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Found 14 results

  1. Hello Everyone, I'm new to the forums and was thinking about swapping my 1998 Mazda 626 2.0 i4 FS-DE to a 2.5 v6 KLZE. I've been doing some extensive research on the subject, but I cant seem to find any literature on the compatibility of the KLZE with the G15m-r manual transmission I currently have in my 626. My question is will everything bolt in together or will I have to buy a new transmission in order to install the KLZE? And if the latter is true, what kind of transmission will I need for everything to run smoothly? Thanks, JDogg
  2. ok i have a 03 protege 5 WITH A 5 SPEED the engine blew a hole in block looked for a motor and didnt find anything they start at $850 everywhere i looked, So I Ended up buying a good running 2000 626 2.0 with auto trans car with 126k miles. We pulled the engine out the car did not mark where the crank was set at and just pulled belt and water pump off to install new ones. we set it at top dead center and put everything back together drop engine back in car get everything hooked back up and go to start it and it sounds like a echo weedeater cutting out a little back firing maybe getting up to 200 rpms then dies crank it again same thing this time cranks for about two seconds then dies.. that was back in may well yesterday i take off timing cover and valve cover and notice we are alittle off on timing we lined the crank pulley that the belts go around and lined themark on it up with the T on the timing belt lower cover, then set it with INTAKE SIDE CAM PULLEY AT 3:00 AND EXHAUST SIDE AT 9:00 throw it back together go to start same thing just not staying running sounds like no fuel and running on 1 cyl . My uncle and me just did a timing belt and water pump on the 98 626 i have back in feb. no problems we also just turned the crank without the Pulley being on and lined it up to top dead with the screw driver trick I Swapped over my valve cover to the 626 2.0 thats in the protege to run the coil packs are the timing sensor the same and is the crank sensor the same from the REAL pro5 engine i took out anyone have any ideas thanks alot
  3. CMontcalm

    Front left Signal Socket

    Problem Background. So, a while back I got hit on the front left fender and my left turn signal was annihilated. There wasn't much left except part of the signal plug. I bought an after market part, the fit was perfect. Sadly though, something was amiss. When I turn on the lights the left signal turns on bright. When I signal left side the signal blinks dim. So I believe that I received a right side socket with my left side housing. Sadly it is side specific as the connector has a latch. I failed in my due diligence and I didn't mess with things or report it when I should have. I was busy and lazy then. So I don't feel like I have the right to bother the seller to try to get it replaced. I looked up the part on a few locations and it seems to sell for ~$15 USD. Thats about half what I paid for the housing. On to my question. ***EDIT*** I forgot to mention the cost of the shipping is also $15 USD... yay, maybe the Mazda dealership the next town over, none locally, will have it and won't rip me off. ***EDIT OVER*** Question. A) Do you thing its possible to pop the pins on the signal socket connector and re-pin the socket connector to the match the wrong part. B) should I cut and splice the wires to fit the wrong part. or C) should I accept my failure and buy the correct signal socket?
  4. Jw94cronos

    94 626 Hla Problem.

    Im new to this site and have been having some issues with my 626. It is the 2.0 Fs-de engine with a 5-speed manual and about 135,000 kilometers on the dash. Recently it started to tick every so often. I took it to the dealer for an oil change( synthetic 5w-30) and about a month later it came back even worse. Its to the point where it sounds like im running on 3 cylinders. Im not sure what i should do or if its a costly fix. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Jakegrgurevic

    1980 626 Sedan 2.0 Exhaust/extractors

    Hi, I recently purchased a 1980 Mazda 626 and I've been chasing an exhaust and extractors. I don't know if I'm just not searching in the right places but I cant find anything and I'm close to just buying the pipe and bends and making it all myself hah. Can anyone help? Cheers
  6. TurboCobras

    Supercharging The Old 2.0

    So im thinking about supercharging my 3.0 626. Im quite new to this so smartass comments are rude and unwelcome. I was looking as either tubro or supercharger but this guy i know was offering me a good deal on this supercharger from his 2000 bonneville ssei. Is there anything i should know before i buy anything and is it more legit to just buy a turbo?
  7. hello i really need help identifying these two parts i dont know really anything about cars and dont have anyone i know to ask. i have a 1999 mazda 626 4cyl 2.0 es the 1st one is a hos i found disconnected or torn im not sure but i cant find anything near it that it should be attached to and the other is a part under the air filter housing and it is very loose and easily can be separated revealing a bunch of pins and inside is a small pool of either water or some type of fluid im not sure if the liquid should be there or not but i do think that it should not be that easily pulled up from the other half i have tried reading through the forums and searching google but i dont know enough about cars to even know where to start looking so please someone give me some kind of insight. thanks
  8. Hello, I am finally getting back to working on my Mazda 626 after recovering from financial issues due to health insurance. I had a 626 with an intermittent fuel pump that I made an earlier post on and got alot of really helpful info and saw a good video from DJdevon3. Following statements on this forum I also started looking around on Rockauto.com for parts as well as shopping around for good deals. I also decided to check some maintenance stuff since I was already going to be doing car maintenance. I have always been a firm believer in doing it yourself if it is reasonably possible. I decided to check my timing belt and the such as i have close to 150k mi on the car. I got it with about 100k on it. I pulled the valve cover and checked the timing belt and it looks kind of used up. I think it was the original. I decided to change the belt but the local mom and pops shops want ~$1k to do the timing belt alone, not including the water pump which might as well be done with the timing belt. I purchased all the necessary parts to change the water pump timing belt and pullies and i went ahead and got a crank shaft seal as well as the fuel pump parts and a new valve cover gasket, my valve cover was leaking like a sieve. I put the car on jack stands and removed the wheel and splash guard, valve cover and power steering pump are already off, and now I am kind of lost. I am not sure what to do next. This is my first timing belt job on any car. Does anyone know of a good video that covers late model 626 timing belt and water pump jobs? Also, does anyone have any other info that would make this easier?
  9. sconr002

    1997 Wont Start

    The car was struggling to start for a couple of weeks, but always came through and started for me. So, I put some fuel injector cleaner into the gas tank and after a couple of days, the engine would crank but not turn over. I let it rest for a day and tried it again with no luck. I tried it again today and it almost turned over. I popped the hood and found some water on my distributor cap, after opening the distributor cap the was a little pool of oil inside. Right now there are so many routes to go with this, so does anyone have any suggestions?
  10. Hello I've got a 1994 626 2.0 DOHC and I'm having a problem locating the correct head bolts. Every parts store listed the Fel Pro ES74020, and that's the kit I bought. These are the correct length, however the thread pitch is 1.25. The bolts that came out of the mazda have a 1.5 pitch. I also noticed that the original bolts are between 11 and 12mm (12mm die was too loose, 11mm was too tight.) I googled "mazda 626 head bolts 1.5 pitch", I only got hits for 99-02 engines. I assume that this is the original engine. Any help is appreciated, thanks!
  11. Hey all just figured I'd join up here. Sold my 92 Eclipse GST which was my dd a few days ago to get a buddy's co-worker's s10 that I've been after for about a month. Sold my car and found out he had sold the s10 a couple days before and I didnt know about it. Was pretty bummed out since I put a lot of work into making the eclipse nice and it was a great daily driver. Anyway so I was out a DD so went on the hunt on craigslist. Found a 626 by accident just because it was near the top just posted yesterday. Debated on it for awhile between it and a ranger since I really wanted a small truck for hauling my scooter & bike to university and back home. Decided to check out the 626 first today. Fell in love with it. It's probably about the most boring car I've ever owned but yet I really enjoy driving it. Ridiculously smooth riding and runs amazing as well. 137k miles on it - bought it from the original owner for $1200. He kept track of all maintenance ever done on it. Recent things include a full timing job/all belts/water pump and all new brakes/rotors and a distributor. Aside from your typical paint chips/scuffs it looks pretty good. Interior is near mint condition except for the sunvisor cloth becoming tacky. Nothing wrong with it at all aside from a couple of the lights on the gauge cluster being burned out which I'll be replacing. It's a 1997 Mazda 626 DX 2.0 5speed. Completely base optioned excluding aftermarket cruise control he had installed at the dealer after he bought it. It looks factory and works fantastic. A/C and Heat both work awesome. Stereo for being factory surprises me how good it is. I really love this car, it's going to make a great college car especially for my commutes from home and back on the weekends (total of 6 hours). + I really feel like I got an awesome deal on it too. Here's a couple pictures I took after getting it home, still actually needs washed. My other vehicles: 08 ZZR 600 07 Honda Ruckus
  12. My 626 has about 195000 miles on it, and the engine doesn't run as well as it used to, the lifters make noise, but I don't have any major problems. so here is the question. Should I rebuild it? Ive heard that the cylinder walls in the L4 engine they put in the 626 actually hold up really well to wear, I definitely don't want to bore anything out or replace my pistons. Ive been thinking about buying a new head here: http://www.shop.head...626-20-DOHC.htm and then replacing the rings, bearings, and oil pump so all in all I Imagine the project could be around $600 the body of my car is in pretty good shape and Ive replaced most of the front suspension already, all in all the car as been really good on maintenance costs, and used cars are really expensive these days, at least with this one I know where I stand. and If I rebuilt it now I could avoid having to replace rods or a crank shaft. What do you guys think? edit: it's a stick so I don't have to worry about the automatic transmission going bad over and over either.
  13. Greenbaypackers

    Hole In Maf Or What?

    Hey im new to this awesome form looks to be very helpful. Anyway there might be a hole in my MAF i kinda looks like a crack but sorta looks like its ment to be there? its on the right side right under the black cover were it plugs in. it feels like air is being sucked through it witch there is no filtration. my Check engine light came on and went and got my code read and it was my IAC valve code. it says something about checking for vacume leaks the MAF it self and the IAC valve i cant reamber. its been stalling lately when coming up to a stoplight then turning green befor i stop and trying to accelerate and when i try to get out of my own way turning onto a road. hope some people can tell me how to fix this. Thanks everyone
  14. hello, I have an 87 mazda 626, and I am wondering if anyone has successfully installed coil-overs on an 87 626, and if so, where they were purchased and for how much. Thanks!