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    '99 Mazda 626 V6 2.5l DOHC Auto

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    Monterey, CA
  1. cooluser23s

    Non-fabric Headliner

    How about Microsuede? Feels like Suede, without any of the hassles of the real thing...
  2. Is there anybody local to central/northern California?
  3. I always wanted to do this mod. Saw it years ago, but never got around to it.. What's the sound quality like?
  4. cooluser23s

    Speaker Sizes - 1998 626

    Wait, the stock BOSE speakers are 5.25 in adapters to fit the 6x8 hole? You serious? I always thought they were 6x8 front, 6x9 rear. -M
  5. cooluser23s

    Parting Out Bose Stereo

    I was thinking about parting out my stock BOSE stereo from my '99 626 ES-V6. Has this been done before? I'm either thinking about selling it (make me an offer), or re-using it in my next car. - Is this even possible? Should I bother taking out all the wiring, or just take out the plugs and solder new wires to it? -M
  6. cooluser23s

    Parting Out My Baby. :(

    Hey, so I feel horrible doing this, but it turns out I didn't have time to take *anything* off of the car this past weekend. I ended up getting called in to work overtime at my job, and what with packing [we have to be out on Thursday... and did I mention I just found out about us having to move from my deadbeat, asshole of a roommate a week ago?] I didn't have time. I'm pretty sure I'm going to sell it to a junkyard, or if anyone wants it, I can get $400 from a junkyard... so that's the going price. It's not driveable [axle is off, and three flat tires], so you'd have to tow it. If you want the whole car, e-mail me at my gmail account. Or send a PM. Last day to get it will be Thursday... the day we have to be gone. I am really sorry... once again. I hope all of you can find your parts! -M I'm in Marina, CA [close to Monterey] mledworowski @ gmail . com
  7. cooluser23s

    Parting Out My Baby. :(

    Well, my Mazda 626 is dead, and I was wondering if anyone here would like to buy some parts off of it. If nobody wants parts, then I'm just going to sell it to a junkyard, and let the vultures have at my baby. Vitals: 1999 Mazda 626 ES V6 [solid lifters, not HLAs, distributor-less ignition] Auto tranny ~70k miles. Fully loaded Bose sound Leather seats & interior Borla Catback exhaust Addco rear sway bar - 22mm Weapon R prototype intake [very shiny ] Feel free to EMAIL me if interested. mledworowski @ gmail . com [hint: cut and paste and remove the spaces;)] I'll do my best to part it out if you want, but I'm not that... mechanically inclined, so if you're welcome to come down and do it. -M
  8. cooluser23s

    Wts Chrome Matrix Breather Filter

    Try ebay. Unfortunately Weapon R has a shitty reputation, I was always happy with my intake though.. also try probetalk.com -M
  9. cooluser23s

    Wanted Mazda 626 Body

    I would do it in a heartbeat, but shipping adds quite a bit to it, what's the condition/year/etc. of it anyways? Who knows, maybe I have no choice, or I can get a helluva deal with shipping.. -Max
  10. cooluser23s

    99 Mazda 626

    Where you located at? I'm still looking for a body to put my engine into. -M
  11. cooluser23s

    Wanted Mazda 626 Body

  12. cooluser23s

    Wanted Mazda 626 Body

    *bump* I might even start a part-out if nobody has a shell for sale.. -Max
  13. cooluser23s

    Wanted: Leather Front Seats For A 98-02 626 Es

    Hi Scott, I might be able to help you. If I can't find body for my '99 626 ES, I might part it out. Haven't quite lost hope yet, but I might not have a choice. The whole interior is in excellent condition. Tan in color. Where are you at? -M
  14. cooluser23s

    Wanted Mazda 626 Body

  15. cooluser23s

    Wanted Mazda 626 Body

    Hi, As many of you know my Mazda 626 rolled, interior and engine is in perfect condition. I'm looking for a Mazda 626 body in good condition (basically just the rolling chassis) Preferably a 1998-2002, preferably V6. Don't care if the interior is shot, or the engine or tranny is shot. Anything like that available? If it's further outside Cali, I'm interested too, as long as there is a way I can get it. Shipped or otherwise. -M