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  1. ECU performance questions?

    Has anyone brought out anyway to modified the programming in the ecu, chipping? flashing? If not, has anyone looked at swapping in a ford v6 ecu?
  2. Heads

    A lightweight flywheel will fix that. Mine revs extremely fast now. I don't know about the parts from the 2.3L Millenia. I've wondered this myself, minus the heads, as I was more interested about the intake manifold. its a automatic transmission
  3. Heads

    Hi have been registered for a while, have a 2002 ES-v6 626 Really not my car but my former car was a Sentra 1.8l I don't like how the 626 doesn't want to rev as fast my other car did. Anyways has anyone seen if the heads are same between the KL and KJ-ZEM? The stroke seem to be the same not that means the engine is the same with less bore, but I was wondering if the heads are the same bolt pattern for the intake if the supercharger can fit on it? Or if someone has seen if the heads are interchangeable? Also anyone seen a KL or KF crankshaft? If they are simmalir to destroke the motor? anyways just thoughts, I haven't searched around yet the car is at 50k miles still runs good.