough. There must be a wiring issue somewhere, but I'm not sure on how to go about it. It is showing check engline lights for: 9 16 26 28 29 34 41 and 46. This equates to coolant temperature sensor exhaust gas recirculation system canister purge solenoid egr vacuum solenoid egr vent solenoid idle air control solenoid #1 solenoid vris #2 solenoid vris I did spill coolant on the lines when taking off the throttle body to install the starter, but It looks pretty dry now. What should I do now?
  10. Hey y'all, I have a 2001 626 LX ATX. I'm looking to do a tranny swap for anything MTX. Any suggestions as to what transmission I should be using, parts that would go with it and fir, and about how much it would cost. I want to do performance upgrades for my 6 but it seems to take a lot more work and money for an automatic. With a manual transmission, it'd be easier to get everything done. I have other reasons for the swap as well but this being my current reasoning to get it done. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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