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Found 1 result

  1. By Request ! I have always liked the 626 Hatch and to date have owned five of them, (pics here) three consecutively at the same time. Since helping the original MrSpeed (Patrick or Adlorin) put together a supercharger kit for the Probe and testing it first in Australia I kept building on new ideas and changing my goals. My end result was my 1995 626 Deluxe Hatch. The deluxe edition came standard with a few extras hat the standard 626 Hatch here in Australia didn't. Digital Climate Control Full Leather Interior My first upgrades consisted on Suspension and braking components as my original goals were always to have a nice looking sleeper so i didn't want the exterior to look much different. I Tried the many different suspension options available for the probe but was never happy with the results. Instead I finally decided I liked the custom feel of the BC Coilover kits with a matching spring combination close to the later released Tein kits. of course knowing i was going boosted i also needed to make sure i could stop safely. This was never going to be a track car but my daily driver, so i didn't need to go fully overboard. The Mazda 6 Breaking system was chosen in the end as it was almost a direct bolt on but more importantly it looked stock (licensing restrictions can be a biatch sometimes). If you have a good look you will notice one other big advantage with the coilovers. No nasty perch to rub against the tyres/rims. hence you can run a wider profile without interference. The next route was of course some nice rubber that matched the profile of the vehicle and worked well with the suspension. I trialled several 18" setups and for a few years utilised the low profile Pirelli 225/40/ZR18's on a set of 18" Advanti Rims. These looked good and felt good and made sure the car handled like it was on rails. I encountered one minor problem though. every time I went on a cruise and run across poor roads with many potholes or rough surfaces I was continually scratching up the rims (not to mention you felt every bump) and having to spend $$$ fixing the damage. Eventually I downgraded in size to a 17" Mazda 6 Rim running 235/45/17, this is what I'm still running today and gives a nice stance as well as excellent performance yet doesn't scrub out every time I hit a pothole (no sore butt cheeks now). (here it is after some more panel work in the shop) The original motor was of course a KLZE auto with custom exhaust , (ebay headers with a custom catback running 2.5" pipes with redback CAT and muffler). but the auto just had to go. That was the next conversion. I shopped around for another donor vehicle with an MTX transmission and upon finding it pulled the necessary bits to convert this to manual. The only problem I encountered was the wiring loom. Being the deluxe edition it had far more wiring than the stock vehicles to utilise the digital climate control. So I had to use a 93 loom and dismantle the stock loom to match pin for pin what was needed without the ATX extras. Now that was fun (sarcasm). This then became my daily driver for a while until my other plans came to fruition. A KLG4 Hybrid supercharged engine. But until then I simply stuck with a SC KLZE using an Eaton M62 in the AC location. Fabrication stages of the AC Bracket The same process but showing the first overdrive Crank Pulley that was CNC'd by MR Speed (Patrick), again a lot of assistance and co-operation from many members went into the fruition of these projects. A comparison shot of the OEM 36-1 timing pulley next to the overdrive pulley. This increased the Eaton's Boost from 4.5psi to 8psi without the IC Around the same time (2006) a member on Probetalk posted his findings on a new set of custom rods that could increase the longevity of a boosted KL engine. the specs listed below H-Beam style rods; pretty much the industry standard for cost effective high performance applications Machined from 4340 chromoly steel forgings Piston pin bushing left undersized for hand pin fitting Finish ground on Sunnen cross-grinders Millenia-S size piston pin bore Millenia-S/KL size crankshaft end bore Millenia-S center to center length Bolts are ARP 8740 series with 12 point heads and have been increased from 8mm diameter to 7/16
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