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Found 7 results

  1. Recently my 1999 V6 began to kind of shake when stopped (such as traffic light) with RPM's jumping slightly. The roughness gets less intense when put into neutral but are still there. When accelerating, the car is stuttering and RPM's are jumping around while going up and it shakes too. Spark plugs have been changed within past 10,000 miles.
  2. Hey guys, I didnt find any proved info or specs of 0-100 acceleration of LX V6 4speed automatic. My result is about 11 seconds and Im guessing its little bit slow for this car, maybe something wrong exactly with mine. Have 67,000 km on it. New synthetic oil, new spark plugs, filters, and new tranny oil. The gas is 91Shell Vpower no ethanol. Just wondering if you can check acceleration of yours thank you.
  3. I have a 1997 Mazda 626 4CL 2.0L manual with over 200,000 miles. I was driving the other day and when I tried to accelerate in first gear from a stop it loss power and started sputtering. I pushed on the accelerator and the engine was making a clinking / rattling noise. Once I got the RPMs past 3000, it cleared up and drove normal. This happened at every stop, it felt like it was trying to die but it didn't. I attempted to drive the few blocks home in 2nd gear which was working just fine but then it started doing the same thing. It sounded like it was mis firing and when I got home it smelled like a mix of burnt oil, exhaust and something nasty like old trash or something. My son came home with this car out of the blue one day, some kid sold to him the day before he left for the Navy so we don't know what had been done to it prior. When we first got it, it drove fine but it took forever to start when was cold (as in not being driven in awhile.) When I went to check spark plus I noticed the wires were out of order. I replaced the spark plugs with new ones in the correct firing order. I noticed the spark plug from the 4 th cyl was oil fouled. The rest looked like normalish wear. I replaced the spark plugs wires with new ones, again in the correct order. Putting the spark plugs in correctly fixed the cold start issue but it still idled rough. The car starts right up now. The muffler is crack under the engine and it's really loud, it makes troubleshooting hard cause I can't hear. There was no oil or water in the coolant, the oil looked clean, the transmission and brake fluids were low. I put fuel cleaner in the gas tank and changed the air filter. I'm about to change the fuel filter. I inspected and cleaned the MAF. Now I don't know what to do next. Any suggestions?
  4. Hi all, Recently I've gone to auto service and asked to replace back breaking rotors and pads on mine 2000' V6. Guys there also persuaded me to make a whole car check and found leakage of oil at the engine bay. Also they persuaded me to replace valve cover gasket (cheap and fast they said). Now I really regret this. First symptom was rough acceleration same evening that I've retrieved my car. It was Saturday, so I had to wait till Monday to show my car at the same Auto Service center. After half a day of diagnosis they posted that my fuel pump is dead. Well, not actually dead, but it gives only slightly more then 2 ATM of pressure, and on acceleration it drops slightly less than 2. Reading spec - it should be 2.9 - 3.2. So yes, they replaced fuel pump (which was never touched before, nearly 14 years old) and both filters (inner and high-pressure), cleaned fuel tank from some kind of foam and sand. And now pressure is normal. I've got my car and was slightly annoyed at the price that I had to pay for such "service", and also at the condition of my fuel tank heat/dirt cover - it's really rusted through and mostly detached from fuel tank itself, so I need to find a replacement, which is not cheap here, in Russia. With nearly empty tank I've gone to nearest gas station and filled around 15 Liters (slightly more than a quarter). It was not best gas station around, so quality of petrol was really questionable. After indicator hit quarter of tank, I got really heavy jerking while fast acceleration. It was like instead of petrol I have a water in my engine at some moments. At others it was like engine kept spinning at 1500-3000 RPM, and couldn't built up additional power, with slightly RPM drop over time when acceleration pedal was depressed. This drop could gone to engine stalling (well, never kept up to this point, just slightly below idle, around 400-500 RPM), and without pedal it went back up to stable idle around 650-750 RPM. "Well, this fuel sucks" was my thoughts, so I've gone to Shell gas station and filled full tank with their V-Power cleaning petrol. And was happy to drive out without any issue. My happy days comes to end right when indicator hit quarter of the tank again. Same symptoms, same jerking while acceleration. Let's go to the, further tests: Ignition is perfect, idle on cold engine is starting over 1500 RPMs and goes down to 750-900 (with heater turned on) over time. No jerking, stalling or rough sounds. Driving with slow acceleration (around 5-15% of pedal depressed) goes well on any gear (1-to-5 and reverse, MT). Driving with cold engine (in C zone or even below) gives acceptable acceleration without jerking (around 30-60% of pedal depressed). When engine heats up to the middle of gauge (slightly to the C side), all symptoms are back. Acceleration is really rough, the less I have in gas tank, the more it shows up, and more I have to run on Idle while acceptable acceleration builds up. On the parking, while slowly increasing RPMs it goes well up to 5-6 K RPM. And if instantly hit pedal it jerks on 3000 RPMs or even less and slowly goes down (with full pedal depressed). And again - Ignition and Idle are good. So I went back to Auto Service center and showed those. After 2 days of tests and nearly quarter of fuel tank burned, they said that found an issue - it was sand in fuel return pipe. So they cleaned it for me for free. Yesterday I've got my car back, drive to gas station, filled around 15 liters of fuel (quarter of tank) and went home. This morning, when gauge hit quarter of tank... you can guess - symptoms are back. Not so rough yet, but still fast acceleration brings jerking to engine. So where should we look next? maybe this is not an fuel pipe/filter/line problem? But then why it shows up only when I have around quarter of my gas tank left? Any suggestions or recommendations will be appropriated. P.S. today opened my bonnet with running engine while filling windshield cleaner liquid. Got this quite whispering sound from somewhere in the middle of the engine on idle, which stops after 1-3 seconds wafter I turn off engine. Is it PCV sound? Or is it indication of vacuum hose leakage?
  5. davebridgewater1941

    Mazda 626: Engine Pinging In Hot Weather

    When i accelerate uphill in very hot weather say 80-90f the engine will Ping slightly in third gear, I have put in a new set spark plugs (NGK Platinum PZFR6F) this has made an improvement although it hasn't solved the problem completely. When the air temperature is average 50-70f the car runs perfectly OK.
  6. Hey guys, maybe you can help me. My 2002 mazda 626 4 cylinder has been acting up lately. Its a transmission problem. When stopped for what ever reason, it accelerates very slowly even though you can hear the engine trying and even though you apply more pressure to the gas pedal. Also if i stop on an incline then tries to take off, getting out of first gear takes a long time and at times the over drive lights begins to blink. Can anyone help me with this problem?
  7. aja1970

    1998 Missfire

    I have a 98 626 with an ongoing problem that is driving me (no pun intended) nuts. It a 2 liter, 5 speed that has 200,000 miles (not 'k') on it that has been the best car ever that I've had. The only thing that I've ever had to replace is a 1/2 shaft due to a torn boot. I can't get rid of a misfire that I've had for a couple of years. I've replaced the plugs, the plug wires, the fuel filter, the coil pack. I've tried various fuel conditioners and higher octane gas all of which has very short term improvement. I 've he engine sputters at low rpm's when I step on the gas. If I let off the gas and then rev it again it is usually fine. It runs fine at higher rpm's unless I push on the gas too hard. I've read a lot lately that it may be the mass air flow sensor that needs to be cleaned but I'm not sure. Does anyone have ideas? Thanks in advance, Adrian