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  1. Real smart ! What exactly was he trying to accomplish by doing what he did who knows but either way its hilarious
  2. Nice ride! Sucks you had to get rid of the 6. I personally would have taken the Acura tl over the lexus but to each his own
  3. I make my own ring tones. I refuse to pay $ 3 for a ring tone
  4. Hey look at the bright side at least you guys don't have to deal with snow ! Except for modern
  5. I think getting a meet would be hot. BUT the last few meets not allot of people showed up
  6. Sounds like a good deal but dam good luck with the gas ,
  7. I work for a Mortgage company and am currently studying for my Masters in Finance . *sigh*
  8. I personally would get the tl over the tsx. But would purchase the TL Type S (3.5 L engine over the regular 3.2 L i think with like 280' something hp ). It has a sports tuned suspension , brembo brakes .. exhaust note is sick as hell .. i think it is 6 speed manual its quick & luxurious . Hope this helps
  9. I am in Queens not that far from LI
  10. I am in need of a portable gps navigation system for a trip i am planning on making to Chicago later this month. I basically need something reliable and worth the $$ the max I can afford is $375. I have asked numerous people about the experiences they have had and they recommend either Garmin or Tomtom . I was told since Garmin has a faster processor so its better? I liked the Garmin Nuv1350 and the Tomtom910 but those are way to expensive but the features are sweet as hell Any members have any personal experience with either company or any other company please let me know. Good or bad experi
  11. I signed up for pay pal last year and was tempted to purchase something from eBay turned out to be fraud so I didn
  12. In ny we usually call it lollipops. ....As far as people calling it "DumDums, Tootsie pops" if people said that here people would be like ... People over here call soda just soda never heard any one say "pop" do you call a grocery/shopping cart anything besides a "cart"?? We call it shopping carts
  13. First of welcome to the forum. I been around this forum for a very long time and absolutely love this forum its unique in its own ways. Hopefully you will have a pleasant experience as well. As far as having a newbie section on this forum best bet would be to contact the admin of this forum (zuke) about this request. From my experience members who are new here generally post there introduction in the sixers lounge which you have already done . Welcome and enjoy !
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