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  1. Could you explain how you did it?. I tried, but they seemed stucked. And offcourse iy broke!!! Did you pull them straight up?
  2. check out speedhut.com they got customizable gauges for the 626
  3. Tried this and chose Norway as my country, but it demanded that I wrote in state and a 5-digit zip code. Do they only give sponsorships to US residents?
  4. I can`t afford to do something with all my plans and ideas for my car. I would like some sponsors, how can I get sponsor, applyforms, and how?. Do anyone here got any deals with a company?
  5. What kit is this? How about getting som bigger brakediscs to fill out the rims a little bit mor?, and maybe paint the calipers white...think that would be nice:) Keep up the good work, this will be a awsome car B)
  6. autowern

    New Hood

    I didn`t neew to either modidy the chassis or get spacers when I got my 17". But then I haven`t lowered it. Its still a lot of space around my wheels.
  7. I`m not so good at english my self, but I think a ricer is like the cars in fast and furious...(isn`t a ricer something you boil rice in?). I know it but have difficulties to explain it good enough:)
  8. The rear bumper on Nippontuning, isn`t that exactly the same as the stock?
  9. I would also like to know this. Maybe need some special equipment?. Would lik a tutorial, I don`t want to snap another needle... -_-
  10. Will try it as soon as I get home from work...think I should replace the needle first...but it`s so damn expensive here in Norway...with all the taxes.... ^_^ politicans
  11. It should be easy...maybe I`m just incompetent But I will have another try before I start drilling a big hole on the gauges to make them fit...Or maybe I just sell them and buy new ones, as those I got only has MpH...which I`m not used to at all...
  12. have tried that you see, but the openings on the new gauges are just to small....even broke one of the pins trying...it became a expensive modification
  13. But how do you replace the needles?, mine seems to be stuck...I did not figure out how to take them out when I tried to insert some new reverse indiglo gauges, but I have got to remove them to get the gauges inserted because it wont fit otherwise.
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