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  1. Problem is Andy and I pulled the engine and trans together in one shot. The trans is connected and I have no desire to unbolt the damn thing just to put it on the engine stand. The engine looked freshly rebuilt so I don't want to mess with the internals. All I'm trying to do is the timing belt and finish up the 2nd part to that damned V6 timing belt video... 2 years later lol. Looks like all the pictures in this build up to page 100 are indeed intact on the 626 CDN... whew! Only like 3 images from the last page since Feb 21, 2017 have that huge 3rd party photobucket logo instead of the real image. Only 3 images to grab but when I went to get them they still showed the 3rd party hosting logo not my actual images... on their own website. What d**ks. Thankfully they showed the images using their slideshow so I snagged them from the slideshow. Far as I know only 1 post to fix on page 100 of this build, 3 images, already snagged uploaded and fixed. :) THANK GOD FOR MAZDA626.NET CDN... BRILLIANT MOVE THAT SAVED THIS ENTIRE TOPIC and all topics that once used photobucket for image hosting. This build isn't much of an adventure without all the pictures really. Thank you admins for having the foresight to do that whole image CDN thing. Worth it. <3
  2. Oh and you know how I always said that twitter and I wouldn't mix? Well I signed up for twitter secretly 2 years ago and set it to private. Just to vent some frustrations and act like someone who doesn't give a shit about anything in the world and said whatever I wanted. It was liberating in a way. Ummm but yeah in 2 years I tweeted about 3400 times. :/ I always said I wouldn't be able to contain myself if I ever joined twitter. I was definitely right. I can't belong to too many communities at once. I'm usually pulled in a lot of different directions, distractions. I've removed many of them and hoping to get back into working on my 626 again. I really don't want to let people down and finish that build without filming it so taking it a day at a time. Been making a lot of big changes in my life recently. I'm not going to guarantee anything. Hoping to get back into it and find my passion again.
  3. Apparently most of my photos are now blocked because Photobucket which was once a "completely free image hosting site" now wants to charge $100 a year to allow 3rd party sites. That was the whole point of their damn site to begin with, free 3rd party hosting. Umm lol? I mean it was free for like a decade and then it had to go and get all douchebag super greedy on everyone. I have thousands of images on there. It's not something I can easily fix. So I just bought an engine stand from harbor freight today. Hoping if I can get it up on the stand and put it in the way of my walking path I'll be forced to confront it. I think one of the reasons why I ignored the V6 for so long is that it's really inconvenient in a corner of the garage. I have to squish myself between the crane and the engine to get anything done and it's just a hassle I didn't ever care to deal with. I have other things going on in my life and no one really needed that car anymore so my motivation was just gone. It's still just sitting there in the corner ignored. Anyone know how to put the V6 on an engine stand. I've never owned an engine stand before, never done it. Any tips are appreciated. :) I've been working lately doing the life thing. Been making a lot more music recently. I released my first album, still working on mastering and releasing a 2nd, and already have half of a 3rd album done. My camera sucks it's glitchy and randomly corrupts recording. It likes to lie to me, it beeps, shows it's recording, then corrupts everything into a garbled mess. Maybe it's the actual SD card I never even thought about that until now. Duh Oh and I lost 100lbs in the last year. Diet, exercise, talking to a few women here and there. Life isn't really boring when you have female drama in your life that's for sure. Cutting out a lot of things from my life recently which has freed up a lot of my time to think about projects again. Got to meet Blackshine in person. Good guy. Wish we had more time to hang out. Was nice to finally meet him in person. Just checking in, saying hi, I'm alive, don't send the seals after me, I'm good.
  4. Just wanted to stop in and wish everyone a happy 626 day. Give your car some love today.
  5. Apparently, the links for the illustrator templates have been removed by Revlimiter. Since that is his wish I will honor that and remove the links and mention of templates here too. There is no mention of templates anymore on his site. He does still sell custom gauge faces for the Miata though. I bet if you sent him a 626 face plate he could make a custom one for you. At least we still have the original article for how he accomplished his goal of making custom face plates. With a little ingenuity and use of adobe illustrator you can still make your own by following his tutorial. Sadly he isn't offering the Miata templates to the public for free anymore. The article describes how to make your own from scratch for a Miata. To my knowledge no one has ever done it for a 626 yet. I've been waiting for someone to create some templates since the day I re-posted his article years ago. Want to be the first and create some templates for everyone here in the 626 community? Please do!
  6. Not car related by some of the electrical theory can be applied to an ignition switch. Also some soldering tricks and tips in there. Interesting PC mod. I had a lot of fun doing the mod. Forgot how much work it was to record, edit, and render.
  7. Generally people want to go from auto to manual not manual to auto. Weird request but I'll help detail the parts. 1. Automatic ECU 2. Automatic shift mechanism (you'll want to find a donor or junkyard donor to pull most parts from like this one) 3. Automatic transmission including torque converter (best to get one from another 1999 year model exactly for best compatibility of wiring pins as they do change year to year) 4. Automatic Transmission Range Switch and Turbine Speed Sensor (if not included on the transmission) 5. Instrument cluster (for PRNDL indicator) 6. Automatic axles (if ABS equipped you must get ABS axles) 7. Automatic engine/transmission wiring harness 8. Joint Box & CPU (better safe than sorry grab it and all the cabin wiring) There will be other little things here and there you might need too that's all I can think about off the top of my head. You could watch my entire video series on converting a manual to automatic, just watch it in reverse?
  8. There can be some crossover but most of the time it's just a misunderstanding of an owner not realizing the true year of production of their vehicle. If it's included in the VIN page for the 96 WSM then it applies to you. :)
  9. That's a very common occurrence. Can't count how many guys on this forum have gone to fix intake issues only to find they've swapped vacuum lines. Happens to fuel lines too for people changing the fuel filter. Happens all the time. Glad you got it solved. I'll assume your STFT and LTFT are back down to acceptable levels?
  10. Unfortunately no. I did shoot some carb cleaner in the intake and it started right up. Definitely a fuel supply issue. In the mean time I plan on doing so PC related videos such as modding, soldering, etc.. but that requires the camera to be much closer. One of the downsides of my old setup was the camera mounted on a shelf about 2' above the bench. Kinda realized in my last video that filming from so far away was pointless for fine detail work. So I wanted to create an inexpensive rig to lower and raise the camera when needed. This is what I came up with. Fully lowered camera Fully Raised Camera With halogen light on. What I see while filming. Planning on shooting a video for modding a PC case to remove the power button and use an ignition switch instead. Yes, a keyed ignition switch for a PC. Just to clarify it's a PC keyed switch not an automotive ignition switch. Looking forward to making a video again with my new benchtop.
  11. Sounds like a faulty switch to me however a short in the switch wiring could cause a similar result. Inspect all the wiring from the switch and look for rubbed through wires potentially causing a short. If everything looks ok then attempt to bypass the switch (I will never provide advice on how to do that as it can be used illegally). Look in the WSM for switch diagnostic procedures from pmx626.info in the body electrical troubleshooting manual (BETM).
  12. This shit is annoying as F***. I edit most of my posts like 20 times in 5 minutes as I'm hashing out ideas. To not be allowed to edit a post immediately after I post is gonna make me not come back here. Completely unacceptable.
  13. Gotta start with the basics guys. Spark test when the condition happens. Buy a spark tester from any autostore for like $5 and throw it in the glove box. Look up the procedure for testing the fuel pump, throw a multimeter and some jumper wire in the glove box. Most of the basic tests you can actually do on the side of the road to get a basic diagnosis of air, fuel, or spark. Without knowing which one is failing you'll be left guessing and shotgunning parts at the problem. Intermittent overheat of an individual component such as a failing fuel pump or coilpack does suck and is tedious to troubleshoot over time. If you can reliably replicate the condition where it fails then that's your golden moment to start running tests. By the way just an idea that none of you have considered, an injector over heating and shorting out. I've seen it. Watch the episode on ScannerDanner where he uses snow to cool down the injector to get the car running again. The resistance on the injector was perfectly fine during idle but under load for a bit the temp rises and the injector resistance went to infinity as the car shuts off. Don't ask me what the exact video is I can't remember... but I'll never forget that lesson. Was amazing to see him run outside, grab a hand full of snow, and throw it on the injector to keep it cool and the car running. Brilliant man.
  14. I skimmed through so sorry if you already mentioned this but does the coolant temp show the engine is overheating? Where about is the temp needle when it shuts off?
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