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  1. Update ! I took off the old radio and CD player. I bought a harness for the new radio, so I don't have to cut the OEM harness. It fits. But, I had some surprises : - Ground. The Proteg
  2. I have the harness for the 2002 radio.
  3. Hi ! I have a 1993 Mazda 626 Cronos (canadian), ES-V6 (full equiped). It comes with the cassette deck and the external CD player. The CD player works when he wants, so I would like to change it, but would like to keep the OEM look. I have a 2002-2003 Mazda Proteg
  4. Cool ! bienvenue ! Moi c'est une 626 ES-V6 1993.
  5. Does anybody know what kind of light is for the key (kind of green light above the key).
  6. Repaired !! I removed the center console, took off the A/T panel and... surprise ! One of the two wires was broken. I did everything written here, and it works
  7. Well, if you're talking about the ability to freely toss it into N from D and vice versa, ALL cars do that... It's intended so that you don't throw your car into reverse when you want to go into neutral without having to look down at the shifter and determine what gear you're in, especially if you don't have the nifty dash indicator like some cars do... No idea what the 626 AT is like as she's a stick. Hope this diagram helps; although it's plucked off of a Nissan site, the general instructions are pretty much universal. Thanks, but I'm talking about the "Hold" button which is not working
  8. I have the same problem with my 1993 Mazda 626 ES-V6. The Hold feature only works if I'm on Park. Sometimes works if I'm on R or N, never on D, which is kind of unpracticle. Any ideas ? Thanks !
  9. I posted a pic in my first post. This an upper console which is installed on top of the existing console.
  10. I need the beige-brown one, but it's very kind of you ! Thanks anyway !
  11. Oh ! It really seems better now ! Since yesterday nothing works, now the search tool is back on the track !
  12. Since I own my beloved 626 ES-V6 1993, there is one thing that I dislike... There is no armrest for the driver ! I founded that Mazda had and accessory console that fits on top of the existing storage on center console. I looked at it with my dealer... 230$ ! I'm visiting eBay very frequently... no match for my query. Maybe one of you can help me ? This is the part : Same color, same condition ! Thanks !
  13. Hey hey ! Je suis de Qu
  14. I really don't know what's happening, but some topics cannot be read, I can't search with the search tool, and Google says that this Website is dangerous. God help Mazda626.net !
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