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  1. I thought I'd ask here. For a 1991 626 GT (Turbo obviously) I'm wanting a small increase of 20-25 HP out of the engine. Any suggestions to get that little extra gain?
  2. I have the option to buy a 1991 Mazda 626 GT Turbo in good condition. The car has close to 300,000K but appears to be well taken care of. Assuming the engine passes the compression test I'm wondering first what areas of the car would I be looking at addressing first, parts to replace, etc. just to keep it running normally for time to come? Secondly if you had around $1000 to invest in improving the car what would you spend it on? Generally I hear stability, suspension, wheels & tires, brakes before engine mods. Not looking to go all out and make a hot rod but I would like to tune it up a l
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