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    1997 626 (FS_ZE) engine 5sp

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    Nothern New Jersey
  1. project626

    Probe (4cyl) Vs. 626 (4cyl)

    Both are manual trannys
  2. project626

    Wtb: 93-97 Mazda 626 Misc. Parts

    Here's what I have. Not sure what you can use http://www.mazda626.net/index.php?showtopic=24109
  3. project626

    F/s Haynes Repair Manual

    I can ship it by mail. I'd assume it takes about 2wks for shipment
  4. project626

    Awesome Janapese Race

    RX7, Supra, Skyline, Silvia
  5. project626

    F/s Haynes Repair Manual

    Yes It's still 4 sale
  6. Car DVD player Works perfectly fine. Plays all DVD's & CD's (Burnts & originals) All wiring & instructions included $50 Shipped Otto Racing Muffler $80 shipped Brand new, Never installed JVC 12 disc CD Changer No longer useful since I no longer have a JVC radio. When it's cold out though, for some reason the sound will fade from the front speaker them jump to the rear. Other than that, it's perfectly. Includes, the Changer, 10FT. of wire, and magazine. $45 Shipped Front chrome Mazda plate symbol $17 Shipped Stock gauges (1997 LX 4cyl Manual) $12 shipped
  7. project626

    Has Anyone Come Accross

    I wonder how the internals would hold up to a larger one. I've heard guys with the MSProtege having problems modding with that small garrett turbo. I forgot whaere I read it, but he said the intercooler heats up pretty quick
  8. project626

    F/s Haynes Repair Manual

    If anyone is interested, I still have my Haynes repair manual I want to get rid of. It's good for the 93-98 models of the 626, probe & MX-6 (4 & 6cyl) $12.95 shipped via UPS ground
  9. Has anyone come accross/test drove the new Mazdaspeed6
  10. I'm getting rid of my stock springs. They came off a 1997 626 LX 5sp. $10 + shipping
  11. project626

    My Mazda 95' 626 Vs. Honda 2000 Accord

    Nice run. I'm suprised the Accord didn't pull up top. Although it's a SOHC motor, The F23 is pretty impressive for it's class. And anything after 4,800RPM's VTEC is engaged. Specifically with my Accord, VTEC engages anywhere between 4700 & 4900 RPM's, but only on the intake side.
  12. project626

    Served By A Nissan :-(

    Those cars are about as popular to mod as older model civics. The older (93) models weren't bad. SE-R weighed about 2,500lbs with 140hpClick Here while the new 4th gen models (Spec-V) get 175hp and 180ft lbs or torq. I must admit, that's a lot of torq. for a N/A 4 banger costing under $20K