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  1. LOW 626

    Near Future Mod

    I say paint it the purple colour that come out on the LE RX8 here in aus, you know the one? its close to the colour of your car now but much deeper and has that mazda pearl through it. If you are changing colours definantly pick a stock one from another car because if you need to colour match down the track it could be a hassle
  2. LOW 626

    Part Required In Australia

    Where you from? My local mazda wrecker in sydney has heaps of them when i was looking for some only charged me like $5 a pop, basically gave me a bucket full of them and let me go out to the car and match up which ones i wanted, there are slight differences in the symbol and design of the cap based on year model also the threw all the 323/eunos ones in there too.
  3. LOW 626

    Future Plans

    Hey DVS, My mate is a spray painter, he dosent do custom body kits, mainlydoes old skool classics, but has painted many autosalon/summernats award winning cars, if you just get the kit fitted he can do the prepping and painting, best part is he lives in our area too(a few streets away actually) so you can sample some of his work. Let me know if your interested
  4. LOW 626

    What's In Your Driveway 2k6

    After a recent bush fire we had
  5. LOW 626

    Lexus Lights

    Just unscrew the foglight from the bumper, (3 screws) im not too sure on specifics it was about 3 years ago now that i done it but there is a yellow filter that covers the bulb, it is secured by 3 little clips, just loosen them with a pair of long nose plyers and pull the filter off! easy as that, 15 min job max!
  6. LOW 626

    Lexus Lights

    DVS: to change the fog lights to clear its a 15 min job, easy as!
  7. LOW 626

    Power At The Wheels

    Fitzyb is right, stock KL03 makes 121kw at the fly, depending on dyno is about 89 - 93 kw atw
  8. LOW 626


    My old setup: i think it used to work really well, its as far away as it can get from the radiator/motor, and i had no problems with it sucking up water, had it on there for over a year and had no problems, but i did tend to take it easy in heavy rain just in case It kinked downwards once it got where most people just stick a pod filter, traveled down and kinked again towards the fog light here you can see i had that hose thing routed back into the elbow That is where it used to poke out, there is actually a stock hole there which i thought was perfec for the filter to suck cold air up from but yes water too, but hey if you want a true cald air intake i guess thems the breaks Top view showing the kink towards the fog light, and how it sits below the battery
  9. LOW 626

    Dyno Results Wanted

    DVS-626: Yeah mate i still lurke around here and there, hoping one day that ill see my old baby on here with its new owner Manual2.5LV6: It wasn't over the top but i did put some money into her: * Aus spec Extractors (as far as i know im one of two people in the country that had them, the other was a probe owner from melb, but i think his were custom made, mine were an off the shelf item) * high flow cat and 2.5" mandrel bent exhaust * 65mm throttle body * KLZE IM * Custom mandrel bent CAI behind the passenger fog light with a K'n'N * 1760 pound heavy duty clutch, bit of a one off item using bit and pices from a series 5 RX7 clutch, dont really know what but it was made by western clutches in sydney, give em a ring they should remember me * K8 flywheel from a eunos 30x (another good cheap mod) I think there was more but cant remember right now, after the extractors and IM the thing really used to haul ass, would rev all the way to redline without strain like it would when stock. On a side note, i can still get KLZE IM's for way cheaper then i have seen anywhere else in aus but installing them would be left up to you...
  10. LOW 626

    Dyno Results Wanted

    Manual 626: I used to own a Aus 626, dont take dyno results too seriously, they can vary greatly from dyno to dyno, its all in the calibration and the operator, i have read somewhere results can vary up to 13kw atw on identical dyno's, they are just for tuning purposes not wank factor . But since we are talking wank factor here , when i had my 626 stock i dynoed in at 86 kw atw (115 hp atw), after all my mods i had just under 100kw atw (134 hp). 14 kw dosent sound like much but you can definantly feel it on the road. Never got it to the track but i have been since selling it in my new car which i did a 15.2 in and i can say that the 626 was defiantly quicker, good for a flat 15 i reckon
  11. LOW 626

    Modifying Stock Air Intake

    DVS: removing the plastic flap wont do much might actually work against you as you are now sucking in hot air that has come through the radiator, the reason that flap is there is to seperate the air flow between the radiator and the snorkel. If you did want to get adventerous id go to a wreckers and by another snorkel, then cut away the plastic and make the opening twice as wide so it streatches further along, see how it goes then maybe hack some more.
  12. LOW 626

    2 Litre V6

    You must be an aussie right? With the TX5's there were no 2.0L V6's in them, just the 2.5L, although saying there inst any 2.0L V6's out there is wrong. Mazda made a whole bunch of V6's in the mid 90's starting with the 1.8L in the eunos 30x a 2.0L in the 323's and the 2.5 in the 626/mx6. They also made the 2.3 supercharged miller cycle engine in the eunos 800. As for perfomance, in australia we really got no option but the exhaust and air filter, but if your serious for 2500 you can get a KLZE dropped in that has 150kw, thats 30 kw more then your making right now and is what most people shoudl do.
  13. LOW 626

    Engine Screeching / Squeeling

    Most likely your belts just need to be tightened
  14. LOW 626

    Help Put Thermal Spacer & 626 Idling Bad

    Hey mate, I had a thermo spacer on my 93 626 V6 and it fitted fine. no problems what so ever. I would pull it down and try do it again but this time use a gasket between the spacer kit and all the bit you are joining. The stuff i used as a gasket is an areonautical gasket maker kit. its in a bottle and is painted on with a little brush and qures(spelling?) in minutes, definantly have no leaks then, see if you can get something similar in the states, most likely from a hardware store. As for the bolt at at the back underneath the IM just chuck it, it dosent fit anymore, coz the IM will sit higher and its not needed, it dosent offer any structural support and it wont hurt the Idle not having it there. My guess is you got a vacuum leak somewhere as others have stated, when you pulled the Im off did you clean the heads and the IM plates? any scratches or bumps could cause the Im not to sit perfectly flush and cause a leak. to clean it just get a razor blade and scratch all the gasket glue till its clean. Im pretty sure a gasket kit like what i used will solve your problem, now you just gotta go out and find it. Cheers LOW 626
  15. LOW 626

    Rhd & Lhd

    Can you find out who it rafi sold them to in Aus? I am pretty sure that a set have never been sent to Aus. I am 100% sure no MX6.com member has US spec headders, and i know of only 1 probe driver who has extracors, but they were custom made, not from rafi. But hey all i got to say is do ur reasearch, if you want head over to MX6.com an speak to an aussie called Mr.MX6, he is the GEN 2 guru and im pretty sure he could get you some chasiss diarams/steering coulmn of the US and AUS spec mx6, tell him LOW 626 sent ya B)