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  1. sq626

    Sad News

    I sold my 626 a few days ago . but the good news is it was sold to someone who cares and is looking forward to improving her. So she is in good hands. I will make sure he joins the site B) as it has served me well..... I have fond memories of my 6 and the help this site. I will be playing on a nother site, crownvic.us, most of the time. Take care All! Blessings...
  2. sq626

    Ride Control

    Chris, if you read my first post... You would have seen that I did search. I did not find the Info on if the front springs for the V6 and I4 Probe are the same for the 626, as the Probe sits lower. So if anyone can answer my question that would be awsome. Otherwise I don't need silly "try using the search button, you know the one next to the "Help" button" answers thanks, Ben
  3. sq626

    Ride Control

    the next question is.... (I know the 6, mx6, and probe are the same. But the probe sits lower) Are the V6 springs the same as the I4 for the probe and 626? I have seen eibach springs for the V6 626,MX6,Probe. And for the I4 probe. Which do I get? And is around $250 a good price?
  4. sq626

    Ride Control

    The big question I forgot to ask is where I can get the stuff (with the least $) Again, thanks, Ben
  5. sq626

    Ride Control

    ok, I'm confussted! I need new struts! 216,000 miles on my original tokico's, It's time for new ones. I was looking at the tokico hp with springs for about $450. It is a set. Is it a good deal? I am worried about the 1.5" drop (living in NH and working in Boston, the pothole capital of the US). I want a stiffer ride, but not bonejaring. I did a search and read some comments that tokico's are not worth the money... KYB's are good, and Eibach springs are worth the money. So what I am asking is what is the best way to go for the money? And will a 1.5" drop hurt too much? thank you, Ben
  6. sq626

    Funky Idle

    I had flushed the cooling system 3 months ago, and for fun did check the level in both, they are at the right levels. I have also noticed that the idle is high, around 2,000 when i start up, after letting the car sit over night. I do think that has to do with the high drain on the battery (too many toys, but damn good battery) after 2 days I need to jump start the car.
  7. sq626

    Funky Idle

    when my car has been running for about 5 min. and i am at a stop light the idle goes up to about 1500 and back down. If i put it in park it will go up to 2500 and back again, repeating every few seconds. After about 15 min. the car runs fine. does anyone have any idea what it is? I am not throwing a CEL. Also is there a way to read the codes w/o a computer (like I can do with my blazer, by shorting 2 connections in the little hookup thingie)? thank you, Ben
  8. sq626

    High Beam Question

    the easyist way to adjust the high beam is to buy JDM or EDM headlights where they are adjustable. Ours are non adjustable. Well, they are, BUT, you have to adjust the low beams with them.... It's all one unit.
  9. sq626

    Pics Of Self Thread

    no, not stalker, I really think I saw her! and it was on rt.28 just after getting off rt.16. near the shopping plaza that has kaybe toys. I park my 6 at the chelsea garage and drive home that way..... it would have been around 1:15/1:30 ish...
  10. sq626

    Alpine Tv

    what is the field processor number? along with the cva/iva (flip out screen)?
  11. sq626

    Pics Of Self Thread

    Hey m62600, are you from boston? I work at logan and think i have seen you around chelsea or malden area, as that is the way i drive home. oh, btw I like the hair
  12. I will get some pics up soon. I also want to get projector fog lights too so I don't get blinded when it snows out. I have done the conversion from H3C to H3. It is way to easy. Just remove the h3c bulb, remove the screw that holds the latch, add an O ring connector with wire. Insall an H3 bulb. Attach wires (yes you can crimp or solder and shrinkwrap the wires) and your done. If you want to, put the wires through some 3/8" wire loom, and have it mount to the rubber gromet with silacone, have the cut facing down as no to let water in. it took me about 10 min.
  13. I got them today from jdmredline (Jon) they only took 2 weeks from when I sent him the check. They look new, well the lens does, just a little dirt on the back, but I have more on mine. Jon did me well! I can't wait to install them on wednesday thank you
  14. sq626

    Jdm Projectors Forsale 100.00can

    I called the company and was told that they have none in stock...... to call back in a week???
  15. sq626

    Got My 626 Back

    well, as a defalt for buying the wife the new MPV, I get my 626 back. And now I find out I may need a flex pipe and either a new CV joint or wheel berrings too. and i just passed the 200,000 mile mark, and riseing fast at about 150 a day. So I think it was a good deal, a 2004 MPV and a 93 626 for the one low price of $21,000. B)