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  1. Black 1995 Mazda 626 abandoned for more than a year on someone's property gets run over by Dodge Ram on Judge Judy starting at 11:33. "We were trying to push it out with one of my buddies trucks". They put a board on the front as a ramp to get the truck up on the hood. They wanted to have a little fun with it before they pushed it out of the driveway lol. If all that was wrong was a dead battery then get a new damn battery or a tow truck. Another 626 dies because of owners incompetence.
  2. This recall has now expanded to some European countries. Look at the newly attached graph of VIN's to see if your vehicle is included.
  3. About to go through hurricane Matthew. Car is parked right under a huge oak tree. I don't care if I die, just don't let my 626 get hurt. Starting to get some big wind gusts from the outer bands. Yeah I'm probably gonna get hit by the eye or close to it. Getting close to losing power can tell, I'm a hurricane veteran at this point. Went through 4-5 major hurricanes so far. Weather channel is really hyping this stuff up to be the biggest everrrrr like always. See you on the other side. BBQ party tomorrow everything must go!
  4. Time for a tune up, sounds like a vacuum leak.
  5. Yes you can remove the belt. It will knock out your A/C compressor too. Since we're in the fall season not that big of a deal. I would get it fixed asap. Driving without power steering is dangerous for a daily driver vehicle as most of your stop and go traffic will be hell on your arms and potential hazard if your arms get too tired. Hope you have good upper body strength. I'm sure you'll get tired of it pretty quick.
  6. There's only so much you can do to flush out a heater core including using acidic solvents that risk chewing a hole through and causing a big mess. Eventually you'll have to remove and inspect the heater core if you can't get adequate heat through the vents.
  7. I can get them from my local machine shop. Any where that does head rebuilds routinely should have them laying around like poker chips on the floor. Make friends with your local machinist.
  8. You must use a vise to compress them. If they stay stuck closed when compressed that's when you leave them sitting in some solvent over night. They will slowly decompress sucking in the solvent very slowly overnight and hopefully allowing you to work on them easier the next day. If that doesn't work then replace them because it's going to be more trouble than it's worth. They don't compress much, only a millimeter or two. If you get no movement sit them in solvent or low viscosity motor oil like 5W-0 synthetic, you want it to decompress and suck something in that will help clean out the internal oil with the next squirt. Hope that helps.
  9. Just the head with accessories? Maybe $75 worth of metal. It's almost scrap at that age and wear. We're not talking about some rare collector car like a Jaguar, it's a Capella.
  10. Make sure it's topped off with transmission fluid to the correct level. Low ATF will exhibit symptoms of a failing transmission however it usually won't set a TCC solenoid code for that. Once you see a TCC solenoid code it means your transmission is likely on the way out (full ATX rebuild in your near future).
  11. test Code quoting seems to work for me
  12. no words. good luck to the new owner. All stories have a beginning and and end. Thank you for everything you've done for this site, community, and me. You and your team have been inspirational. Couldn't have asked for a more enjoyable build topic.
  13. Without being able to hear the noise all we can do is guess. Even if we could hear the noise it would be guessing. Could be anything from worn engine mount or axles due to torque or flywheel engagement. I agree that if it only happens when you shift then most likely transmission related not engine related.
  14. That's awesome. Congrats on the job and the new car. Please take lots of pics of the conversion. I'd love to see that.
  15. Don't replace parts, test them, diagnostics is the right way to solve problems. See if you can force the situation and overheat whatever the culprit is then start testing. If it only happens while your driving that's gonna be a long and inconvenient troubleshooting procedure. If you have access to a lift that would certainly make life easier. Be safe.