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  1. hello thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts, apparently i discover the engineering about the probable cause&effects with the code Po400 EGR RECIRCULATION, with a lot of headaches and brainstorming. i learn to discover that the code Po400 is linked also with not only the EGR but ALSO the IDLE AIR CONTROL VALVE. with my concern is why this car does not pick up the IAC on the OBDll. was able to find the source to this problematic issue to be a old IDLE AIR CONTROL VALVE. with the symptoms that i title on this post.
  2. lets start off by this i replace the timing belt after the job. the electrical system in the entire car illumination also connecting with the coil pack doesn't keep a steady current flow to every connection. i replace the alternator (because the old one had oil). thats a reman. has a brand new battery. but the car continues to rise and drop RPMS (750-500) it repeats with a one sec tick in PARK, DRIVE,REVERSE, OR COLD START IDLE. (note) the car is setup with a amp and aftermarket stereo connected with a second battery for the amp load. i moved around wiggling any power wires thats on the main f
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