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  1. vejarmr2

    Weird Plastic Coolant Line Coupling Help!

    ok i'll post them tomorrow
  2. I was trying to get at the IAC valve and in my rush I crushed a weird looking plastic connector that goes to a water neck that is right beside the air box. I want to take it it off but I dont see how. Has anyone ran into this thing before.
  3. vejarmr2

    Car Dies When Put In Drive?

    It kinda shudders when its in dirve or reverse right before it dies. otherwise in park or nuetral it idles fine. No hold light or check engine until it heats up and been driven for a while. I check the codes but it gives me a weird sequence that isn't described in my hayens/chiltons manual.
  4. Hello all, I am having a problem with my 93 v6 pos. when the car is on it idles fine, but when I put it in reverse or in drive it dies . Im hoping that it could be something as simple as a vaccum leak because I can't afford to do the tranny. I love the damn thing but I just dont know what it could be. Any Ideas??
  5. Hello all I am looking for a 93 and up V6 stock muffler. I know somebody in NJ swapped or is planing to swap their muffler. If so hit me up i'll take it off your hands.
  6. vejarmr2

    My Mufffler Exploded :0

    If its the cat ,then thats fudged up, I just replaced it this summer! I'll have to get my lazy butt under there and take a look. just wonderin if the car is worth the $ to replace the muff.
  7. vejarmr2

    My Mufffler Exploded :0

    No way if i wouldnt have seen the muffler with my own eyes i wouldn't beleive it! The thing blew right at the seam. Maybe unburned gas in the muffler =kabom! Just wondering if anybody has had this happen. I will replace it but I wanna know what caused it .
  8. vejarmr2

    My Mufffler Exploded :0

    Hello all, Something weird happened to my 93 v6 POS! My wife is driving down the street and the muffler expolded right at the seams. Any guesses as to why this would happen?
  9. vejarmr2

    Whats Wrong With It

    I think it all depends ob the tread pattern, as far the way the tire will perform when underinflated. But I could be wrong!
  10. vejarmr2

    Whats Wrong With It

    One thing you can do that wont cost you anything is checking your tire pressure. Sometimes tire shops or even car dealers can over/under inflate tires and that sometimes makes the car jump,stutter or not grip.
  11. vejarmr2

    Yess!!!! Another Tranny Flushing ?

    Yeah I guess I could guestimate VLAD . But why am i going to go to the store buy 3 or 4 diffrent size couplings, 3 or 4 diffrent size hoses And hope that I am right with my estimate. When somebody out there has already done it and probably knows the exact size length of everything I need ! Then I would only buy the right hose and couplings. But whatever , THANX for the help guys.
  12. vejarmr2

    Yess!!!! Another Tranny Flushing ?

    c,mon people somebody somewhere has done this and knows what i'm talking about.
  13. Ok Did a search,found some great info on the topic. But I need a little more, Whats the size and length of the hose I will need to extend the tranny lines? What did you guys use for couplings in order to extend the lines? Also what size of coupling? (AND IF ITS NOT TOO MUCH TROUBLE WERE DID YOU GET ABOVE ITEMS? I.E. HOME DEPOT,AUTO PARTS STORE) This is all thats keeping me from doing said project. So if you could find it in your hearts to give me the info. I would be forever greatful!!!
  14. vejarmr2

    New In New Jersey

    ASAP Adrian626pl. Its snowing right now but weather permiting (LIKE IN JULY ) But whenever the weather is good and when you have time!
  15. vejarmr2

    New In New Jersey

    alright! Wut up kizznipp .. I'm in middletown ! By the big scary circus clown on east kings hwy.