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Found 10 results

  1. Ive looked all over and cant find ANY clear corner lights for my 2000 mazda 626.. found these https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.yourhotcar.com%2Fprod%2FCustom%2FHeadlights_%26_Tail_Lights%2FCorner_Lights%2FEuro_Crystal_Clear_Corner_Lights%2F532333%2F&h=ATPQGj32PKGjftXCEvSwPx1TLBtGHF0jmQPmCXQ8BrdaaVxIqYWh3USIfnHOURymiX82lhk0ls0Pw4oIfrLQD17jTmkOUv8BcCt3gNYDWSN3UX60GuOXsYu8Za2Dx6tiiI_x6OR73Al3IbltbOPdy5-C And they look PERFECT! but at the bottom of the page it says
  2. The turn signals on my dashboard are not illuminating. I can hear the click noise it makes when it's being utilized, the headlights works as well. I don't see any troubleshooting tips in the workshop manual so I've come to see if anyone has had this problem if so, how'd you fix it?
  3. HELP! I have been a ghost user on this because of all the advice or steps from others' on here. but finally I have come across something that Im not too sure of. Im now starting to take some pride in learning how to just do things myself when it comes to cars. Anyways, about a month ago I was driving and my heater kicks off, then my break warning light comes on, and I get a burning smell, as Im trying to find a place to park I noticed my headlights were on but my headlight switch was not in the "on" position. My first thing was to just check fuses, didn't see anything. Turned off the car
  4. So i have been working on my 99 mazda 626 for a while but i have ran into something that i dont know where to start. So when i turn thw headlights on nothing happens. Then when i go to put them on brights the front right on turns on but the left one does not. Need help fast
  5. Does anyone know if there is a Headlight and/or Brake light assembly that can be bought for the 1993-1997 mazda 626's? I'm not talking about an OE sort of replacement, but rather for a "tuning car" kind of look.
  6. Last night my 96 626 2.0L started having intermittent dashboard illumination problems. Also, headlight on reminder is intermittent. Learned that the hardway today when I found my battery dead after four hours of headlights on. Any ideas where to start? I noticed that when the guage lights are not working, I can turn my directional on and the guages will illuminate immediately.
  7. I'm gonna customize my headlights and I'm trying to measure the size of the highbeam lens. I wanna avoid the risk of getting the wrong measures so if anyone knows the size that would be really helpful :) the angel eyes I've found can be 80mm or 100mm Thanks!
  8. 1995 mazda 626. Have orange parking lights, reverse lights, brake lights and all other lights except the actual white headlights. Had the local mechanic look at it he says the fuses and bulbs are fine, he says take it to an importer dealer, but they charge 95 just to look at it, and im not sure if I want his advice because he couldnt figure out my last problem which another mechanic did. Any ideas?
  9. ok so i picked up a mint fully loaded 94 ls ex 626 v6 auto. car sat for 2 years it needed a dizzy and a jump n she fired right up. drove it home with no brakes due to broken rear lines (fixed) and everything worked perfect (for 400$$$$ steal!!) got home and flicked the brights because my street is pretty dark and all of a sudden my turn signals light up on the dash and it says my high beams are on and the wipers start going but no headlights.. the signals do not work they stay lit bright but when i hit the brakes the brake lights work and when i flip my signal the signal then works right.
  10. up for sale are my jdm 1993-1997 j-spec projector headlights.i really dont want to sell them, but i need the money for a new transmission and i guess these have to go. they are in perfect condition and have a very clear lens. these lights are very hard to find (took me 4 years to find these) and everyone seems to want them. message me an offer if your interested!! thanks
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