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Found 19 results

  1. hi folks, im having an issue with my engine over heating and am wondering if anyone could help. the engine has been squeaking for a while which at first i thought was a belt, although having changed it turns out that wasn't the problem. the other night i was driving home from work and the engine light came on the dashboard, i checked the engine temperature and it was at the top of the gauge. after i pulled over, all the coolant spurted out from somewhere close to reservoir (i guess there was too much pressure). as there is squeaking and the engine is overheating, i can o
  2. hi folks, im having an issue with my engine over heating and am wondering if anyone could help. the engine has been squeaking for a while which at first i thought was a belt, although having changed it turns out that wasn't the problem. the other night i was driving home from work and the engine light came on the dashboard, i checked the engine temperature and it was at the top of the gauge. after i pulled over, all the coolant spurted out from somewhere close to reservoir (i guess there was too much pressure). as there is squeaking and the engine is overheating, i can o
  3. I have a 2000 626 that has been losing fluid. When it gets low, fluid comes out the the overflow, but prior to that...who knows where it goes. It does not appear to be leaking out of the overflow container. I don't notice any loss in performance, so it's not burining up in the engine? Car has only some 145,000 miles on it. I go about 100 miles before I need to add fluid. Last summer I was trying to get my AC charged and a YOUTUBE vid said to short out the compressor at the relay, so I tried that. Blew the 30 amp fuse. (finally got the AC charged w/o this stunt). Changed the fuse.
  4. Hello Mazda Friends ! I have a 1996 Mazda 626 L.X. A while ago, I had to replace the harmonic balancer, and the alternator, and new belts of course. After replacing these parts, my car speaks when i first start it until it warms up. The problem escalatiied though. Now, it is extremely overheating, and dying on me when I make turns and slow down or stop. I have already replaced the thermostat last week. It is still making sqealing sound, and overheating into the red zone. What does this sound like to you please kindly. Would a diagnostic be a good idea. I do not plan to drive the car except
  5. My car recently started overheating. 1996 Mazda 626 V6 220,000 miles We did replace the thermostat. I have the water pump but havent put it in yet as it appears to be quite a chore and wanted to get an opinion before I replace it. When it sits in idle with nothing on its fine temp gauge rests in the middle. Went for a short 7 minute drive and it slowly lifted to the H position. Today I had it parked and just ran it, it was fine. I turned on the heater and it took several minutes for it to rise above the middle section of the gauge. I switched to AC and it rose steadily to the H p
  6. Guys, I recently replaced my radiator because I was under the impression it was leaking. It appears I may have been wrong. I found the leak today. It's the metal hose that connects to the smaller radiator in front of the radiator. Looks like the hose runs to the AC compressor. Does anyone know what that part is? I'm really confused here.
  7. Okay so My 1995 automatic 2l 626 is acting up and the other day driving to santa, as well as on thanksgiving when I was driving in traffic to Danville from San Jose, My car started to overheat and I pulled over to fill the radiator with water thinking that the collant was low. Still the temp gauge started moving upwards and i was concerned. The other day when I was heading to santa cruz I was stuck in traffic and all of a sudden my car started smoking. It was white smoke billowing up from underneath my car through the hood, and looked as if it was coming from the headers to exhaust gasket.
  8. Hello everyone, I just purchased my first 1989 Mazda 626 a few months ago and I absolutely love it. The temperature gauge does not work and I don't understand why. The temperature gauge settles all the the way to the left on the cold end and never moves. I tried replacing the temperature sensor and sender. These two were not found on the water outlet, but rather behind the water outlet screwing directly into the engine block. I also replaced the thermostat. Any suggestions? Please help me!
  9. Hi all, I'm a new member here. I just bought 1997 626 V6 LX and it has only 72000 miles, no rust with new tires and brakes. At first I had misfiring issue. It turned out that the Oil valve cover and the o-ring had gone bad. I replaced new gasket, o-rings, new spark plug cables, and new distributor and everything is fine now. However, I still have an issue with overheating. The issue is not quite consistent. Something when I took for a drive I never had the problem but sometime I had. The temperature gauge never went to the red zone, it only went to 3/4 near to red zone and return back
  10. I'm having so many issues with my 626 4 cyl. idle climbs to 2000 rpm then drops to normal constantly, fuel pump not working so i ended up grounding it at the fuel pump pin, coolant fan not working but relays and circuits are good. Removed the coolant sensor sensor normally would ground the relays at the pcm but now, no longer does. Everything points to pcm. I remembered at one time, I removed the pcm connectors to check for possible contact problems but now I realized I should have removed the battery terminals first. Did I damaged the pcm? Thanks.
  11. So, while investigating while my car is overheating (more on that later), I came across what looks like an electrical connection to nowhere on the left front of the car (when facing the car) by the coolant reservoir. What it is and it should be plugged into something? P.S. Car overheating is distressing. No obvious leaks, the coolant level appears unchanged, the fan does turn on. When it happened, steam poured out from under the hood and I noticed some water on the plastic below the fan.
  12. Hey! I just bought a 1998 626 (automatic) and the day after I bought the car, it overheated! Unfortunately when I test drove the car, neither my boyfriend or I noticed this. Well, because it didn't overheat on the test drive, or the drive home. So my question, to anyone else who may have has the same problem is why is this happening? Some more things to know: When it first overheated, the upper radiator pipe was steaming (I had a freak out and thought my engine was getting ready to blow) but luckily the radiator part with a lip that fits in the upper radiator hose was broken. So my boyfri
  13. Among other issues, I have a serious water leak which looks to be coming from the driver side of the car a bit further back from the lower radiator hose. Without adequate time to really look at it seriously, someone speculated that it could be a problem with the heater core or possibly a freeze plug issue. Before delving into it I'd like to be a bit knowledgeable. Has anyone had the issue of a water leak there. In addition, the upper radiator hose is hot, the lower radiator hose and the radiator itself seem to be cold even after the car is overheated. Your thoughts would be helpful to po
  14. Car started overheating on the freeway yesterday at freeway speed, there was NO traffic. Pulled off the freeway and let it cool down. Drove home with the heater on and the temperature didn't go back up. So this morning I check the fluid ( I last checked about a week ago) and was able to put about 32 ounces in. I figured that was the problem and drove it to check. It started overheating as soon as it got to operating temperature. The heater did not help this time. Putting it in neutral/park seemed to make the temp go down/stop it from rising. One of the hoses has a little bit of wetness around
  15. I have an 01 mazda 626 4cyl auto A while back my car started to overheat we found out it was the radiator fan, as a temporary solution, a friend wired it to turn on when the car turned on. It didn't overheat again and still works this way. Now, the car is starting to overheat again. It only does this at stops or in traffic, and as soon as I start to drive the temperature goes back down. The radiator fan still turns on with the car, I've checked this several times. BUT now the other fan doesn't turn on at all. I've tried it with the a/c on since I read it should turn on right away, and nada. I
  16. Hi, My 1996 2.5L 626 just popped out the radiator cap two days ago while driving it, something I noticed because the serpentine belt started to squeal ('cause it was slipping do to coolant falling onto it). Bought a new cap and installed it, but after a day it did it again, coolant was flowing out the same cap, this time the cap did not pop out. And this second time, the heating gauge in the car panel was moving from overheating to cold back and forth. Also, the hose that goes from the radiator to where this cap is was completely sucked (like if something was sucking from one side but from th
  17. Problem solved... I've had some problems with the cooling system in my 2002 626 2.0L I4 over the last 8 months or so. Originally it actually overheated and once the problem was said to be fixed by the mechanic it happened again and again. The waterpump went out which was the original cause of it overheating and that got replaced right away, as did the hoses and thermostat. The last couple weeks I've had the same problem with it overheating or at least the dashboard gauge says it is. I've checked about everything I can on it, replaced the thermostat and expansion tank. The oil is fine so it
  18. Hi all, 626 94’ 2.5L V6 (aus) I’ve been through a lot of other posts, but none seem to have my issue. Other than shes getting a bit tired.. For what ever reason both of my thermo fans have decided to not work at the appropriate time. Looking at the front of the car, the rhs fan is supposed to come on when the air con is on. It doesn’t. (The air-con also needs re-gassing). When the car gets to operating temperature, the LHS fan doesn’t come on either. The car is getting noticeably hotter than it should be, and burning oil. I know the fans’ themselves work, as I removed the clasp for the co
  19. My son has a 96 626 and it keeps getting hot. I first changed the thermostat, then found a freeze plug leaking and changed it, then the radiator had a small hole develop and changed that. Got everything back together and it is still getting hot. :/ I also noticed that I am only getting cold air from the heater. That tells me the heater core is bad but that should not make it get hot should it?
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