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  1. was about to say..if you can't relate, then this forum is not for you..
  2. http://www.mx6.com/forums/2g-mx6-other-per...pgrade-how.html This is from a post on MX6.com. How luv-a-ly!!!
  3. To whom this may concern; The color of these links REALLY needs to change! Is bad enough that we can hardly find aftermarket parts.
  4. dude, what's up with the "cheers" thingy. (lol) Anyways, if you go KL31 you will not want to come back to the chip, trust me. Let us know how your set up works out.
  5. do you still have the jdm headlights? If yes, PM me the price.
  6. Question #1... Yes I am using a stock KL31ECU Question #2... I havn't the slightest idea if this mod will work; A KL31ECU is very expensive, I wouldn't want to take a screw off of it far less take an eprom off. Question # also(lol)... presumably you're talking about hooking the wire up to the ECU plug. Well nothing would happen. This wire carries a signal to the ECU and not from the ECU, so since the other end of the wire is not hooked up to a sensor the effect is pretty
  7. yep it certainly was hijacked.... anyways, I'll be at NOPI. I'll be ridding in my car and I'm hoping to see a few ZE's out there.
  8. Just wanna know who is taking their car to NOPI this weekend in Atlanta. For those of you who don't know, NOPI is a performance parts store which holds one of the biggest car shows in the US.
  9. the one thing I can say to that is, 3hp is pretty good for a cat.. No one really gets these advertised 10 and 15 hp. I've read of instances where a full system would only net 5-6whp, and that's for $1000+.
  10. Hi peoplezz...Is the 94 MX6 and 626 cluster interchangeable? V6, mtx.
  11. 1" drop isn't much of a deal, but if you have the funds you might as well change them while you at it. Also a set of camber bold might come in handy. btw, if you are still rolling on stock wheels, you might not even notice the drop.
  12. Hi guyz/gurlz, I have finally figured out the fix for the "constant fan" problem we've been having with the KL31 ecu. As you know the KL31 ecu came with the mtx ZE and the KL36 ecu with the atx. My ZE has two temp. sensors, but my usdm harness only has one plug. Well, luckily my ZE came with the section of the harness that has both plugs for the sensors, and for some time I tried figuring out where on the KL31 ecu I needed to hook up this second sensor to get things working right. Well, I came across a post which gave the location and function of every pin on the 94 usdm ecu, and with the
  13. Yeah it crazzy hot down here. Guess I'll wait for these 80's temp. I'm back to using my KL31 ecu because this prob. chip is overated, and that's why I wanted to feed it that 100 oct. I'm also in the process of re-wiring to take care of these constant fans. Ask for the JDM 118mph cut off, I will only race up to 117mph....lol PS. If you want your ZE to come alive give it a KL31 ecu, not a cheap....sorry, I mean chip..
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