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Found 12 results

  1. I recently had oan intermitant heater problem then my 02 mazda 626 began t run hot. I flushed radiator which looked like brown mud, flushed heater core and refilled with new antifreeze. The car ran great for two days. then the engine started overheating into hotzone right at the line. I had already replaced the thermostat.I figured it was the coolant temp sensor and last night I was going to replace it. I first drained some of the anti freeze out of the radiator and couldn't believe I have oil mixed with the anti freeze. any suggestion as what caused this would be appreciated. Is it possible I blew a head gasket. I hSD mechanic FRIEND TELL ME THAT I HAD A BAD RADIATOR. How ever the oil cooler line doesn't enter into the radiator. Any thoughts on what caused this or what the problem could be would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi my Mazda family, My 626 has started to burn oil but I don’t know if it is the piston rings or something else the video shows idle and then I accerlate. if there is anyone in the UK who can fix this cheap please reply back or if any tips or suggestions, anything will help I just don’t want to scrap this car. thanks for reading 6CF7F48D-A7B6-4C32-83B7-A43602045455.mov
  3. Hi, I had my 626 for over 10 years and my central locking remote stopped working so I have to manfully unlock it from the driver side this is really a hassle and I dont know how to make my remote work again can someone please help me find a remote and help me program into the system Thanks
  4. Hey guys I have a few questions about my Mazda 626 2002. 1) I want to swap out my i4 for a V6 KLZE and was wanting to make sure all the engine mounts would work just fine. 2) Is it possible to get engine harness and everything else needed to make the V6 work, without getting a donor car? Like maybe a Mazda Dealer Ship. (or does all the wiring already match, im gonna assume no) 3) I want to swap it to a manual transmission, but will my i4 trans work with the KLZE V6 for now? Thanks everyone, I plan to make an entire video on my swap and how to do it for Mazda 626 Lovers, but I just need to make sure this is all possible first. Alt+MAlt+N
  5. So I bought my car a couple of years ago off of craigslist and the radio has never worked. It's the stock radio, but it doesn't light up and the display is really strange. There are things that pop up, but they are never full numbers or words, just partial display. I can turn the volume and station and it show that it's changing, but there's no sound. In order to get the full display, I have to hit the stereo back into place, but even if I do, it doesn't last long. I've checked my fuses and they're all intact, so it's not that. Is it possible that it just wasn't put in the correct way if it was taken out? Something else to add is that my dashboard/electronics have always been off (i.e. saying im going 25 when I'm really going 35), not sure if that has something to do with it or not. Any one know what could be wrong? Feel free to ask questions if my explanation wasn't clear enough.
  6. I've been searching online and I can't find a flasher for my 98 that supports LED's. I know I can use the stock and run resistors but I don't like to do that as the resistors get very hot and that negates any advantages of the LED's like lower power consumption and less heat. I'd like some switch back front turn signals that go fro solid lit to on/off and some rear LED turn signals to match the rear LED brake/tail bulbs. Evidently we use some weird flasher type, all I can find are OEM replacements. Is ours a thermal flasher inside or is it electronic inside? If it's electronic inside I may be able to modify it to remove the bulb out warning and stop the fast flashing with LED.
  7. Hello, My 626 decided to stop starting last friday when I was trying to head home from work. I have been trying to diagnose the issue on lunch over the past few days. The car wants to turn over but just cannot. I have found that i have good spark. So I started looking into the fuel system. I don't hear the fuel pump engage when I set the ignition to the ON position. I pulled the output tube off of the fuel filter, there was fuel in the line but it did't seem to have any pressure even though this was right after I cranked the engine. I cranked the engine again and there was no pressure coming out of the fuel filter. I couldn't get to the line in for the fuel filter yesterday. So I am thinking two things, either I have managed to completely kill a fuel filter or there is an issue with the fuel pump. I checked the fuel pump relay and it seems to be working just fine. The fuel filter seems relatively easy to change. I have heard two things about the fuel pump, either there is an access door behind or under the back seat or I have to drop the tank. I did run some injector cleaner through the fuel system a few weeks ago. Does it seem like I am on the right track? Also, is there an access panel for the 2002 626 for fuel pump work? Does anyone know of anything else that might be causing this issue? Thanks, Chris
  8. 2002 Mazda 626 2.5 Liter v6 125XXX miles OK so here's my problem's (I have 2) 1.) I need my car inspected by the end of the month. But my check engine light is on and so are a few others. I know whats wrong with the check engine though. I have a lean code. A random miss fire (it's a coil pack problem) and a bad O2 sensor. That's my first problem. I know that it is Bank 2 Sensor 1 but I have found so many different diagrams from different years I'm not sure where it is for my 2002 model. I havn't cleaned pr checked any of then yet because I don't want to pull one that does't need touched and to be honest, I know know where all of them are. code p0141 2.)My second Problem is all of my ABS and Traction Control lights are on all the time. I bought the car as a fixer-up-er so I don't know when they started come on. They always have been for me. The sensors are cleaned on all of the wheels. There is a small amount of metal on the sensor showing on the bottom (I'm assuming that it is the magnet) but the traction control lights are on as well. I have added more brake fluid an I have even cleaned the wheels. I don't know what the problem is for either of them. I'm looking for advice and guidance on both if them. Since winter is on its way I would like to have the ABS working first but which ever works for me. I have answers for all of the other codes. Running lean from previous misfires from bad plugs and wires and also from my current bad coil pack. The coil pack is also causing the miss fires. I know this because i have new...\ New Brakes pads Brake Roters Spark Plugs Spark Plug Wires Thermostat Radiator Oil and Filter Air Filter Also if you have any advice on where to get new coil packs and o2 sensors from somewhere, other than CarID or Advanced Auto parts. Thanks for the help! If you need pictures let me know. Also if there is a guide for changing CV axles I would love the link to it. I ordered both if mine about a week ago and I want to make sure that I am 100% sure on what I am doing since they are usually pretty important to the car, ya know...... moving. Thanks in advance
  9. Hey good folks, I'm a newbie. My daughter is in college with no money and has a 626 ES 4 cylinder that is overheating. As I understand it, at the radiator there are two fans. One for the A/C and one for the radiator. Neither were coming on, so I hot wired them both to make sure they did. There was a small leak of coolant driver's side, under the battery, but I added some stop leak and that seems to have stopped. The car is is still overheating at idle (I figured that was the best way to tell), but takes 20 minutes or so. It will rise to about normal (half way) and stay there for 15 minutes or so, and then climb. Could it be the thermostat? Caps are good, and nothing is obviously not working. I haven't had it pressure checked (as I said, she has no money), hoping I could fix it for her without having to take it in. She's determined not to let me help her monetarily, but I'm desperate to help. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Hello, I am finally getting back to working on my Mazda 626 after recovering from financial issues due to health insurance. I had a 626 with an intermittent fuel pump that I made an earlier post on and got alot of really helpful info and saw a good video from DJdevon3. Following statements on this forum I also started looking around on Rockauto.com for parts as well as shopping around for good deals. I also decided to check some maintenance stuff since I was already going to be doing car maintenance. I have always been a firm believer in doing it yourself if it is reasonably possible. I decided to check my timing belt and the such as i have close to 150k mi on the car. I got it with about 100k on it. I pulled the valve cover and checked the timing belt and it looks kind of used up. I think it was the original. I decided to change the belt but the local mom and pops shops want ~$1k to do the timing belt alone, not including the water pump which might as well be done with the timing belt. I purchased all the necessary parts to change the water pump timing belt and pullies and i went ahead and got a crank shaft seal as well as the fuel pump parts and a new valve cover gasket, my valve cover was leaking like a sieve. I put the car on jack stands and removed the wheel and splash guard, valve cover and power steering pump are already off, and now I am kind of lost. I am not sure what to do next. This is my first timing belt job on any car. Does anyone know of a good video that covers late model 626 timing belt and water pump jobs? Also, does anyone have any other info that would make this easier?
  11. Hey guys, maybe you can help me. My 2002 mazda 626 4 cylinder has been acting up lately. Its a transmission problem. When stopped for what ever reason, it accelerates very slowly even though you can hear the engine trying and even though you apply more pressure to the gas pedal. Also if i stop on an incline then tries to take off, getting out of first gear takes a long time and at times the over drive lights begins to blink. Can anyone help me with this problem?
  12. This kit will work for 1998-2002 mazda 626 4 cylinders. I have not used it, jsut never got aroudn to installing it. I will email / message serious buyers a price. I can also sell a blue hose cover kit - stainless steel brained lines with blue lug nuts (can send picture if interested). I also think i have some universal car hood damping kit. I will post a pic of all of them soon
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