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  1. sudha

    Show off your 626

    Here are some pics of my Ford Telstars to jolt this thread. Technically rebagded 626s.The silver one is an FS while the blue one has a KLze in it.
  2. Hello folks, It's been a while since I posted. I own two Ford Telstars, a 1994 V6 and a 1997 FS. The earlier model has issues with the seat belt whereby the front passenger and drive side tongue has partially broken. To change simply means i have to get the entire seat belt roller mechanism. Here's the challenge, dealers at my location no longer carry parts for this model. Aftermarket dealers also do not have this part. So only option is to look in the junkyards but its quite rare to find one being stripped. So my question is, is the seatbelt system universal or is it possible to retrofit from another make and model? And has anyone successfully removed their seat belts for this generation with pics and tutorial? Any feedback is most welcome. Thank you. p/s tried searching the forum but it seems the popular seat topics are for the automatic seat belts from the 2nd gen. couldn''t find one for the GEs.
  3. Hello guys, Before I begin, I have done some search relating to engine misfires in this forum and I am pretty sure none relates to my experience hence I am asking. I drive a 1997 Ford Telstar with a FS2.0 motor with automatic transmission. Did a top overhaul recently and its been having no issues till today. Just drove up a 20km steep hill climb, with plenty of sharp bends, with transmission engaged in "S". Had to do some hard acceleration here and there just to keep the momentum. Going up was flawless, but the problem start once I entered the car park. The engine had started jerking/misfiring intermittently at low speeds, and it got worse when reverse gear was engaged. Once I parked, i just let it idle for while, and noticed that it would jerk/misfire once in a while, like missing heartbeat or something. No funny sounds like metal banging or anything. Switch off the engine and started again, it started without any issues but jerking/misfiring was still there. So took a chance left in the parking lot for a good 4hrs. When I came back, I started the car and noticed the jerk/misfiring was gone. none ins low speeds nor in reverse. So happily drove home. the 20 km downhill was a breeze, no issues. Problem is, the jerk started 10kms after that as I was going uphill.... I lifted my foot off the throttle and gave some gas again and it went up without an issue. *sorry for the long winded post :) Thanks in advance :) But a few times after that the the jerkings happened again but less frequent and during low speeds. I let it sit for about an hour after reaching home and then started it. No issues, no jerkings whatsoever during a 20 minute idle. Really clueless at whats going on but if anyone has had a similar experience, please tell what I am looking at.
  4. A Quick Update. Took this little thing to the authorised parts dealer and it did not pop up in the dealer's parts catalog system. The parts dealer thinks it's part of the harness.. But actually it is not. Here's a clearer pic of the original unit in my Telstar V6. And another view
  5. Hi guys, i have been informed that this is the AC Thermistor. It controls the operation of the AC compressor - basically, it shuts off the compressor once the desired cooling temperature is achieved to avoid frosting. My existing unit has been modified by the previous owner with a unit from another make and model. My mech advised me to change it back to the original one as current one i am using will damage my ecu in the long run.
  6. Thanks for the reply man! The car is in Malaysia, so its a right hand drive unit. The specs should be similar to the Australian models. I was guessing it could be a relay too cos my Omron searches resulted in relays. But still...if anyone knows what thing thing actually is and what it does...I would really really appreciate that. My mechanic told me that this little box plays some form of role in the car's idling speed control and I am trying to confirm that too.
  7. Hi guys, Really need some help. My car is a Ford Telstar 1997 FS 2.0 I need to know what this thing is. Close up - It's hooked up to the A/C system and is located exactly behind the glove compartment. All that's inscribed on it are the following: KJ251GA5RC G8D - 140A DC12V - 2.0? OMRON Made in Japan 2717D3 My mech says it's an air cond thermo sensor / controller or something. Cant seem to find out what this is from the manuals. Tried searching for this online but all i got was results with Omron relays. If anyone has see this or worked on it, please let me know what exactly it is called and what it does. Many thanks in advance.
  8. I'm in Malaysia man. I have two telstars, both sedan. One 1994 running on KLze and 1997 running on FS. I've no problem with the V6 as I have a spare NGK ignition lead set which, luckily I managed to source locally. The FS however is another story..cant seem to get one except for the original version.
  9. Hi Everyone, I own a 1997 ford telstar running with an I4 2.0l fs. This is the early engine model with the distributor unit. I have been hunting set of aftermarket ignition lead / spark plug cable that would fit this car nicely. the only problem is it's been a pain to source for here in my country. Can some one point me in right direction perhaps with some information of ignition lead / spark plug cable compatibility with other makes and model? I am sorry if I am asking a repeated question but i honestly could not find a thread that is able to answer my question. Thanks in Advance, Sudha
  10. Hi tuch ms6, That's a beautiful engine bay. how did u get the FS-ze to work in a GE?.. I am toying with the same idea for my telstar (ford version of the 626). Can you share some insights please? Thanks...I love the red colour on your car. It's amazing!!
  11. rats! i's eyeing a set of RX7 2nd gen front disc with caliper at my mechs place. what a waste. correction, the wheels from a 2nd gen rx-7 fits straight in...thats what i got on my car now..hehehehe! Just done a FE3 swap and got a set of rear disc as spares.....dunnoi what to do with it ...probably skim them and paint them and keep as spares!
  12. Hello ppl, Is anyone familiar with this model? This model came fitted with the FE DOHC engines in 1989 and I happened to get a halfcut from the local yards. The problem is this car has got some complicated A/C Heater wiring and is making life difficult. can someone point me in the right direction for some workshopo manual or wiring diagram for this car? I'm pretty exhausted seraching for it.... thanks a million!
  13. hi snailman, do you know where I could get the instrument cluster of mazda 626 88-91 version that comes with the FE3? thanks, sudha Hi snail, I'm out of luck with the local junkyard. Need a working condition Instrument cluster - saw one on ebay but missed it! couldyou help? regards Sudha p/s best wishes for the New Year!
  14. hi snailman, do you know where I could get the instrument cluster of mazda 626 88-91 version that comes with the FE3? thanks, sudha
  15. hi evo.....the engine is in but now I have a problem. the mechanics who worked on it some how screwed up my instrument cluster/gauge. it can be used now. Is there anywhere I could get a replacement? Most of the sparepart shops around here do not carry the part. Pls help.....getting desperate by the minute! thanks!
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