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  1. Yeah, i never found a way of shipping it to the US that dint cost a shitloads of money, excpet cutting it in small enugh pieces to fit in a regular USPS ish box. And now its ashes:(But it was modeled after the M3f ronts on the E36 BMW, so if you find one of those in fiberglass then it should be doable to adapt it tp the 626 with some (lots) of fiberglass work. I have a zekon that I might try molding. I was actually looking at taking a e36 bumper and chopping off the bottom of the zekon and molding other bottom on. I wanted to get rid of the holes for fog lights and the uneven poorly molded
  2. Still here years later wishing I had that automoderna kit still.
  3. I'm sad to see I browse this forum lookin for your car and find the kit I've been craving for so long went up in that fire. =[ But none-the-less, the 6 is alive, you're alive, and hopefully the insurance stuff turns out to your favor.
  4. Monoxide, have they found a solution to the transmission problems or should we just keep swapping in used ones every time?
  5. If it's a stock motor, a FMU should be good for a few PSI. Don't know much about the AEM units, but I'm using a Megasquirt on my KL-Turbo.
  6. Hrmmm... Give you my A/C for your Automoderna. =]
  7. If you're dash lights aren't coming on as well then it may be the switch. I had a short in my parking switch before. You can run a custom switch to check the parking lights and flip it on and off to verify if the lights are working correctly.
  8. intake headers and exhaust would be cheapest route imo. lower with eibach springs. dont bother with brakes unless youre doing some serious time attack or something. I would rather get the brembo solid rotors and get some hawk pads.
  9. Its actually a direct swap. No measuring or cutting needed. Just unbolt, carry over, and bolt in. I will get pics up when I get my corbeau seat rails in. But who knows how log that will be. Everybody knows im the king of project procastination
  10. The 93-97 MX6 seats fit and rails. I swapped my mx6's into my 626 to test to see if would fit and they do. I plan on getting the corbeau seat rails and seats in my 626 but theyre listed as mx6 only on the site.
  11. Need to make sure the tensioner is still good. The tensioner is one item that commonly has issues on the V6. But if it is the timing belt getting shred, I'd imagine the timing must keep getting off and valves should be getting bent everywhere and the heads should be shot. You sure this is for the timing belt (thick ribbed belt encased inside the black plastic covering, or is it the accessory belt that is visible outside.
  12. Okie dokie. Went to Import Face Off last Sunday and my friends I went with took home 4 trophies altogether for our group which included best engine bay (civic), best euro (Audi S4), 1st and 2nd place Honda Civic (more civics). Now we're trying to expand, and my car and another guy's (Integra) is on the board to increase our participation/representation. Soooo with that said, I ordered a Mazda 6 Brembo BBK and a set of Work Emotions. We're going to work the with Zekon kit since we can't source an Automoderna (until Zepticon sells me his ). I also am getting a set of K-Sport GT Pro Coilovers o
  13. I've been trying to get one myself, but their email doesn't seem to work.
  14. I went to gainesville and my friends took home 4 trophies yesterday for IFO
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