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  1. I cleaned the throttle body, egr valve and changed the gaskets. If start the engine it sounds easy in the area of the throttle body as if it were pulling in false air.
  2. Hello everybody, I am a new owner of Mazda 626, 1.8 petrol,1996. Please help me in 2 problems, which may be related: 1) When I press the acceleration more strongly (ex, overtaking) it seems like someone's throat, it doesn't accelerate, it doesn't pull and it feels interruptions. If I lift the foot off the pedal and push it easier it will recover. 2) While running, if I switch to neutral, the engine speed ranges from 1500-500-1200-700-1500 rpm and so on. When I stopped the car the engine speed at idle remains fixed at 1400 rpm. Where do I start from? I apologize for any translation
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