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  1. For sale is a Mazda 626 OEM driver's side airbag from a 1999 Mazda 626 ES. This airbag will fit all 626s for the years 1998 - 2002. The center logo area looks slightly different than the ones from the 2000 - 2002 626 models but it is an exact fit for all electrical connections, holding bolts, cruise control buttons and horn "button". Airbag cover is in excellent condition with no visible blemishes on it. Airbag was never deployed. Installing this item will take about 10 minutes. Price is $55. S&H is $18 for US addresses. Paypal is the preferred payment method.
  2. This steering wheel is from a 1999 Mazda 626 ES. It is an OEM steering wheel and the condition is excellent with no rips, tears, visible wear marks or unraveling seams. Installing this item will take about 20 - 30 minutes and probably require a breaker bar to loosen the large nut holding on the steering wheel already in place. Price is $45. S&H is $15.00 for US addresses. PayPal is the preferred payment method.
  3. I want to replace the existing driver's side rear seat back in my '99 626 with one from a 2000 - 2002 626. The later model has the fold down center arm rest and storage area. It appears that there are metal arms that hold the seat backs in place at the bottom side part of the the seat and allow the seat to pivot up and down in place. However, there doesn't appear to be an easy way to get to these. Anyone taken out a rear seat back for repair and/or replacement and knows how to do this? Any help would be appreciated.
  4. I called a local Mazda dealership and they quoted me $541 to replace the PCM w/a used one (said no new ones were available) and have everything programmed. Decided just to sell the car with a reduced price b/c of the issue of the high and hard shifting. Curioulsy, the problem came and went depending on something I could ever figure out. Hated to sell it as it had been a rescued one that I had spent a lot of time restoring. New owner (a few days ago) is in touch w/me still and fully knows the problem. It's in w/his mechanic who seems to think he can resolve it w/no need for Mazda's programming around the PCM/immobilizer issue. Perhaps he can actually repair the existinig PCM and be on his way. If I hear that the issue has been fixed and how it was fixed, I'll post it here. Zoom, zoom!
  5. Hi, Did 2001626 get this issue resolved with a new ECU/PCM? My 2000 626 is experiencing the EXACT same symptoms - high and hard shifts. My tranny guy said the tranny is fine. If you did install a new PCM, how did you get around the immobilizer issue? Appreciate any and all details on your situation.
  6. I'm looking to swap a '00 insturment cluster into my '99. I like the looks of the dials and arms better and the Trip A & Trip B odometer options. It doesn't appear there are any "plug and play" differences between the two years but I'm wondering if there will be issues with the PCM and/or immobilizer with the swap given the difference of the odometer reading on the new cluster vs current odometer reading. Has anyone done a cluster replacement and either a)had no issues or b)had issues with the immobilizer/PCM? Let me know. Thanks.
  7. XeNoMoRpH is correct. Installing these fog lights was fairly easy. You don't even have to run wires thru the firewall as the prewiring is all done for you. The '00 - '02 fogs were much harder as you have to take the bumper cover off and carve out the bezel holes. The hard part was getting all the fasteners and bolts off & on from a car that's 12 years old! Good luck.
  8. The US spec 626 for '00 - '02 has the OEM foglights sitting inside bezels that go into those indents on the bumper cover, as you described. They redesigned the bumper cover for the '00 model year such that the new foglight design/placement would work. I personally think it's much nicer looking than the OEM ones I have on my '99. The '00 - '02 bumper covers even have perforations on the inside of the cover where you cutout to make way for the foglight bezels. That being said, the above Euro spec 626 foglights may or may not work on your '98 bumper cover. Your other choice would be to replace your '98 bumper cover with one from an '00, '01 or '02 and then use the US spec OEM foglight kit and bezels. The newer model cover should be an exact fit for the '98 & '99 626s. These OEM foglight kits & bezels have been available on ebay for the past year or so at very reasonable prices.
  9. I agree w/XeNoMoRph. This is the OEM foglight kit for the '98 & '99 models. It will not fit '00 - '02 models though as the bumper geometry is different for those models They are super easy to install (if you can read French, that is - LOL). I say that because all of these '98 - '99 kits seem to include only the French instructions for connecting the cables and not the English instructions. Anyway, if you do buy this kit and find only French, let the forum know and someone can shoot the English instructions to you. Also, be aware that the connectors to the bulbs inside the actual foglights are fairly exposed to the weather. Mine rusted on me within 3-4 years of driving in the wet Northwest and I had to replace them - no big deal but a concern nonetheless. Best of luck.
  10. Here you go. It appears you have a '00 626 so these are exactly what you need. The OEM fogs for the '98 - '99 are the ones with the French instructions. However, the electrical connections ARE IDENTICAL to the '00 - '02 fogs so if you're looking for those to be translated into English, you can just use these. Good luck. BTW - if you need the fog light bezels for the front bumper cover, radical-ed on ebay has a bunch. He will usually take an offer of $20 for a pr because his S&H is so high! LOL! 2000-2002 Mazda 626 OEM Foglight Installation Instructions.pdf
  11. Here is the procedure to use if you have two or more working transponder keys. It is MUCH simpler than having to get and enter a codeword. I know this works as I did it a few days ago on my '99 626. I assume it will work on all '98 - '02 626 models as they were mechanically identical. 1. Cut new transponder equipped key(s). ( Mine cost $3.50 to cut & ≈$40 off ebay for the key blank) Using 1st key, turn ignition to ON position, then LOCK position 5 times. Turn 1st key to ON position. SECURITY light should illuminate. Turn 1st key to LOCK position. SECURITY light should go out. 2. Using 2nd key, start engine. SECURITY light should illuminate for 1-2 seconds and engine should continue to run. Turn 2nd key to LOCK position and remove key. 3. Repeat step 2) with 1st key. Repeat step 2) with new key. Repeat step 2) with each new or valid key, up to 8 keys total. Wait 30 seconds, program will quit automatically.
  12. Old thread, I know but did you get them working OK? I've got the OEM instructions (in English) if you need them. I installed mine in my '99 and they work well. However, the snap on connectors from the wiring harness to the two fog light bulbs is NOT well protected from water and eventually the internal wiring rusted away and the fogs did not work. I ended up buying an aftermarket harness with the same connectors, splicing it onto the OEM harness and after connecting everything, wrapped it very well with tape.
  13. Both the OEM fog light bezels and the OEM fog lights are available now on ebay from 2 separate vendors at reasonable prices. The vendor selling the bezels only has them in certain colors but painting them is easy. The vendor selling the fog lights shows the part # for the I4 but it is the same part for both the I4 and the V6. Good luck!