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Found 142 results

  1. Since my old thread have totaly derailed and contains both 626, Celica, and now an MX-6, i think its time to make a new, grand and epic combined build thrad that will contain everything i even think about modding. For now, will start with my tree cars: Mazda 626 GT - 2.5L V6 KL31 (KLZE) The first car i bought myself, and the car that started my entire autophile career. When i bought it in 2005, it was a very booring and 100% stock 1,8l 626 LX. LX means it has _no_ extras, not even electric windows. 5 minutes after i handed over the cash to the previous owner, i did the first mod. The first of many. Current Mods: - Enkei 17" rims with 215/45-17 tires - TruBendz/Magnaflow Exhaust - OBX Headers - OEM Euro Lip-kit - Koni shocks and Cobra springs. - JDM KL-31 engine, also known as the KL-ZE - Full King6Fab rear suspension - mFactory LSD Future plans: VIP-look - Mazdaspeed 6 Front and Rear brakes. - BBS-LM 17" Rims (Gold with polished edge) - Full Paintjob in dark/charcoal gray. - Full Body Makeover - Full Custom Leather interior (OEM look) - Sound dampening the entire car. - Install OEM Aircondition - Install ABS - Fully rebuildt 11.5:1 engine, with COP ignition, E85 map and possible ITBs - Full Window tint Mazda RX-7 - 13B-REW After my garage and entire collection of MX-6 and Celica parts was gone, i saw a chance to step up the game and get an RX-7. So i found a super low mile, mint condition 94 mod in Germany, and i got on a plane to get it. I later found out that there is only sold about 250 94-95 models in Europe, so its quite a unique car. So far it will be a stock/OEM looking car, with only minor exterior and interior mods. The engine will get some love later, and the aim is 400rwhp. Current Mods: - BBS "Postert" 17" rims - Remus "Postert" Mid-back exchaust - De-badged and de-winged. Future plans: OEM-love - Spirit-R/RZ big brake setup - Spirit-R Leather interior pieces (Steering wheel, shifter and e-brake) - Black RZ Recaro seats - 2000+ white gauges with boost gauge - 2-DIN headunit - 99-spec front and rear bumpers (except wing) - Feed carbon sidesteps - Carbon rear diffuser - Carbon 99-style front lip - Bi-Xenon retrofit ++++
  2. Hi guys, so my stock cassette player is no longer working. The radio portion does its job, but the cassette portion is toast. I was wondering if you guys know of any new cassette players that will fit the specifications of my Mazda? I've visited sites that tell me new audio decks that fit, but I can't seem to find any that have cassette players (I have a huge collection that I love listening to on the road). My car is a 1990 626 manual sedan. Any help would be greatly appreciated in this matter.
  3. Hi everyone I've been trying to find information on my mazda 626 GSI 2.0l auto but can not find it anywhere and when I look for them all I find is the gxi anyone got any info on them and are they rare or something? ?
  4. Current DD/Project 1991 MX-6 LX W/ Turbo swap _Mods_ Engine: -Performance Dual Valve Springs -Bosh DRI GT injectors -Walbro 190LPH Fuel Pump -ATX throttlebody with thermo spacer -EGR Block Off Plate -A/C Delete -Aluminum 2 Row 'custom' Radiator -Aluminum Lightweight Crankpulley -100% Emissions, PCV, EGR and Vacuum Rail Delete. -MSD Blaster 2 Coil Conversion -NGK Wireset, NGK Plugs -Spark Plugs/Wires Thermo Insulators Drivetrain: -Stock N/A Trans -Previous owner replaced clutch with OEM equivalent, I have not upgraded yet Turbo: - VF12/VJ11 Hybrid. VF12 Turbine, center section and compressor wheel, VJ11 Turbine housing, machined out to fit VF12 Turbine LINK -HKS Hardpipe kit, HKS SSQ Black Series BOV (Likely a knockoff) -Custom 2.5" O2 housing -Custom 2.5" Downpipe With Side Exit -OEM Intercooler Suspension: -25MM Wheel Spacers -16" Mitsubishi Ecplise wheels W/ 225/50/16 Cheapish Tires -AWR Trailing Links -Ground Control Coilovers -KYB GR2 Struts -Custom "Dutch" FSTB, OEM GT RSTB -OEM GT Rear Lower Tie Bar -89' Probe GT 18MM Rear Sway Bar -Energy Endlinks, Sway Bar bushings -Ebay Slotted Front Rotors W/ Ceramic pads MISC: -Autometer Vacuum/Boost Gauge -Innovative LC-1 Wideband/Gauge -Generic Sunpro 3 Gauge pod; Coolant-Volts-Oil Pressure -HKS Turbo Timer -ZKW Foglight Grill -Grant GT Steering Wheel -Generic 4PT racing Harness -Whistler Radar Detector -1080P 60FPS Dashcam -Manifold, O2 Housing and Turbo Center Section Painted 1000F Black -Valve Cover, FSTB and VAF Painted "Grabber Green" -Brass Shifter Bushings -Custom VAF Harness Extension Weight reduction: -Front Bumper Crash Bar and Support Removed -From the Front Seats Back, All Interior Removed -Battery Relocated to Rear of Trunk -A/C delete, Cat Delete General Maintence: -Gates Timing Belt, Tensioner, Idler -Disty Cap, Rotor -Fuel Filter -Wix oil Filter, Mobil1 5W30 -Felpro Valve Stem Seals -Frequent Alignments -Always filled up with Shell V-Power 91, Never Over Half a Tank, Save Weight
  5. I stumbled upon this workshop manual. Might come in handy for you guys 626_workshop_manual.pdf
  6. Taking a shot in the dark here, but does anyone know of a second-generation MX-6 LS, fourth generation V6/5-speed 626, or a 3rd generation 626 GT for sale in the NY/NJ/PA/CT area? I've been looking everywhere and can't find anything (The 626GT that I was going to buy got sold). I've owned eight Mazdas to date, and really want to get back into it again.
  7. What components aside from those already on the stock F2 N/A engine would be needed to turbocharge the engine with a stock or slightly better turbo. Aside from the turbo itself, piping, manifold, down-pipe, oil lines, and boost pressure gauge. How does the ecu read boost pressure and how would a stock controller be wired in? Thanks for any input. -Luke
  8. looking to lower my 00' 626. can someone give me some links to the stuff i need. heres a pic posted on this site 4 yrs ago by ND28, he lowered his 626 and its EXACTLY what im looking for. anyone have any ideas on what i could use to achieve that height? thanks guys. btw, not looking to spend over $400/500.
  9. So, I made a camper conversion for my 626. I hope to take it out west this winter! I hope you guys enjoy it! Ps, this is my first post!
  10. This past October I bought my 2000 Mazda 626 LX V6 from my friend's cousin who had moved away. My friend had previously been driving it for about a month, but it was constantly overheating. Eventually he bought his new car and it stayed in his grandparents driveway 7 months until I was about to buy it. Their mechanic who'd worked on the car for years said it needed a new radiator, which he put in. Once I took it to emissions, I realized the check engine light was on and turns out it needed new O2 sensors. I knew it had been low on oil from sitting so many months plus nothing on the dipstick. So my father gave me a quart of oil (don't remember what kind). Right after I put it in, the engine started a rumbling/knocking noise. Shaking almost. It would settle down a little when I took off the breaks, but increased as I accelerated. I was able to drive it home which was 10 minutes away and to my friend's place 15 mins away with noise. Some say it needs a new engine, but I think it may be that oil we put in. Anything sound familiar?
  11. Hi people. I'm new at the forum so I don't know if I'm writing this at the right place. I have a Mazda 626 GD 1.8 12valv from 1991 that I bought one year ago. Now i am needing to buy an engine head to repair it because the original is ruined. Im from Portugal. Wath sugestions do you have?
  12. Hello guys, I'm new on the forum, I've been reading for a while and I'm not sure where to post this, so I will post it here. I've checked and I couldn't find this elsewhere, if I'm in wrong topic please direct me to the right one. I'm in need of a Radiator Hose, Front Right Window Regulator and Rear Left Window Regulator. The only places I found these parts were located in the US and the shipping was always 3-4x the price of the parts. (in other words, it was above $100) Is there any european or asian site/store that sells these parts for a reasonable price and with a reasonable shipping price ? Thanks a lot! P.S. I'm located in Macedonia
  13. Hi guys! A day ago my power steering pump burst its liquid all over the engine, and I think it has severe leaks in it which requires replacement. However, I find it quite difficult to find another pump in Australia and it may take a couple weeks before I could replace the whole thing, yet I need the car for daily purpose, so I have two questions: 1) can I just remove the accessory belt and drive without P/S? 2) is the accessory belt connected with alternator? or are they using two different sets of belts? Any help or guidance will be greatly appreciated :) Thanks guys!
  14. q as xhi all got a Mazda 626 1999 2.0L D.O.H.C. looking to improve the look and the performance but not finding a lot for it . I was told that the 626 goes under other names around the world. I was also told that these other parts fit off other Mazda's. I'm looking forward to hearing from yous with you ideas.
  15. Hello, My 626 decided to stop starting last friday when I was trying to head home from work. I have been trying to diagnose the issue on lunch over the past few days. The car wants to turn over but just cannot. I have found that i have good spark. So I started looking into the fuel system. I don't hear the fuel pump engage when I set the ignition to the ON position. I pulled the output tube off of the fuel filter, there was fuel in the line but it did't seem to have any pressure even though this was right after I cranked the engine. I cranked the engine again and there was no pressure coming out of the fuel filter. I couldn't get to the line in for the fuel filter yesterday. So I am thinking two things, either I have managed to completely kill a fuel filter or there is an issue with the fuel pump. I checked the fuel pump relay and it seems to be working just fine. The fuel filter seems relatively easy to change. I have heard two things about the fuel pump, either there is an access door behind or under the back seat or I have to drop the tank. I did run some injector cleaner through the fuel system a few weeks ago. Does it seem like I am on the right track? Also, is there an access panel for the 2002 626 for fuel pump work? Does anyone know of anything else that might be causing this issue? Thanks, Chris
  16. Howdy guys. Sad to say I traded in the 626 after years of serving me well. As it is, I stocked up on some parts I was planning on replacing in the future. I'd like to get rid of the parts as a whole. I have the following: Timing Belt kit (with tensioner) Oil filters (4) Transmission mount Oil Pan Gasket Front Wheel Bearings Rear Disc Pads 1 inner tie rod Let me know. I'm in MD if you want to pick it up. None of the parts are used, but the boxes are worse for the wear after two moves.
  17. Does anyone have a source for side window deflectors? I guess they are also called rain guards among other names I assume. I have been searching for these for some time and was wondering if any of you guys know of any ever being available for the 88-92 626 specifically the hatch back.
  18. Hello Everyone, I'm new to the forums and was thinking about swapping my 1998 Mazda 626 2.0 i4 FS-DE to a 2.5 v6 KLZE. I've been doing some extensive research on the subject, but I cant seem to find any literature on the compatibility of the KLZE with the G15m-r manual transmission I currently have in my 626. My question is will everything bolt in together or will I have to buy a new transmission in order to install the KLZE? And if the latter is true, what kind of transmission will I need for everything to run smoothly? Thanks, JDogg
  19. OK I have searched and researched but I cant find any answers. I also cant find any wiring diagrams for the 2000 626. I got this car as a gift and drove it across country from California to Georgia with NO issues. I have been using it daily to make sure it works before I give it to my daughter. It is the 2.0 and only has 53000 miles on it. Up until yesterday (the day she got her permit of course) EVERYTHING worked, and then I noticed as I was sitting in traffic I looked at the truck behind me and I did not see any brake lights on. I got home and checked ALL the fuses in both locations. All good. I disconnected the stoplight switch and then jumped the connector and was able to get the lights to work. Figured bad switch so replaced it. As soon as I plugged it in the lights came on. I installed the new switch and drove to the pool in our community (about three blocks) and parked it. After the pool closed got in the car and NO BRAKE lights again. Drove home not too happy. Got up this morning and disconnected the new stoplight switch and tried to jump the connector again but this time nothing. Replaced ALL 4 bulbs with brand new ones today as well. Now it seems either the new switch has blown or there is something before the switch since when I tried to jump it I didn't get any lights on this time. Removed the brake light housings in the back looking for frayed wires, removed a small portion of the carpeting in the rear and inspected all the wires there as well. Removed the lower part of the dash (under the steering wheel) for easier access but still can not find any signs of wear or anything else. Any suggestions or help is greatly appreciated. I have to do all the work myself due to lack of cash so please let me know what I can do. Also any wiring diagrams would be great.
  20. Does anybody know of or could recommend a good video or youtube series following a build of a 3rd gen 626? I'm looking to do one myself and would like to know if it has been done before. Thanks for any input!
  21. I just started this and am happy to see forums about fixing up Mazda's. I've had my car for four years and have already put a lot of work in it, but it can always use more. Its a bit of a wiring nightmare, so I've had to tiptoe. Under the hood everything works great except for the fuel injection. It likes to die sometimes if I stop too fast and doesn't kick up to freeway speed very fast. I know its expensive to replace because of the pricey parts so I was wondering if it could just be a simple hose that's not quite doing it's job? I'll talk about this later... I want to show you my car baby! The truck is also a 91, but its a Ford ranger. We got it in pretty awful shape and been fixing er up as well. Okay, I know I'm a dork, yes I spray-painted my rims and emblems (they need to be re-done). Its not in as fine condition that I'd like, but hey, I'm a poor kid.
  22. Does anybody know of any good aftermarket camshafts that would fit the 1988 Mazda 626 N/A SOHC?
  23. So the PCV system on my N/A 1988 Mazda 626 is shot and I cant find a diagram of the system online or in my Haynes manual. Any help would be appreciated!
  24. Hello - i have an 01 626 with just over 210k miles on it. I've had the car about 5 years and for the first four years, about once a year, the car wouldn't start when you turned the key. Didn't matter how many times you turned it, just didn't start. Id shift into neutral and it would start up, or if not then when i shifted back into P it would start then. Honestly wasn't a big deal. About a month ago it started doing this much more often, maybe 25% of the times i tried to start it. And here we are today where the car sits in my driveway and wont start at all. Battery was changed maybe 6 months ago and it is still clean and terminals are clean. As it happened more and more, when it DID actually start it started up totally normal. The starter did not turn over slower or longer before it fired up. When you turned the key one and two clicks everything seems normal in the car, lights are all on, radio works, presets still there. When you turns the key all the way (in park or N) there is a single click from somewhere in the engine and the lights slightly dim in the cabin, but no start. I've read around a little bit on this site in the past 30 min and have found some similar issues. Id appreciate any advise!
  25. 2.0l

    I have a 98 Mazda 626LX 2.0l, 5 Speed MT, 255K miles, California/Low emmisions motor Searching for a small block, hopfully low mileage, Not easy. Question: I've notice FS-DE, what does it mean? how do I determine what I have? Why do I need to replace the motor/block with the same block? How is a low emmission(CA) motor better than a standard motor and what is the difference? What's the difference between a AT and MT regarding the motor/block? Jim