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Found 6 results

  1. I recently replaced my ac compressor with a used ac compressor because the first one seized causing my belt to break. After the replacement i took it to an oil change chain to get the system recharged. While many people don't think highly of oil change chains i thought it would be a good idea to take it there since they have the tools to vacuum the system. To keep it short, i am not getting cold air and while the ac compressor clutch is engaging, the low pressure port is giving a high pressure reading about 140 while the high pressure port is giving a low reading about 40. My guess is the AC Receiver Drier/Accumulator might be bad or clogged but i have no idea, i need help please. i already checked the fuse box and the relay and those seem to be fine. I also did multiple pressure checks to see if i had a leak somewhere but i wasn't losing any pressure. i was thinking to just buy a compressor, condenser and AC Receiver Drier/Accumulator, does anyone have any recommendations? this is a 2001 626 lx 2.0
  2. I couldn't find anything already posted and I've only owned this car five days. Never worked on an air conditioning system before so please be kind! My air conditioning works well for about five minutes of driving if it has been sitting for a few hours. Then it fades to nothing. Was curious and noticed the following: no water coming from the evaporator outlet hose (stuck a wire in the tube and didn't seem like it was blocked). before it stops cooling, the low pressure tube after the drier/accumulator and the drier/accumulator are cold. low pressure side stays around 25psi, high pressure side stays at 150psi. After five minutes driving (10 minutes idling), stops cooling and pressure on low side rapidly climbs to 75psi and high pressure side drops to 50psi. low pressure tube and drier cease being cold. i thought it might be a clogged drier/accumulator, but the low pressure line coming out of the drier was cold initially. any help would be greatly appreciated. Took to an a/c shop and they said it needed a new compressor and said it was getting power but not engaging. I would imagine the system is designed to reach a maximum pressure and the compressor would just stop working. again, please help if you know what it might be.
  3. I'm trying to retrofit the a/c on my GC to r-134 and I cannot find an adapter to fit the low pressure port. Seems all the retrofit kits at the big auto parts stores don't have what I need. The low pressure side port coming off the a/c line has a smaller diameter than the adaptors provided. The high pressure adaptor fits just fine. So I cannot thread the adaptor onto the low pressure a/c line fitting and hook up the manifold. Is this an oddball mazda thing or what? Kinda stumped right now and really need some a/c this year :). and btw if anyone gets an a/c drier from rock auto it may or may not fit. mine didn't
  4. When I turn on the A/C you can hear the noise from the engine, which tells me it works. I checked the Freon using the gauge and it registers full. When I up it to hot - it blows hot air. It just does not blow cold air. What do I check? I know nothing, so a link to a good diagram would be nice. This is my mother's car and both our funds are short, so I need to find out how to do this myself before I pay money for a mechanic. Thanks.
  5. Good afternoon: My daughter's 626 A/c blows cool - I hooked up a guage to the low pressure port and engine off iot read 100lb (up in red) - started engine and guage vacillated between 25/55lb as the compressor continuously cycled on/off - any ideas? Decompressed pressure at rest to 55lb and started - same continuous on/off and same 25/55lb Local auto store suggested it needed new refrigerant, but before i waste $30 worth of refrigerant, thought I'd ask for advice. cuffer email: vanderbuilthomes @ hotmail.com
  6. Hello all, I have an annoying issue...specially in the winter days. My car takes a relatively long time to warm up, I can drive the car for 20 min and it still blow cold air. is there anything I can do to fix or improve it? Thanks in advance!!
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