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  1. Had the engine out of my 1987 626 LX for about a year. Almost have it back together. Could someone help me out with a pic of the accessory belt tensioner on the engine? My car has air conditioning and power steering. Don't remember how it was set up and seem to be missing parts, and haven't been successful in my online searches. Thanks in advance. BTW, engine had about 43K on it when it lost oil pressure and developed a knock. Apparent cause was high cam journal clearance and synthetic oil. Not a good combination.
  2. 1987 2.0 has cam journal clearance of around .003-.005" after installing a new cam. The factory service manual says this is about the limit. Is this a common situation for these engines? There is visible wear on the head where the cam rides, and on the old cam. I'm wondering if that was what caused low oil pressure and spinning a rod bearing before I rebuilt the engine and found the high clearance. Engine only had 43,000 miles on it.
  3. Bought this from a wrecking yard for a V-6, AT 626 I sold a few years ago. Need to get rid of spare parts. Paid $85, asking $40 + shipping of your choice.
  4. This box was left in a '95 626 V-6, AT by the previous owner. I sold the car a few years ago so it's time to get rid of the spares. Box says "Mechanics Choice TR-3157RL, replaces ES3197RL" . 2 in box. 1 has grease zirk, 1 is sealed unit so I cannot guarantee they are correct. If you want to take a chance $5 + shipping of your choice. As is.
  5. Started at .008" cold and clearance was good when it warmed up. Found a crack near a cam journal when I removed the valve cover to check warm clearance. Low pressure area so tried block seal, but that didn't work. Bought a complete used engine for $250+50 core charge. That head is working fine as is, and I have spare bottom end, fuel injection system, etc. so turned out ok.
  6. Just ordered 1 from cnsmotors on ebay. $335+30 shipping for new loaded head. 90 warranty.
  7. Got the cylinder head back on my '87 626 and found a hairline crack below the cam. Anybody have an extra one for sale?
  8. What is the proper initial valve clearance after valve work? Is there a cold valve clearance spec? Hot is .012" correct?
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  11. Thanks for the info guys. Glad to know it's in spec.
  12. Help! Forum tool bar was working fine a few days ago. Somehow I seem to have toggled it off (new Toshiba lap top, hate the key board). Ideas on how to turn it back on?
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