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Found 8 results

  1. Hi all, Newbie to the site... This weekend my best friend and I are swapping the head out of my 98 626. Reason: bad valve seals, Norm(BF) said it would easier to swap the head. The information that i am searching for is Timing Belt timing and Head bolt torque specs. My friend is a great mechanic and I wouldn't trust just anyone to do the job. With that being said... If anyone has done a head job on a similar car/motor, I would be greatful to hear(warnings and anything else you would like to add) from you.. In advance, Thank you! Jim 98, Mazda, 626 2.0l FS2
  2. I replaced timing belt, pulleys, tensioner spring, water pump and timing cover on my 1999 FS. Had great dificulty fitting the new cover like it was either warped or the grommet holes were off. After my first attempt the water pump pully was scraping on the outside of the cover. I adjusted the cover making sure I fully tightened the center bolt behind the motor mount. Now I hear clicking like something inside is hitting the cover. Has anyone had similar trouble with a Dorman replacement cover or maybe have tips to making them fit properly? I guess it's possible the spring came off but I was
  3. Recently I was driving and my timing belt broke. At the time the car was running good. The only problem was it was leaking coolant but turns out that was from the water pump. So I get the timing belt and water pump replaced. When I go to get my car from the shop after those being fixed it won't start. The mechanic there got it started but had to step on the gas pedal. He said he wasn't sure exactly why and to drive it until the CEL came on and get it ran. It came on and I go back and it throws codes for a bad o2 sensor, egr valve and maf sensor. And they said that it was a vacuum leak and they
  4. Hello, I am finally getting back to working on my Mazda 626 after recovering from financial issues due to health insurance. I had a 626 with an intermittent fuel pump that I made an earlier post on and got alot of really helpful info and saw a good video from DJdevon3. Following statements on this forum I also started looking around on Rockauto.com for parts as well as shopping around for good deals. I also decided to check some maintenance stuff since I was already going to be doing car maintenance. I have always been a firm believer in doing it yourself if it is reasonably possible. I de
  5. How do i set the timing on a 1993 mazda 626
  6. Hi there!!! I am replacing the head gasket, but i'm having trouble to get the timing chain in place. I have removed the head and everything, just have to get the timing chain done. It is a Mazda 626 1981 Auto. Could someone please help me??? How can i adjust the Tension of the timing chain as well, because i don't know how to and having trouble with it
  7. I'm not a mechanic but I usually fix most things on our cars. In this case, I think I made some dumb decisions so keep that in mind... Backstory is we bought this car about 2 years ago for 1500 bucks with 202,000 miles. Has 226,000 and change now..drives great..I did a tune up, new coolant recovery bottle, tires etc and my mom has been driving it ever since. Hasn't needed anything major and you can't even tell it's running when on. Anyway..my mom was driving it about 3 months back and she said that it got hot, steam came out and she continued driving a mile or two to a safe place to pull ove
  8. I bought a 626 with a 2.0 I4, with an alleged timing belt issue. It started up that day, and pulled into my garage where it sits now. It had bad gas, but I fixed that already. Oil is dark, heres what ive done so far... I installed a new water pump, the old one was shot. New plugs, wires cap and rotor, specifically for the manual trans. It had a head gasket leak, and I used stop leak to try and save me alooot of time!!! tested the injectors, fuses, fuel pump and IAT sensor. All good. IT IS NOT RUNNING at the moment. I beleive the timing is off. When I got the car, the plugs were not plugge
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