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    1990 626 LX 5spd/RIP/Now 2007 Ford Focus SES 5spd

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    Gettysburg P.A. Area
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    Martial Arts,Fourwheeling,Cars,<br /><br />Soon to be engaged!
  1. Black626onDubs

    Carlisle Perfromance And Style Show Pics

    hey Man! I was there on sunday...kinda sucked becuase everyone was pretty much gone but it was worth it to see the Explorer with the batman theme i'll have to get the pics from my friend
  2. Hey ya'll Im sure you've forgotten bout me cause its only been a year and a half........but now Im driving a Pitchblack 07' focus ses fully loaded 5Spd ^_^ <<I Miss that! lol so i'll try and post some pics but if i dont I Have a cardomain site with it on,,,or my myspace page www.myspace.com/dimplesseitler and then some on my car clubs page Unleashed rides under myfriends section......hope to hear from some old friends!
  3. Black626onDubs

    A Lil For The Guy With The Sportage

    Alright thanks Anyways...........I just Added My Desert Fox BAJA Lights Tonight I need to make my Cardomain Site and I'll post pics And this summer 4" lift!!! B)
  4. Black626onDubs

    92 Talon Tsi Turbo Awd Atx

    No ones Interested?? No one at all?!?! :o
  5. Black626onDubs

    92 Talon Tsi Turbo Awd Atx

    Just email me or post or pM me if interisted the talon its self has 105000mi on it but the Tranny was rebulit and has about 5-6k on it and then engine had a few new things replaced like rods and a piston or two not so long ago so lemme know if you need a part or you want the whole thing I'll let someone have it for a steal if they take the whole thing But you would have to pick it up or I could get it towed oh about 10-20miles from my house if that would help Im in Littlestown-Gettysburg Area of PA and Westminster Teanytown Area of MD Kinda right in between littlestown,Gettysburg, and Teanytown so lemme know
  6. Black626onDubs

    So I Raced...

    yeah Well I work In Hanover so its not REAL far away from you but yea I guess its not the same car. The kit goes so well with the car that it could almost look stock and alot of people around here go to PennState so whoknows but Im guessin its not the same one oh well
  7. Black626onDubs

    So I Raced...

    Hey WIT Your In PA Right? Did The Red Tib Have a Kit on it? Cuase if So I know the Car And Love it It Lives Right around Where I work! B) Nice ass Car! and Speaking of Big guys and small car my Brother ((5'11")) When He had my Talon and He was dating his wife(( like 5'5")) Would make me Sit in the back seat ((6'1" Sive 16.5 Shoe)) Not Very much room Most the Time I would Turn sideways and put My feet on the other side of the seat but i still couldbt Breath cuz of his two Subs((which I have now)) Were about 4 inchs from my chest and cranked all the time fun Times and I think Im gonna get the Talon Fixed!!!!!! B) <_<
  8. One Quick ? Does anybody know if the Clear OEM 05 Tail Lights Would Fit A 98????? ((Kia Sportage)) Thanks!
  9. Black626onDubs

    Xbox 360

    Yeah I got on EB In the gettysburg outlets List and im like #15 or somthing and they only got 12 today so i have to wait for the next shipment ((RIGHT BEFORE Christmas)) so Im gonna put it on starting at like 800 or so and a buy it now of like 2k and see what happens Either I'll make a Nice profet or I'll have an Xbox360 lol B)
  10. Black626onDubs

    New (used) Car...?

    Go for the Nissan Sentra SPEC-V!!!! I almost got one ((a 2004 5spd)) Man I Wish I Had Insted i Got a 1998 Kia Sportage not bad around 220miles in Town on a tank of gas and its a four door 4x4 small suv
  11. Black626onDubs

    1992 Talon Tsi Awd Turbo

    Okay I Need to Sell This or Atleats Some Parts So Im Just Updateing Ya'll I Removed the System and Am Keeping that BNut Now I Can Take out the ECU No problem and ship that! It was Just Rebuilt and the Tranny has around 2k on it snice rebuild, 5 spoke 16" Mustang Rims I Think from 97ish. Anything In The Interior Parts can And will Be Shiped Just keep in mind Size of Seats if you want them when shipping! B)
  12. Black626onDubs

    Clear Tails!!!!

    Sounds cool, Yeahyou gotta watch them "Popos"
  13. Black626onDubs

    Anybody Got Interior Paint Pics?

    Check out my cardomain I redid my WHOLE interior!!! There should be some pics on here in older threads
  14. Black626onDubs

    1992 Talon Tsi Awd Turbo

    Diddnt even think of that sorry but yeah it is an auto! still awesome! lol
  15. Black626onDubs

    1992 Talon Tsi Awd Turbo

    Sorry I had a Typo The Tranny has around 2K on it I just talked to my brother and remebered what i had here so sorry, But its still Low Miles!!