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  1. 20" Dub Remix Rims

    Actually, I had them taken off and had the stock rims put back on. When and where is the meet?
  2. 20" Dub Remix Rims

    Thanks for the info... I'll PM Neeko.
  3. 20" Dub Chrome Wheels For Sale

    Check out the link below to see pics and info on the 20" DUB Chrome Rims (and tires) I'm selling. http://forums.mazdaworld.org/index.php?showtopic=13718
  4. 20" Dub Remix Rims

    Check out this link... http://forums.mazdaworld.org/index.php?showtopic=13718 I live in South Jersey, Burlington County.
  5. 20" Dub Remix Rims

    Hi all, I just purchased a Mazda that had all chrome 20" DUB Remix wheels. They weren't my style, so I put the factory rims back on the car - now I'm looking to sell the 20s (including the tires already mounted on the wheels). The dude who sold me the car only had them on since spring and they are in excellent condition. I live in South Jersey, please PM me if interested.