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  1. Scottwax

    Damn.... I Got People Scared To Run A 626, Lol

    Watch out for that Cobalt SS if it is a new one (2008) because they got bumped to 260 hp and not only run between 13.9 to 14.2 (depending on which magazine test you read) at 103 mph, at Virginia Internation Raceway, it was quicker than a Honda S2000, Evo, WRX STI, Lotus Elise, BMW 135, and a Lexus IS-F! Cheapest car to lap quicker was a Corvette with the Z51 suspension! Sounds like that guy might be setting you up by telling you he beat someone you beat by less. Older Cobalt SS (supercharged) were 205 hp and run mid to high 14s at around 96 mph. You ought to do well against one of those. BTW, 14.5s are damn quick for a 626.
  2. Don't really need a winter car in the Dallas area. Be better as a sleeper/project car. Even if it hasn't been driven much, its got to be past 300,000 miles by now.
  3. Scottwax

    Mazdaspeedmatt Is Leaving The Forum

    Stick around. My 626 got totaled almost two years ago (rear-ended HARD!) and I still visit from time to time. I agree the 626 is a safe car. Mine got hit by a lowered Civic SI that was doing 40 mph or so when he hit me. Went under my car and lifted it up and bounced me across two lanes of traffic (Thank God no one else hit me) and on to the left shoulder facing oncoming traffic. The rear end was bashed in, the rear axle was knocked forward about 2" on the passenger side and the exhaust was also pushed forward. Both rear fenders were wrinkled but I could open all four door and other than my back getting jacked up, no other injuries. My car was even driveable, although I could feel the back end wasn't tracking properly. Still drove it home. Pretty amazing actually. Had my 626 for 3 years and it never stranded me, not even when hit in the back and totaled!
  4. G35 sedan is the answer then.
  5. I replaced my 626 (got hit in the rear and totaled in October 2007) with a 2002 Maxima. Paid $8400 for it including sales tax. Overall been a great car. VQ35 V6, 255 hp, 246 lb-ft of torque. According to a plethora of timeslips at maxima.org, the 4AT 5.5 gen Maximas (2002-2003) run high 14s at 93-94 mph and several of the 6 speed Maximas have run low 14s at 96-98 mph bone stock. Still a decent amount of aftermarkt parts, although headers are expensive at $400 (OBX) or $800 (Cattman) but untuned people are getting 22-26 hp gains at the wheels. Bigger interior than my 626 and factory HID headlights too. I'd also suggest looking at the 2003-2007 Honda Accord V6. 240 hp and suprisingly good mileage. My Dad's gets 22 mpg city and when I drove it to Kentucky and back, I got 30-31 mpg freeway at 75-78 mph and booting it around semis and other slow traffic. Low 15s at around 94-95 with an automatic, mid 14s pushing 100 mph with a 6 speed. Accord will cost you $3000-4000 more than a similarly equipped 2002-3 Maxima. The Mazda3 is a really nice little car, drive one for 3 weeks after my 626 got totaled. Even with the 2.0 liter engine and 4AT, it was fun to drive. I seriously considered a Mazdaspeed3 but the carpet is just awful. You walk through grass, sand or allow a pet inside and you will never get all that crap out of the carpet. Pretty much like what most cars have in their trunks. The cloth seats are stain magnets too. If you can live with the carpets and find one with leather seats, it is definitely a blast to drive. I'd look for a 2.3 with a 5 speed manual or a Mazdaspeed3.
  6. My brother had a 1987 626 GT back in the early 90s. We used to have a blast in it, suprising people who had no idea why that little boxy 4 door car was pulling away from them so quickly. It was even the car that got me into detailing professionally. I polished it out for him and when he drove it to work the next day everyone thought he got a new paint job. He called me up and said he had 4-5 people at his office who wanted me to do the same to their cars. Anyway, he sold the car in 1994 if I remember right. It had 210,000 miles on the original engine, transmission (5 speed) and turbo. He replaced the original clutch at around 160,000 miles, probably the most reliable car he's ever had. Last week I was out at the home office of the company he used to work for detailing some cars and noticed a 626 sitting on the lot. I took a picture of it with my cellphone and sent it to my brother with the caption "looks like your old one" and he texted me back, "if that is at my old office, it IS my old one!". The guy he sold it to has kept it all these years! Not shiny anymore though... As much as my brother beat on that car, I am amazed that it is still on the road. Definitely needs a paint job though.
  7. Those Chevy inline 6 cylinders have a lot of torque, even with only 100 hp, it probably has more torque than a V6 626. 6 cylinder Novas are only around 3000 pounds so they aren't all that heavy either.
  8. Scottwax

    Worst Car.....ever

    The 1979 Pontiac Sunturd was the worst car I've owned (since the Citation was actually my ex-wife's car). 3.8 V6, 4 speed and slow as hell. At 80,000 miles, it seemed like I was putting money into it every month. The worst car I have driven was a PT Cruiser. I couldn't believe how coarse the engine sounded and how slow it was for all the racket it made.
  9. Scottwax

    Pulled Hard

    5 speed V6 626 ought to keep up with a stock automatic H22 Prelude, not sure about one with a 5 speed though. 4th gen Accords with an H22 swap are actually quicker than Preludes because of a pretty decent weight advantage.
  10. Scottwax

    Klg4 Vs Jetta Vr6

    How does your overdrive kick in 2nd gear? 4th gear is the only one that is an overdrive.
  11. Scottwax

    The Walk Of Shame.

    My brother has one, they are pretty quick for a minivan. Felt at least as quick as my 626 V6. Funny thing though, Odyssey drivers seem to think their vans are quicker than they actually are and have tried to race my '02 Maxima a few times (different ones each time). I beat them so bad I don't bother anymore. When I had my 626, I was neck and neck with a Dodge Ram (late 90s version) that I thought I'd kill. He had a loud exhaust system but overall, those Dodge Rams aren't very quick. I had maybe a car on him at 70.
  12. Wrong fix. You need to replace the coolant overflow tank. They are pressurized and start to leak after about a year. Had my 626 for 3 years, replaced that damn tank 3 times. They split along the side, same place every time. Known defect. Dealers usually have a boatload in stock, mine typically had about 20 on hand.
  13. Scottwax

    High Rpms And Check Engine Lights

    There is no code for the timing belt, not sure if there is one if the timing is off (which would happen if the timing belt jumped a tooth). If it does turn out to be the timing belt, get the water pump and tensioner changed too. Neither one will probably last until your next timing belt change (guess how I learned that) and you'll save a lot on labor costs if either fails after you get the timing belt done. You might want to find someone who knows more than you about cars to accompany you to the mechanic's shop.
  14. Scottwax

    I Finally Ran At The Track!

    Nice times, that's really quick for the swap and mostly bolt-ons. Makes for a really nice sleeper.