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    Mazda Meet!! Westfield, Ma 10/10!!

    maybe next time......... heres what you missed http://www.nepoc.org/Westfield/Untitled.avi http://new.uksiland.com/albums/westfield_o...4_125.sized.jpg http://www.msprotege.com/forum/attachment....achmentid=30972
  2. Slug420

    Mazda Meet!! Westfield, Ma 10/10!!

    there is a different "sister" club for proteges in NJ/NY/PA etc they had a joine meet for the midatlantic protege club and our new england protege club in jersey this past summer and we had 75 proteges show up. Wont be another big one like that this year though
  3. Slug420

    Mazda Meet!! Westfield, Ma 10/10!!

    its 2 hours for me too....thats why we planned it in the middle of the region. People are coming from the hudson valley, cape cod, boston, fairfield county CT and up into NH. but maybe we'll see you at the next one if this one is too far
  4. Slug420

    Anyone In Ct?

  5. first of all........my apologies. I come from the protege world and for about a year now have been crossposting all of our meets on the rx7,rx8,miata,6,3,and mx6 forums but i was unaware of 626 forums... that being said I have found you so here it is: once again NEPOC (new england protege owners club) is holding a meet, and once again it is my pleasure to invite all other mazda owners to join us. The meet will be held in WESTFIELD, MA at STANLEY PARK on SUNDAY OCTOBER 10th. It may be a little chilly, but we are hoping to grill up some food, check out the rides, maybe install some mods that people have been waiting to get installed, and even play a little football. This is dead center in the middle of New England so its an hour or two drive for everyone so theres no reason for anyone not to go We had a great time at the beginning of the summer with our cape cod cruise and the meet up at RIU in Boston and hope that a lot of you will come out to make this a great last hurrah before the steelies go on for the winter here is a link to the thread where all the organizing is being done, and where all the details can be found: http://www.msprotege.com/forum/showthread.php?t=81104 Alternatively please feel free to e-mail me: protegeclub@hotmail.com and include MAZDA MEET in the subject. The more mazdas we can get together for this the better so spread the word, and please keep a sign up list here of everyone who plans on attending and I will check in from time to time so we have an idea of how many people to expect. i hope to see lots of you there! Sign-Up list for 10/10 Westfield meet: 1. 2.