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  1. Time to get under your car. Original suspension components? First thing to look at is your lower control arms, ball joints and mounting bolts front and rear. Second, is there excessive play in the steering rack? Third, are your tie rods and do the tires show any signs of toe being off. If everything is original then it is time for you to make a decision on replacing everything in your suspension. That means new control arms with ball joints, new outer and inner tie rods, new stabilizer bushings, possibly new struts including their upper mounts. I have done that on both of mine and they handle great and track true. Of course doing this in the driveway is easy as these cars are easy to work on compared to my 73 Dodge as an example just for ball joints. Anyway examine the lower control arms carefully.
  2. https://www.jimellismazdaparts.com/showAssembly.aspx?ukey_assembly=299780&ukey_make=995&ukey_model=14346&modelYear=1990&ukey_category=20232 or https://www.jimellismazdaparts.com/showAssembly.aspx?ukey_assembly=298781&ukey_make=995&ukey_model=14346&modelYear=1990&ukey_category=24716 Middle of intake wouldn't be a coolant hose if it exits valve cover via metal outlet and connects to large intake duct. That would be a ventilation hose. Take a look at two links to diagrams and blow them up.
  3. tbm3fan

    91 DX Speedometer Issues

    I would say common for these older cars. That has happened in both my 90 and 91. One common denominator is that it always happens when the weather is cold. Therefore quiet all spring through fall and then in winter with 50 degree days they will do it. Not every single time but often enough. Bounce around, noise, stabilize high, then stabilize correctly and never do it again for the rest of the day. Most likely an issue where the cable goes into the speedometer. I have a new cable for that but it just isn't a high priority item when busy with more important vehicle upkeep.
  4. Wonder what happened. I suspect the first issue with the timing mark on the balancer is that it is obscured. By now it should be pretty dirty and I know that little line is hard to see even in the best of times. Plus the angle to see it, especially for someone who hasn't looked at many, is not that easy. The lower cover should have been easy enough to see with a small flashlight prior to checking the timing. That makes the second issue somewhat obvious also. I have two of these cars and need to get them smogged also. When I brought my wife's 90 in the younger fellow went "Wow, this is an old car". I showed that guy where the marks were. It is no longer an issue since the cars have had the timing sets changed out and all the marks have been painted white. Piece of cake now.
  5. tbm3fan


    Well it doesn't matter at this time. She went over a parking lot speed bump and it turned the light green and the lights stopped flashing. Well, at least till next time unless I find the spot to disconnect.
  6. tbm3fan


    Does anybody have the anti-theft system in their 88-92? Reason I ask is because it seems my 1990 does. There is supposed to be a blank panel next to the electric mirror adjust switch down on the left side. This blank panel has a small red light that I always wondered about after getting the car. A week ago my wife told me that her dash lights were flashing off and on while driving. I went into the car and started it, while dark, and yes the dash lights flashed. So did the parking lights and that little red light on the lower dash. I thought this is a car alarm but from where? Car has no way of arming as all there is is just a key for the door. If the lights are turned on then the flashing stops so I told my wife to drive during the day with the lights on for now. With rain and darkness it is hard to get a look into this. So I wonder if there is an alarm partially left over from years ago? A factory Mazda alarm. A defective flasher? Need to see if there is anything I can pull to stop this.
  7. tbm3fan

    Fuel Gauge Issue

    At least I know where the gauge is. http://www.atlantamazdaparts.com/p/Mazda_1990_626/METER--FUEL/42634375/GN5155481.html
  8. tbm3fan

    Speed sensor aggravation

    Ok, problem was solved last night in the dark. When I turned the car on to move it back into it's place it started this stumble right away unlike before when it took time to start. Building so to speak. I actually opened the hood to check the PS motor mount which seems to have gone. OEM is definitely the only way to go despite the price. So with the hood open in the dark I immediately saw the #3 spark plug wire shorting to the exhaust manifold cover. Voila!!! Somehow the stutter was interpreted as a code 6 for VSS issue. Of course, nothing in the garage, but there soon will be several Densco sets. Pulled the wire off the 91 and placed it on the 90. This night my wife tells me the car runs great. Great except for the shaking at idle and in reverse from the PSM. Mazda to the rescue in a few days there. Oh the air hose on the car is a new NOS one I got off eBay cheap in the original bag.
  9. The 90 is getting a little jerky at times either when at speed or moving away from stop the last two weeks. CEL gives a steady 6 pulses and repeats. That corresponds to speed sensor. Now this is where I am getting pissed. The manual mentions vehicle speed sensor twice. Once in the automatic transaxle and then cruise control sections. Tells you how to test using 1M and then rotate the speedo gear looking for 4 .5 volts four times on the voltage meter. Great but try to find a section where it shows you where this sensor is located. Mazda parts lookup does not list a VSS in their schematics to buy the part. It shows you the pulse generator when you search for a VSS. Rock Auto doesn't list a pulse generator but does list a VSS. The picture resemble a pulse generator as seen in the Mazda catalog at roughly the same price. I see a pulse generator on the tranny from above. So what is the deal. Is there, or is there not, a VSS on our cars. Or is this VSS found on 93 and up while the older gen uses a pulse generator???
  10. Keep watching the water level as that smoke looks like coolant leaking into a combustion chamber. Doesn't take much and you are at the miles when that sort of thing will happen to a 2.2L aluminum head. If coolant wasn't changed regularly then corrosion will develop in the head. In mine there was a small section or corrosion between a water passage and a cylinder at 250,000 miles and I changed the coolant. I remember the night it happened. Driving down a street in San Francisco and all of a sudden there is a large white cloud behind me and it wasn't fog.
  11. tbm3fan

    Smog test

    So I had to take in the 91 for it's every two years smog test. I park, walk in with my paper work, hand it to the counter guy, and he goes "a 1991, are you kidding?" No. It passed it's test and he did mention it was a very nice clean car for the years. Oh, and just wait for the 1990 then. Also went to a Pick & Pull today because a 1991 came in five days ago. Medium blue automatic with only 88,000 miles. WTH! Owner muct have had a dog and the interior was nothing but dog hair. Unlike other Mazdas, where I took fenders for stock, these were not so nice. The engine was an oily mess on top. Window message said rough idle. Well maybe a dog lover but definitely not a car lover. Nonetheless, I did remove numerous bolts and trim pieces from the car for my stock.
  12. tbm3fan

    This is a first

    To top it off today I went to check the timing of the 1991 626 before I bring it in for it's smog check this Tuesday. Went to loosen the distributor and the top bolt snapped right off. WTF!!! Back to the junk yard to get several of those bolts.
  13. This morning my wife wakes me up to tell me the 90 626 is making a grinding sound it wasn't making last night. Oh no the jink struck again. So I go out and when the car moves forward there is no sound until you brake and it was grinding from the driver's side wheel. Backing up and braking very little sound. Pull the car in, jack up, and pull the wheel. See fine shiny dust. Hmm. New rotor fine. Pads are fine. Look behind and see the top caliper bolt is missing??? When has that ever happened to me in 45 years? Never, is when. This meant a 50 mile round trip to a junk yard to a 90 626 to garb some caliper bolts. All of them to be exact. Then get to head back along 80 with the crowd heading to Sears Point Raceway ( I use the original name) to watch the Sunoco 350. On top of that, when I get back, the temperature is hitting 101 degrees and I have to deal with this given my max temperature rating of 85 degrees.
  14. tbm3fan

    Coolant mystery

    Of course it took two minutes for this to actually post and then I get two of them.
  15. In the 1990 626 I got in December I have noticed small amounts of coolant missing each week. Now the entire cooling system has been gone through. New radiator, new hoses, new Mazda OEM clamps and a new thermostat. So I can fill the recovery tank to the second line denoting full. Within 5 days the level is now down to the lower line. This has been going on week after week. Absolutely no leaks under the car. No water in the oil. No smoke out the exhaust. I have also noticed the same in the 1991 but at a slower pace of maybe a month and then topping off back to the top line. The 91 is the same as the 90 in all respects as far as systems. A curious thing. Anyone have noticed similar or have an idea on the mystery?