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Found 13 results

  1. BlueMazda1998

    For sale: 1998 Mazda 626

    I have to part with my faithful 1998 Mazda 626. Here's the text from my craigslist ad which you can see here: https://orlando.craigslist.org/cto/d/1998-mazda-626-well-cared-for/6449260339.html I bought this 1998 Mazda 626 in 2003 and have driven it ever since. I got it from a man who was the only owner at 53,000 miles, so it has had two owners. It now has 170,263 miles and a clean title in hand. I hate to see it go. Known problems: It drives fine until about 50mph when the transmission starts acting badly. A shop recently told me the transmission needs rebuilt. The wheel bearings in the front right and left need replaced. The battery needs replaced. It burns oil and needs refilled occasionally, maybe once between regular oil changes. It has lived in Florida, Oregon, and Wisconsin, and now Florida again. Benefits: I've kept it really clean and cared for it well. It has had regular oil changes and even just had one a couple weeks ago. It has snow tires on it right now with plenty of tread left. It comes with another set of four summer tires (General Altimax RT43) that are also in good condition and have been used for (I think) two summers. The spark plug wires were replaced in 2017. Pioneer radio with bluetooth upgrade. Clean seats. Non smoker. I have replaced a bunch of bulbs and little things to keep it cosmetically nice, everything inside works, even the swing! (The top center vents swing back and forth automatically to make a nice breeze) Power windows, power locks, plenty of cargo space, some of the windows are even still tinted! Cash only. $800. As is. Serious inquiries only from people wanting to learn more about buying the car. No trades. I prefer email. If the ad is still up, it's still available, so I won't respond to messages just asking if it's still available.
  2. Hello guys, I'm new on the forum, I've been reading for a while and I'm not sure where to post this, so I will post it here. I've checked and I couldn't find this elsewhere, if I'm in wrong topic please direct me to the right one. I'm in need of a Radiator Hose, Front Right Window Regulator and Rear Left Window Regulator. The only places I found these parts were located in the US and the shipping was always 3-4x the price of the parts. (in other words, it was above $100) Is there any european or asian site/store that sells these parts for a reasonable price and with a reasonable shipping price ? Thanks a lot! P.S. I'm located in Macedonia
  3. Bitter

    Led Capable Flasher For 98-02?

    I've been searching online and I can't find a flasher for my 98 that supports LED's. I know I can use the stock and run resistors but I don't like to do that as the resistors get very hot and that negates any advantages of the LED's like lower power consumption and less heat. I'd like some switch back front turn signals that go fro solid lit to on/off and some rear LED turn signals to match the rear LED brake/tail bulbs. Evidently we use some weird flasher type, all I can find are OEM replacements. Is ours a thermal flasher inside or is it electronic inside? If it's electronic inside I may be able to modify it to remove the bulb out warning and stop the fast flashing with LED.
  4. Todd Molloy

    Possible Frankenstein Project

    My 1998 mazda 626 LX got hit in a rear end collision. I'm wondering if I can take the engine out of my car and transplant it a 2001 626. Thanks
  5. Florida Boy

    1998 Mazda 626 Idle Problem

    Hello, I have a 98 Mazda 626 i4 lx. In the last couple of weeks when ever I have waited at a red light the RPM's have been fluctuating between 500-750 and this causes the car to vibrate and shake a lot. The check engine light has been on for a while so i decided to get it checked out. At the auto parts store they ran a diagnostic and this code came back, P1131. Any additional help would be appreciated.
  6. Can someone link me to a site that would sell aftermarket headers for my Mazda. Ive looked around for a while and cant find much. I have a 1998 Mazda 626 I4 2.0 manual. I just want to add a little kick to the car. Ive done a resonator delete, glasspack, new plugs and wires. New clutch. Short ram intake. Any other suggestions to do to my Mazda?
  7. 98MazdaAC

    Problems With Chugging

    I have a manual 1998 Mazda 626 I4. Does anyone have problems where when they are stopped, the RPMS drop a bit and the car chugs. I dont know why. It constantly has a small chug but sometimes it like to drop down and chug even harder.
  8. Brianjrichards

    Meet Midori

    Ladies and Gents, this is Midori, my 1998 626 ES V6 with 58,887 miles on the clock. She was my grandma's faithful daily driver since she bought it off the lot new in 1999 and she has since passed it onto me for my enjoyment as well as family hauling purposes; as my 1997 B2300 with two bucket seats I yanked from an Explorer wasn't going to transport two car seats and a wife very well at all. Right now, as money is fairly tight, my main goals are to fix the niggling little aesthetic problems that she has, specifically the taped drivers side mirror, the missing deck lid badge (who steals a Mazda badge?!? I mean really...), as well as hopefully the drivers side rear door that has a lovely crinkle in it. Also hoping to give the car, and engine specifically, a good cleaning as the weather gets nicer. I don't think it's been clean since my dear ol' granny bought it new. Please excuse these first pictures, as it's still before dawn, and I forget it's hard to see without that bright ball of fire in the sky. This is a basic and standard dash, figured I'd show everyone how standard it is! Also, you can see part of my boot and cup of coffee. It has eggnog in it! I realize now you can't actually see the mileage... or even that my dash lights are on... yay phone camera! A dirty, dirty engine. And I mean that in a very clean way. Crinkled door. Who steals a Mazda badge? A full set is worth maybe 15 on e-bay... Gorilla tape, it's a wonderful thing! A few problems with the front end. Bent in fuel door, kinda annoying. In summary here is my proposed work: Repairs: Drivers Mirror ($90 for set of 2) Fuel Door ($15) Front Bumper ($130) Drivers side passenger door (Need to talk to auto body shop or get new door) Rear Bumper ($180) Badging ($15) Interior work (Unknown at this point) Mods: OEM Fog Lights ($30 - $60) OEM Spoiler ($60 - $300) OEM Head Lights ($50 - $60) OEM 2000-2002 Tail Lights ($50 - $75 Per light) Whimsical Mods: I've had a whim to eventually mod the car to look like and be badged as a Ford Telstar, just for giggles. Probably will never happen given money and such, but still an idea.
  10. I have a 1998 Mazda 626 LX and I have been looking EVERYWHERE for a rear (rear-most) lateral link (possibly also known as a locating arm). The dealer has discontinued it and any parts places I have called can't get the part. Has anyone ran into the same issue or does anyone have any idea where I can find this? I have started to call junk yards, so far most are saying they don't have it, a couple are saying to come take a look at the cars, hoping they aren't rusted! To clarify exactly what part I am referring too, if you check the link below, its part #8 in the diagram. http://www.partswebsite.com/mazdapartswholesale/index.php?i=2&model=1557&make=136&year=1998&section=24&catid=30157&type=parts&subcatid=45063&item_collision=1&items=noneℑ=5436485&catid=30157 ANY tips or help with this would be greatly appreciated!!
  11. aja1970

    1998 Missfire

    I have a 98 626 with an ongoing problem that is driving me (no pun intended) nuts. It a 2 liter, 5 speed that has 200,000 miles (not 'k') on it that has been the best car ever that I've had. The only thing that I've ever had to replace is a 1/2 shaft due to a torn boot. I can't get rid of a misfire that I've had for a couple of years. I've replaced the plugs, the plug wires, the fuel filter, the coil pack. I've tried various fuel conditioners and higher octane gas all of which has very short term improvement. I 've he engine sputters at low rpm's when I step on the gas. If I let off the gas and then rev it again it is usually fine. It runs fine at higher rpm's unless I push on the gas too hard. I've read a lot lately that it may be the mass air flow sensor that needs to be cleaned but I'm not sure. Does anyone have ideas? Thanks in advance, Adrian
  12. Greenbaypackers

    Hole In Maf Or What?

    Hey im new to this awesome form looks to be very helpful. Anyway there might be a hole in my MAF i kinda looks like a crack but sorta looks like its ment to be there? its on the right side right under the black cover were it plugs in. it feels like air is being sucked through it witch there is no filtration. my Check engine light came on and went and got my code read and it was my IAC valve code. it says something about checking for vacume leaks the MAF it self and the IAC valve i cant reamber. its been stalling lately when coming up to a stoplight then turning green befor i stop and trying to accelerate and when i try to get out of my own way turning onto a road. hope some people can tell me how to fix this. Thanks everyone
  13. hey, i have a 1998 mazda 626 lx 2.5l v6, and i can't figure out where the camshaft position sensor is? does it have one? can't find anything on it for 98 only earlier, thanks.