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  1. Just to let you know, I did go with 80/100watt bulbs and the difference was great. No problems with the lenses or wiring. I never did get the foglights open, so didn't swap those out.
  2. If the part number is the same, you should be able to swap without any problems. It's a good way to test the relay.
  3. 1993 626 ES I blew an A/C line and decided to flush and convert the system while doing the repair. The only question I have right now is how much Ester oil I need to add to the system. Anyone know how much oil should be in the A/C system? I tried the search function, but "A/C oil" is too short to search for. Thanks!
  4. I'm busy fighting with the A/C right now, so this is going to wait a bit... I'll give the stealership a call and see how much they want for the part. Luckily I have an air powered impact wrench, so I should be able to get the bolts free if I can get enough room. Once I finally do it I'll post my results. Thanks!
  5. The clutch is on the pulley of the A/C compressor itself. On my '93 its at the front, bottom of the engine, on the left side when looking at the front of the car. Definately check the fuses before pulling stuff apart.
  6. If your A/C is that low, any added refrigerant will just leak out of the system. Have you fixed all the leaks?
  7. That's what I'm starting to think... I'll have to wait for a long weekend, and find a source for the proper mount, before I think I'll tackle that mount.
  8. I don't know, but my drivers mirror is one of the cheapies and it works fine. Just had to paint it to match my car. Actually, there was ONE small little thing about this mirror. The wiring came out horizontally through the rubber "gasket" (sideways) instead of vertically down out of the bottom edge of the gasket. I just had to cut a slit in the bottom of the gasket and pull the wiring through. It's VERY obvious if you compare the old mirror to the new one.
  9. Doh! I should have given a few more details about my car. 1993 Mazda 626 ES. V6 with an automatic. About 185,000 Kms on it.
  10. There are three types of mirrors... Manual, Power and Power with heat. You could always call a Mazda dealership with your VIN and ask if they are heated or not. That's how I found out that my mirrors were heated. Also, how cheap is cheap? How about new for less that $14 +shipping? 626 Mirrors
  11. So, I've finally gotten around to changing out my motor mounts and repairing and recharging my A/C. From what I can see (very little) the rear motor mount looks like a REAL pain to swap out. To make matters worse, the new mount that I have doesn't seem to match what's in there - but I can't get much of a look at the old one at all. Does this look like the proper mount? Autozone Link, or does this seem right? AutoPartsWarehouse Link This second mount is the one that I have. You'll see in the second picture that there is no "hook" on it. The last thing I want to do is tear everything down and f
  12. *sigh* I need a heated drivers side power mirror for my 1993 Mazda 626. I can find several online for < $30.00 *BUT* nobody will ship to Canada!!! The dealers here want $300.00 for the same mirror. Eg. Here's one for $14.00 + shipping: http://www2.partstrain.com/store/?uts=true&Ntt=MA18EL So, can anyone suggest how I can get one of these without being raped by UPS or Fedex, or even find a company (or someone willing to reship UPSP to me) that will ship to Canada? I can PayPal to cover the part cost, shipping costs, reshipping cost + $??? for your trouble. Thx!
  13. ...so far it looks like going to 80/100watt bulbs would give me the best bang for my buck. Of course I'd doubly check the aim as I don't want to blind others. Will the headlight assemblies and wiring on my '93 626 stand up to the extra power and heat?
  14. Doesn't the sticker under the hood tell you what to gap the plugs at?
  15. I need new headlamp bulbs in my 1993 626. As much as I'd like to switch to projectors, the money just ain't there. So, what's the best/brightest bulbs that I can fit into the stock Canadian headlamps of my 626? Looking on eBay, I see... "HID style" bulbs: http://cgi.ebay.ca/HID-XENON-SUPER-WHITE-9...1QQcmdZViewItem "HID conversion" kits: http://cgi.ebay.ca/HID-XENON-CONVERSION-KI...1QQcmdZViewItem "100 watt" bulbs: http://cgi.ebay.ca/ULTRA-White-6000K-HID-X...1QQcmdZViewItem "5800K 80watt 9006 & 100watt 9005 " bulbs: http://cgi.ebay.ca/XD5-5800K-9005-9006-Xen...1QQcmdZViewItem ...or
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