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    96 mazda 626 2.5 v6 auto
  1. Brinkster22

    Anyone Near Williamsport Area

    just wondering if there is any groups around williamsport area, or montoursville, loyalsock
  2. i'm just wondering if someone could tell me what screws i need to fit the front liscense plate on with. took like 20 different kinds from work and none fit. thanx
  3. Brinkster22


    just wanted to let everyone know that it was the distributor, everything is fine 950$ later. now i just gotta get rid of some of the noises when the car starts
  4. Brinkster22


    anyone got any idea if a standard eagle warranty covers distributors?
  5. Brinkster22


    ok, shop says they ordered distributors, told the wife they ordered 2 different ones i think, and if that didn't fix it they were just giving the car back i think, sounds like they are stumped after this.
  6. Brinkster22


    no engine light. they replaced cap. i had a advanced auto place tell me i'm supposed to use a specific type of spark plugs on my mazda....60$ a set the ones shop put on were only 15$ , any truth to that? said i can use cheap ones but will get the stuttering i'm getting.
  7. Brinkster22


    just recently picked up a stutter or loss of gas when i'm sitting at stop signs and red lights. it'll kinda act like its not getting gas and then just start going again. took it to shop, then replace....sparks,wires,fuel and air filter, and pvc valve. $494 of work. pick it up. get home, 5 mins later still doing same thing, take it back...take them on car ride to feel problem...he thinks ignition or fuel system. was looking for some other insight before I take it back to them and complain about spending money to replace stuff that wasn't needed... the longer it runs the worse it seems to get.
  8. Brinkster22


    hey all, just moved here from a corsica board. totaled that car and was fortunate enough to get ahold of a 96 mazda 626 lx v6 2.5, and i love this car...only problem is, i'm in the middle of a frozen winter here in pa. my driver side door lock tends to freeze , my main problem is sometimes once i get the door open, the door won't latch. whats the best way to get at the latching mechanizm and what products are best to lub up the door. thanx guys