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  1. Chthonian

    Cv Joints Or Tranny?

    I had the same issue with my 626 before it died. I ended up replacing both axles to no avail. Turned out I had a cracked ball joint. The slightest bump would make it pop. Replaced both of 'em and the problem went away.
  2. Chthonian

    Fuel Pump Location / Car Not Runing / Rr

    It is in the gas tank, and unfortunately Mazda was one of the last companies to start putting access panels through the floor of the car for access. Good news is, you're gonna have to get the crappy gas out of the tank anyways, so just drain it and the tank will be MUCH easier to move. Weighs about 15lbs empty.
  3. Chthonian

    Lower Control Arm Bushings

    The bushings are molded into a metal sleeve which, by the time the bushing gives out, will weld to the LCA. It is physically impossible without at minimum a bench vice and cheater bar. Personally, I replaced every bushing on my car at the same time. Energy Suspension master kit... $117. Comes with EVERYTHING. After you press the bushings out, the energy suspension bushings are hand pressed in and will last three times longer and make the ride much easier to handle.
  4. Chthonian

    What Does Everyone Do For Employment?

    I'm an ASE certified master technician currently between shops. Right now I'm managing a strip club....I win.
  5. Chthonian


    Go to Autozone and buy a Chiltons or Haynes service manual. All wiring diagrams are in the back. BTW, tech section
  6. Chthonian

    Can I Use

    They should be interchangeable. There's no significant differences in the electrical or mechanical systems between 94 and 95 BTW, this belongs in the tech section
  7. Chthonian

    Lost Need Some Advice....

    Coming from a professional, he just f--d himself. The courts, if it comes to that, will side with you. You signed a paper saying that you approved the $25 for tow, plus $95 in labor. That's all they'll need to know. The law sides with the consumer in these situations, trust me, I've seen it. Simple fact is, he's a shitty mechanic if he can't get an axle out of the tranny. Simple pickle fork on an air hammer will do the trick. And if for some reason that doesn't work, pop the other axle out and hit the stuck one with a punch and hammer. It'll break eventually. Take it to a real shop with someone who knows what they're doing. Bring it to me and I'll have it out and done in an hour or two. Tucson ain't that far is it? BTW, I'm still around and lurking...
  8. Chthonian

    Honda Guy And His Integra

    That car cost less than 10Gs to build. I've spent about 4Gs on mine, mainly on control systems, clutch, trans, brakes, suspension... and I'm putting 206 to the wheels with no F/I
  9. Chthonian

    Honda Guy And His Integra

    Ow... My brain... All this shit talking made me think I was on Superhonda.com. Yeah, there are people that abuse and destroy their hondas. But there is one major plus to owning one, as I do... They're cheap, reliable, and have a MASSIVE aftermarket. I've spent less on my Civic than I did on my 626 and my car would leave both my 99 626 and my 97 Probe GTS in the dust. Granted, the Probe was a much better vehicle, but it was too unreliable and expensive to put any real work into. My 99 626 spun a rod bearing for no good reason and constantly had idle problems. Yeah it looked sick as shit, but a car that idles like shit is a car that runs like shit. Remember, before you bash every single person who owns a specific type of vehicle, remember that the 626 was phased out for a reason. Oh and my boy has a 1.6 liter SOHC Honda (D16Y8) putting 783 to the wheels... without nitrous. *bows and fades away*
  10. Chthonian

    It's A Girl!!!!

    HA!!! You a dad... That's almost as ludicrous as me having a kid.................................. shit.
  11. Chthonian

    I Still Breathe...

    We'll have to see man. I'll be coming through with Angela... I drive like a grandpa when she's in the car... No videos as of yet. I lost my memory chip somewhere in the house that has some on it. I just need to dig it up Vlad, haven't done anything to the gearing except strengthen the actual gears and bearings. It just keeps me from shifting as much in the 1320, which I'm happy with. My top speed is obviously a little higher... though I haven't gotten around to testing it.
  12. Chthonian

    I Still Breathe...

    It's a D16Y8. And I'm building a SOHC to do something different. Not many people do it... They all do what you said... drop something easy in the engine bay and build an easier platform. I don't wanna do that. I've got a built SOHC that revs to just shy of 10K and is gonna be putting out 200+ NAwhp. and already, I've spent far less than it would cost to just drop a B16 or B18. The plan is still to put a turbo on it and make 300+ whp eventually, but with the little one on the way, that may be a long way off. As of now, I'll be running the fastest NA SOHC Civic in Tucson. *shrug* so I'm happy. BTW, I dusted a late 80s fox body on the highway yesterday... like... 5 bus lengths by the time I shifted into 5th... from a 60 punch... That's always fun. Oh, and I'll be passing through there in July... there being Springfield if you're still livin' there...
  13. Chthonian

    I Still Breathe...

    Nope... blew that SOB up. sheered off a motor mount bolt and busted the transmission. Tired of dropping all my money into it, so I parted it out to pay for the Civic... There's pics in the link in my sig.
  14. Chthonian

    I Still Breathe...

    Looks into a house, not a car. Much better investment and you can use the equity from the house later on to buy whatever car you want.
  15. Chthonian

    I Still Breathe...

    You're still drivin' that thing? I'd figured you'd have killed the crap out of it by now. I know what you do to your vehicles..