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  1. Ok, I decided to add another set of alcohol injection, for high boost, im running 2 1000cc nozzle, the first solenoid is set to open at 23 psi and the 2nd is set to open at 28psi. this is for High boost application.
  2. there is a copper gasket between it, the RTV is just for around the edge. which is not the issue since the leak is not coming from there, the leak is coming out of the linkage for the throttle butterfly.
  3. Well, thats not good for the ringland, you need to find a way to add more fuel on top, maybe in a way of extra injector setup, Thats will cost you less than 50$ to setup using hobb switch, cold start injectors etc
  4. I dont this i have ever share this video, it was one of private video on youtube, but since the car is sold, here it is. car dyno 399whp with slipping clutch.
  5. I sold the car a while back to my friend with g series tranny, when i bought it back, i just upgrade the clutch and left it in, wasnt much of an issure then since the car was only running 10psi and small turbo, but now i put a bigger turbo and lot of boost, then the g series became a weak link. im swaping it back to h series, as soon as the Act clutch i ordered comes in,
  6. we were at the drag strip for 7 hours last week with no run and no refund, just a raincheck, too many cars, they keep breaking, 100miles round trip and lost $30. but with rolling start, less for breakage of parts due to stress
  7. Supra dyno 540whp on low boost, Mirage made over 650awhp but claimed to have turned his boost down to only 22psi, around 530awhp Bmw 335 is a dual clutch tranny and 450whp with 2 stack ecu on 70% e85 Integra is over 500whp GTR is bolt-on
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