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    1993 626 ES 5-speed

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  1. jduffett

    Miata Update

    So... What's the long story?
  2. jduffett

    Wheel "hub" Diameter

    Mine is 67.1mm all around ('93 w/discs). OE wheels are hubcentric and are interchangeable front to rear, so they should be the same. How did you measure?
  3. jduffett

    Wheel "hub" Diameter

    GE hub bore is 67.1mm IIRC.
  4. jduffett

    Post Your Favorites Shots/angles Of Your Car

    No rubbing, if that's what you mean... It's pretty tight in the rear with 225s on a +38 offset wheel, but it's still good, even when three-wheeling! B) Tire fitment
  5. jduffett

    Cf Hood Bulk Buy

    Do you have a number for the weight of the stock hood? How much will the CF hood weigh?
  6. jduffett

    What Style Cf Hood Would You Prefer?

    OE '93-'95 Style.
  7. jduffett

    Ss Clutch Line

    It's cheaper than the stock line, that's why I bought mine!
  8. jduffett

    Jdm Projector Headlights?

  9. jduffett

    Got Her Back Yesterday, New Pics.

    Well I would say that explains it. There is a Pro Kit available specifically for the 626 (different part number than MX6/Probe), and I'd bet it wouldn't drop you nearly as much.... If you check http://eibach.com/eibach/images/EPS-12Cara...pplications.pdf '93-'97 Probe lists 5522.140, '93-'97 MX6 lists 5522.140 as well. For the '93-'97 626 it lists 5526.140 (and specifies V6, oddly). For '98+ (I4 & V6) it shows 5523.140.
  10. jduffett

    Got Her Back Yesterday, New Pics.

    Are they 626-specific? Or Probe/MX6? How much they drop the car depends on a lot of things. You can never really trust those numbers, since there are so many variables with different years and trim levels. Obviously some cars are heavier than others (V6 ATXs with sunroof, pwr seats and dual airbags vs I4 MTX with no options for example), and later cars rode taller than the early ones as well. I got a lot of drop out of my Eibachs, but mine are PGT Eibachs, so I assumed that was why (they have shorter, stiffer springs to begin with).
  11. jduffett

    Disc Brake Question

    If it is stiff pivoting on that upper pin I would advise cleaning up or replacing that pin. If the caliper doesn't move smoothly on the slider pins you may end up with pulsation, uneven pad wear, etc.
  12. jduffett

    Got Her Back Yesterday, New Pics.

    I don't see what the big deal is... They're lowering springs. They're supposed to lower the car...
  13. jduffett

    Got Her Back Yesterday, New Pics.

    I'd say most (or quite possibly all) of your problem would be solved by using tires with the correct overall diameter. Stock size is 205/55/15. 225/50/16 is roughly an inch too tall, 225/45/16 will give you pretty well an exact match, and 215/45/16 is also pretty close. http://www.miata.net/garage/tirecalc.html
  14. jduffett

    Air Bags

    Since this topic is already open, I'll just add my question in here.... I get random SRS codes. So far I've noted three different codes, 41, 12, and 52. Every time the car is started it seems to pick one of these codes at random. Do these three codes point to any one particular problem (fuse, short, moisture, etc) area? For code 12, does low voltage refer to the main battery/charging system voltage, or to the backup power supply referenced by code 52?