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  1. If using the ECU from the 626 is not possible, the next solution I can think of would be a standalone such as a Megasquirt. Any reason you want to swap the KL as opposed to a V6 from a Camry, outside of you simply having one lying around? The KL is a good engine and decent power for the size, but there is limited aftermarket support and not much additional power to be had. The V6 from let's say a 1995 Camry is already more powerful. People started throwing the Camry V6s into the MRS, so I feel it has a lot of support. On top of that, did you check the transmission positioning and the axle splines? If they differ, different axles/hubs/spindles may be needed which also means different bearings, calipers, rotors, etc. I'm not trying to discourage you. As long as you are prepared to put in the work, go for it.
  2. Motor mount broke car died now it will go in gear but only pull a few feet then it's like somebody puts on the brakesĀ 

  3. Yeah, we should have the pictures somewhere. It is supposed to download the external content and change the link. Who knows if it is functional. Glad to see you are doing well. Any link to your album? I found one song on your youtube channel from about 4 months ago.
  4. This is why I like endurance racing. The times on that screenshot have the 626 as the slowest time and speed. It shows that doesn't matter too much as long as you stay out on track longer. What is ChampCar? Rebranding or something new?
  5. I don't see a RX happening for a long while. Mazda is moving forward at a great pace with the SkyActiv engines and will start diving into hybrids and electrics.
  6. I'm glad to hear it. His Facebook profile lists Houston and I couldn't remember where the new house was.
  7. Leev, pretty much anything that doesn't seem available anymore I would consider. For example, the stuff below that I'm about to go over, I would love one that isn't broken/repaired. It took me all day, but I mostly repaired the turn signal. I removed the steering wheel and found a random spring and this piece broken. I looked around and figured it out. Attached is a picture of how it is on my Miata (I was hoping I could use the part from it) The spring sits on the white piece and puts pressure on the metal ball. That ball goes into the grooves (left signal, neutral, right signal) and gives the audible click noise. Seems easy enough to repair, right? It took me three attempts: JB-quik epoxy (failed) Super glue and JB-quik epoxy (failed when installing) Drilled the two pieces, inserted metal rod from a clothpin, super glue, and JB-quik (maybe?) I tried it for about 10 minutes. I am already thinking of my 4th, 5th, and 6th attempt on what I will try (additional support with metal, remaking the whole thing in metal, transplanting the whole Miata piece over because I feel I can make it work) I have to fix the speedometer next followed by the ignition/fuel/vacuum issue, which ever of the three it is. Sometimes on start, it takes a lot longer to fire up. When I hit any sort of boost, the car shutters and bucks.
  8. Probably 30 minutes to an hour for ATF. I haven't done it, but the internet says so. MMO was a better solution, so that is what I went with. Let it heat up and cycle the fan a few times. The lifters quieted down. I ended up driving it to fill it up. I'll need to service the brakes in some manner. New TODO items Speedometer doesn't work, so I assume the speedometer cable The turn signal kept engaging as I turned the wheel to the point the mechanism broke and now the left turn signal will be on since that is the new resting position.
  9. I heard the diesel story back in 2014. It will be a waste of time now, in my opinion. I haven't heard of the AWD Mazda 6 (Mazdapseed 6?) and also sort of doubt it, just like the AWD Mazdaspeed 3. I feel Mazda wants to do cool stuff like that, but my guess is the market simply isn't there, or they don't believe it is. My 3 does not have the I-Eloop system. Seems like a cool idea. I know if you replace the battery, it all has to be reprogrammed in order to work. What a pain. I am curious too. I recall hearing something about a gas lithium battery. Like you, I am skeptical, though hopeful since it will help Mazda. Until I see something, it is just words.
  10. Weather was looking good, so I decided to try it out. I unfortunately had locked my key in the car before, however I knew the driver's side rear window was hanging on by a thread. A bit of downward pressure and it went down. Excellent, I'm in. I took the door panel off, removed the window regulator, and installed the new one. Works perfectly. While there I decided "Why not start it?" So I did. A lifter is stuck which I expected. I will add some ATF or Marvel's Mystery Oil and see how it helps with the plan of doing an oil change. Otherwise, I may have to check the HLAs and see if any are not functional. It has been a while after all...
  11. Welcome to the forum. That is clean looking for sure.
  12. The SkyActiv-X is awesome. I guess Mazda won't be bringing their diesels to the US since the X is as efficient. Another announcement is the joint plant that will be built in the US for Mazda and Toyota. I believe Toyota owns a 5% stake of Mazda now and they are teaming up, sort of. Mazda has some great tech with the I-ELOOP system and engines, Toyota has some great tech with hybrids and batteries. Toyota is also allegedly working on a battery technology that will fully recharge in the same amount of time as a typical car refueling with gasoline. Between Mazda making the internal combustion engine more efficient and Toyota's battery tech (if it is true), the future is looking good for electric and electric hybrids going a lot more main stream.
  13. Not sure why Mazda wants people to piece together the intermediate shaft on this one. I priced it out on Mazda Motorsports and it comes out to ~$500 (for a 1988), if the parts are even available. D-Code Part Number Description 25-710 G001-25-710 Shaft Joint G003-25-710C G003-25-710D G004-25-710A 25-744 G003-25-744 Dust Seal 25-740J 9960-68-2063 Ball Bearing 25-740 G002-25-740C Bracket G003-25-741A G004-25-741A G008-25-741B 25-745 G003-25-745 Bolt G003-25-745A 25-742 G0003-25-742 Dust Seal 25-421 G053-25-421A Clip That's all I can do outside of suggesting to find a junkyard
  14. I'm assuming you don't have any part numbers?
  15. Okay, I'm not from Jersey like it says on the left side on my profile. You posted in the New Member area, so doesn't seem unreasonable to get responses from people around the world. From New Jersey in what way?
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