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    1998 626 I4 5MT

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    Toronto Canada
  1. CALI

    Front Sunspension

    i changed both of the cv joint halfshafts last year. could it really be that? Could be anything, we can't "see" your car over the internet. Check your front Stabilizer Links , if they are worn out , they will make a clunking noise good luck
  2. CALI

    New Guy With Questions

    I have a manual , but have not encounter that problem... replacing the dash light is very easy , just few screws and i think 3 connectors .... there should step by step instrutions somewhere in the forum
  3. Hello guys After a week of problems with my 626, it looks that it wont go away. here is the story: While driving my Alternator / water pump belt broke which cause overheating first thought it was the thermostat (did not realize it was the belt that broke until later inspection). after getting help (got boost twice in a 3 block trip, thinking that was my battery) to drop my car at my driveway. So i replaced the Belts , try to start the engine but nothing happen by then the battery was death , try to recharge it but would not hold charge. Try with two diffrent bateries and connected to another car , nothing, could not even heard the starter. Took off the battery and starter to the PartSource store (Canada) is like Autozone in the USA. checked the battery , result was that i need it a new one. check the starter it blew the fuse of the testing computer , so i have to get a new starter also. Got home put in the new starter / battery , and the car start with not problem... when for a drive... came home try to go out again... and would not start again.. dash light will light up fine , press the cluth and try to start it all lights will shut off , no sound from the starter ... check the battery , it was reading like 18V.... weird!!.... anyways .... next day i check the wiring , took off the ignition switch to see if there was a short some where... tested it as per Haynes manual, i found it ok... check all fuses , relays (check them) .... nothing...... yesterday i took off the alternator and took it to be tested, results were that the alternator was good...yeah !.... anyway put it back in and same situation....so i decide to check the electrical again....I check the battery again and it was reading 12.8 V like it supposed to... i checked the volatge from the battery to the fuse box (engine) and surprise the voltage drops to 4 V ....i was like what the hell !!! battery to fuse boxe is like 4 inches apart ... how's that possible ,,,, so i disconnect my amplifer (need to see if it was draining the battery) , same voltage 4V.... so decided to take the + connector apart , it was barely making any contact, file all the dirt away... and ENGINE START AGAIN ... I start and re-start the care for couple of times ...when for a drive and my check engine light went on ......now this morning on my way to work the airbag light is blink twice . Any ideas code this will be?? Thanks
  4. CALI

    Winshield Washer

    Thanks I'll check
  5. CALI

    Winshield Washer

    Hi Guys I am having problems with my windshield washer, the fluid can barely touch the windshield when turn on, the noozles are clean ( a year old), I am thinking that i have a low pressure problems , i am thinking getting a new pump for it , I check the haynes manual , and it does not tell you where the pump is located at. Does any one know the location of the puma and/or have any tios to solve my problem? Note I am lucky we re not getting much snow lately otherwise it will be a pian in the %# Thanks
  6. CALI


    Hello everyone I am Planing to change the clutch next week. does anyone has any tips? Does anyone knows if the flywheel in a 626 1998 is resurfable (ok to machine) or do I need to get a new one? Thanks CALI
  7. CALI

    Need A New Clutch In Toronto.

    Ainsane Any luck finding a place to replace the cluth....? please let me know ...i will need to change mine soon .. thx CALI
  8. CALI

    Axle Problems Or Not?

    Sorry for the late update.. My problem was due to bearing failure, tried to change it myself but could not do it... took it the mechanic... noise is gone..
  9. and it will be more noticable when you turn left or right... I try to do it myself, took everything off, caliper, rotor, steering arm.. but could not take the actual bearing off , is pressed fit , so you will need to take to a mechanic.
  10. CALI

    Dash Lights

    Thanks guys...
  11. CALI

    Dash Lights

    Hi Guys Does any ones knows where can i get the lights (bulbs) for the signal blinker (inside dash) and the ones for the heat control. Thanks CALI
  12. CALI

    Axle Problems Or Not?

    By the way I can get cheap (bearings) i work in Bearing distribution conpany...if anybody in the Toronto area needs let me know.
  13. CALI

    Axle Problems Or Not?

    Well.... noise does change with speed in my car....i'll changing the bearings this weekend ..i'll post the results.. thx
  14. CALI

    Axle Problems Or Not?

    Hi Guys I am having the same problem... the ticking noise is getting me crazy....i check all around the axle boots...but nothing... What about the wheel bearings...do you think that is a possibility?? Thanks CALI
  15. CALI

    Idle & Acelleration Problems

    Check your ingnition wires, you never know