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Found 25 results

  1. Hi all this is my first 626 gt turbo and i was wondering what are these hoses that run to this box to the exhaust manifold
  2. First post so sorry for weird formatting. My question is what modifications would be needed to swap the engine and trans from an 88 626 turbo into a 2002 i4 626? if this has been asked before please link me. Thanks in advance!
  3. Current DD/Project 1991 MX-6 LX W/ Turbo swap _Mods_ Engine: -Performance Dual Valve Springs -Bosh DRI GT injectors -Walbro 190LPH Fuel Pump -ATX throttlebody with thermo spacer -EGR Block Off Plate -A/C Delete -Aluminum 2 Row 'custom' Radiator -Aluminum Lightweight Crankpulley -100% Emissions, PCV, EGR and Vacuum Rail Delete. -MSD Blaster 2 Coil Conversion -NGK Wireset, NGK Plugs -Spark Plugs/Wires Thermo Insulators Drivetrain: -Stock N/A Trans -Previous owner replaced clutch
  4. ****Disclaimer Part 1**** I am not a certified mechanic, or an automotive expert. I am simpy someone that has ONLY owned an F2 or F2T engine car, and because of that, I happen to know a lot about it, and how to mess with it. Everything I have done is an experiment, a guess or an outcome of hours sometimes days or weeks or months of research. Multiply this by 6 years and I start to think I'm pretty good at it. I could always be wrong, forget something, or need to be corrected. ****Disclaimer Part 2*** If you question the health of your engine (leaks, drips, shakes, shimmys, bumps, knocks, p
  5. Taking a shot in the dark here, but does anyone know of a second-generation MX-6 LS, fourth generation V6/5-speed 626, or a 3rd generation 626 GT for sale in the NY/NJ/PA/CT area? I've been looking everywhere and can't find anything (The 626GT that I was going to buy got sold). I've owned eight Mazdas to date, and really want to get back into it again.
  6. What components aside from those already on the stock F2 N/A engine would be needed to turbocharge the engine with a stock or slightly better turbo. Aside from the turbo itself, piping, manifold, down-pipe, oil lines, and boost pressure gauge. How does the ecu read boost pressure and how would a stock controller be wired in? Thanks for any input. -Luke
  7. Hello everybody my names Marcel, and i recently purchased a 1990 mazda 626 gt for $850 when I initially looked at it it had no check engine lights on, and was boosting nicely. Downside was the very recent oil change was done by the owners friend who put regular oil in, and not synthetic. So the same night i bought it i swapped to 10w-30 castrol synthetic oil right away. Later into the next day the white smoke out the back stopped (2nd day i had it). The second day i had it i noticed the temp gauge fluctuates, and at idle will start to overheat only until i start moving. I've spent a whole long
  8. I have a 1991 Mazda626 GT turbo 5 speed which I purchased new in July, 1991. The car is in the Ottawa area and needs work. Included is a 1991 Mazda626 LX automatic parts car. I have enjoyed both vehicles and would hate crush them if there is anyone who would be interested in fixing them up.
  9. Hii everyone, maybe anythink know, stock engine mazda 626 1993 GE 1.8 FP 105 hp, how many keep max horsepower? I thinking turbo instals.
  10. Hey All, Have a Distributor problem need the F220 pinout list... OR.... What do these wires do? Blue wire from the distributor goes to Connector #1 Location [ T ] White wire from the distributor goes to Connector #1 Location [ Q ] Red wire from the distributor goes to Connector #1 Location [ O ] Green wire from the distributor goes to Connector #1 Location [ N ] Yellow-Blue wires from the distributor goes to Connector #1 Location [ P ] Thanks
  11. Ok well the silver GC is now a silver turbo GC finally! After a lot of work almost 2yrs lol, but i did it all myself with next to no cash so thats understandable, I will be taking time to get this thread going its not a how to its just a overall guide to aid someone who is wanting to do it to a factory ideal, will post pics and such as i go starting from , well the start..... I just have to decide where and how many pics i will need to show, id rather them all be on here in like a album or something but i dont think i can do that here, will see what happens..
  12. Has anyone put a turbo on a 626 I4? People always give me weird looks when I tell them I want to turbo mine. :) Anyway, if someone has, what has worked the best? Was it worth it? I saw a youtube video where they put a turbo on a '91 626 4cyl.
  13. Ok this is a how to guide to polish your header covers or turbo covers or anything metal so they will look nice and shiney. Firstly make sure your covers will handle the work (too badly rusted and your wasting your time) Step 1. First off you will need to go purchase some sanding and metal polishing equipment, (i went to bunnings) Step 2. Ok these are the items i got,cost around $70. 75mm wire cup brush,(if its rusted like mine is) 60mm flap wheels 80grit and120grit, 25mm flap wheels 80grit and 120grit,(These are good as you can attach them to your drill). Wet and dry abrasive papers rangin
  14. I just bought this 1984 626 2.0L LX a couple weeks ago. Having done everything to get it back on the road. I have been pondering the idea of putting a turbo on this little 4 cylinder. I was wondering if i can get the components off of a 1986 2.0L turbo? P.S. I feel slightly dumb asking this but how do you check the tranny fluid on these cars! this is the first little car I have ever owned and it is also the first front wheel drive car that i have owned. It seems to have a slow leak of red coloured fluid which I am assuming is tranny fluid.
  15. Ok i havnt posted much over the weeks but i have an interesting topic id like to cover. With our cars gaining considerable age and parts discontinuations i thought this would be time now for this, I have some wear lines in my front cam seal journal,(silver turbo) exactly where the seal sits of all things, thou my question is, how much wear can be allowed on this particular area of the cam? i have measured mine up with a DVC (digital vernier caliper) and the wear is not really much at all, like 00.09mm to be precise, normal measurement of the journal reads 33.95mm and in the wear groove its 33.
  16. So I have recently acquired a '99 kia sportage, did some research and found out that the 2.0l doc fe engine or fe3 was offered in japan for the 626/Capella. Now my question, what parts from the FET engine could I use, mainly the turbo exhaust manifold. I'm not shy to doing custom but if I can get bolt on parts. Why not. Cheaper, is most of the time better. Unless it's cheap steel.
  17. I bought a 1991 626, 2.2L NA. It was a high mileage car about 270,000 when bought but it came with a second motor. I just pi'd the original motor 314,159 miles, I redid all the major gaskets and runs strong still. I have the second motor in my garage and I really want a turbo on it. How easy and good idea to pull stuff off a used one?!
  18. I have a 1986 Mazda 626 GT (as the title states), and i was curious about what the different years of 626 changed for the aas struts.. I've found a 1990 Mazda MX-6 (which is the 626 with a different name if i'm not mistaken) that has the aas struts and is located at an auto salvage yard. The engine blew out apparently and i'd like to know if anybody could tell me if those struts would fit into my '86 as the struts are showing their age. Also, if at all possible could somebody explain the differences between the years and if there are any possible modifications i can make to get them to work? I
  19. Got a 97 mazda 626 put a t3 turbo setup with aem fic piggy back.... a tuning shop told me the mass air flow sensor needs to go b4 the turbo but with the mass air plugged in car doesn't know what to do (mass b4 turbo)... but with the mass air unplugged the car runs great... its a brand new mass air so I know its not bad... and from what I see on this forum most pics with turbos have mass air after turbo.... please help....
  20. hiya all, i'm having some problems with my 626 turbo F2T 89" 1) idle keeps jumping but if i take the cold start plug off it stops jumping. 2) when i accelerate theres dead spot. 3) idle is high (1500-2000) any help would be sweet ty Forgot to add, the car run between 4-6 psi but it should be running at 10 psi
  21. If I can figure this out, I'm going to post pictures of my latest acquistion, an '89 5 door turbo. She's a bit rough but worth saving. 172k miles, all original, been in about six states including Hawaii, was an Air Force beater, so no idea how many owners (Carfax says six but you know how that goes.)
  22. Ok wondering if anyone has seen and or knows of where i can get one(CHEAP) its the digital error code checker for mazda' ecu's here an image of all i could round up if anyone can help be very helpfull The one above is the newer version (i think) and (i think) this is the older version on the right(No. 49 G018 9A0)
  23. My 91 2.2 GT auto when started and rev'd, makes an engine noise like you left the air cleaner disconnected and a squirl cage spinning. Once in gear and you pull away the sound is loud but stops when the engine is running without agressive acceleration. This continues at every stop until the engine warms up. Engine runs great and I have plenty of turbo power, right now..... A couple of fellow shade tree mechanics have said is was the turbo bearning going out and that I need to rebuild or replace it. At $675 to replace I'd rather rebuild if I can find the parts to do so, or find it in a junk yar
  24. i have a 89 Mazda 626 lx and i am thinking of replacing the engine in it but i want to go from a 2.2 non turbo charged to a 2.2 turbo charged engine will the ecu in the car work for a turbo charged engine
  25. HI im a complete noob in automotive stuff! i have a Mx6 turbo, when i turn the car on the lights pulse and the Rpm goes with the light (Lights both off and on) iv had it tuned, serviced and cheeked all the Earths (Or so the mechanic said) he doent know what the problem is or how to fix it, does anyone on this site know what could have caused this? its got power locks,windows and sun roof. Plz help? if theres and thing you need to ask or know plz tell me and ill cheek?
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