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Found 7 results

  1. I replaced timing belt, pulleys, tensioner spring, water pump and timing cover on my 1999 FS. Had great dificulty fitting the new cover like it was either warped or the grommet holes were off. After my first attempt the water pump pully was scraping on the outside of the cover. I adjusted the cover making sure I fully tightened the center bolt behind the motor mount. Now I hear clicking like something inside is hitting the cover. Has anyone had similar trouble with a Dorman replacement cover or maybe have tips to making them fit properly? I guess it's possible the spring came off but I was pretty sure it's on correcty. My finger tips and nuckles are dreading taking the cover off for the fourth time.
  2. Hello all, I'm brand new to this forum, but its seems like the place to go for advice on how to complete my stereo upgrade. I have a 02 626 V6 and I wanted to replace the stereo head unit with a new fancy touch screen one and also install a backup camera. My new stereo: Jensen DMX5020 $145 on sonicelectronix Things I've done so far: -Removed old stereo -connected the mazda wiring harness to the stereo harness. -Connected it to my car's harness to test the stereo to make sure it works - it does. -installed the microphone for the bluetooth hands free calling - took off the A pillar on the driver side and ran the wire under the dash Things I could use some help with: 1.How to wire and install the backup camera -I know it must be powered by my reverse lights and that I need to somehow run the video feed cable from the truck (where the camera will be attached) to the stereo unit. -I'm not entirely sure if the stereo needs to be connect to the "reverse wire" - the thing that tells the stereo that the transmission has shifted into reverse and that the monitor of the stereo should have the camera feed on it. Not sure how or where to find that reverse wire. - There are a few unused (no match to the mazda harness) wires from the new unit's harness: -some dimmer wire - probably ok not being used -Reverse wire -Brake/park wire - probably to prevent certain functions of the unit from working while the car is in motion. 2. How to actually mount the new head unit into the Double DIN bay -I took the mounting brackets off of the old stereo and screwed them onto the new Jensen - not sure if I did this correctly or if the brackets will even work with the new stereo - I do have a dash kit, but I'm not exactly confident it will hold the new unit securely in the bay. The new unit has a lot less depth to it (how far it reached into the bay) and is a tad shorter (height) than the old stereo in terms of size. -Overall, I'm just really unsure on how the new unit will be securely mounted in the bay. The new unit did not come with its own mounting brackets. I will post pictures of the bay (most of you probably know what it looks like) as well as the new unit so you can get an idea of how it looks and how it might be mounted. Thank you!
  3. What are the steps to remove my old saggy headliner? I have purchased 2 yards of headliner and want to replace the headliner myself. 2002 mazda 626
  4. Hi everyone so this thread will be about fog lights on AU made 93-97 hatchbacks, I know this topic is possibly discussed many times before but I just wanted to add some information, Most of you may know Us spec 626's are bit different then Au specs, I was planning to install HID's one my fog lights since I've got HID's on headlights when my fog lights are on combination of white and yellow don't look too good. I am attaching some pictures of Fog lights, They're really simple to come out just 3 screws in front and it will come right off, Be careful there are cables you'll need to disconnect before pulling it out only 2 wires, There is rubber cap on back of fog lights(twist it it will come off) thats where you'll find wires, Its really easier then it sounds, Also it uses "H3" bulb(not sure about us version) Let me know If I am missing something, I am waiting for my HID's to arrive then maybe I'll make video on how to install HID's on fog lights.
  5. I'm replacing the tensioner and belt on my 95 v6 and I can't find any marks on the crank that line up with the block anywhere. There are 2 dots on the crank but i don't see an actual mark. Any help?????
  6. Does anyone know of a good place to buy a new radiator from? A place that has a fair price and has a good reputation? Also, how difficult is it to replace the radiator in a 2002 Mazda 626, 4 cyl? I replaced the fans before and the hoses....I can't imagine it being that difficult. Any suggestions before I get started? Thanks! Danielle
  7. another video i made today when i changed out my rpm gauge i hope it helps! enjoy! -Daniel
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