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  1. positivelydropped12

    Lambo Doors

    all the universal wonts require madd werk and the door wil prolly hti the fender after u put em on
  2. positivelydropped12

    Wipers Not Working

    the wiper motor sounds like its shot
  3. positivelydropped12


    get intrax springs 2 and ahalf inch drop and rides great lil bouncy tho
  4. positivelydropped12

    Engine Swap Q.

    ull have to custom mount the headlights and make em line up wit the corners and the fenders are a lil shorter so ull have a tiny gap ear the door
  5. positivelydropped12

    Car Choice

    i kno eeryones gunna hate my response but buy a honda parts are sold everywhere and there cheap as hell to fix
  6. positivelydropped12

    626 Strut Bars?

    the front wont fit unless its from the same body style
  7. positivelydropped12


    jus put a drop in filter
  8. positivelydropped12

    Hp And Tourque

    lol thats a great way to put it
  9. positivelydropped12

    Another Cold Air Idea

    no hes saying a stock intake box sucs in cold air compared to a pod filter jus chillin in ur engine compartment
  10. positivelydropped12

    Upgrade For 2.2l Na

    yeha slam it i got mine on intrax springs and the ride is bangin
  11. positivelydropped12

    Carbon Fiber Hoods

    yeha the link is a great way to waste 800 dollars but if you wanted to you could buy sheets of real carbonfiber and jus cover your hood
  12. positivelydropped12

    160 Mph.

    yah basically seeing as almost every bike in porduction has a top speed of at least 170
  13. positivelydropped12

    Hmmm What Should I Save For

    get the civic swap the motor and turbo it youll run low 14s
  14. positivelydropped12

    Forum Game: This Or That?

    car-mel turbo or supercharger
  15. positivelydropped12

    Forum Game: This Or That?

    godfather 1 slammed on steelies or stock on rims