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  1. Just put in maf sensor and it was good for most of the day driving once I sit and idle same surging issue just took off battery going to check codes and then run for awhile then check codes any other ideas??
  2. Now I have found that annoying beeping sound was a blown air bag bulb but the light is always flashing??
  3. I just tried the jumper trick and pulling maf and temp sensor I'm guessing those are both before the throttle body the first is 8 flashes then 9 flashes with a pause in between I'm sitting here and if I rev it when it starts to drop it will run normal and holy wow the amount of power from a new throttle body!!
  4. Alright I have the 1993 mazda 626 lx 4cyl it was my grandpa's car that I had bought after he passed I do love this thing so I'm trying to keep her alive.....so it's a problem with an sensor I'm guessing but at most lights in neutral it will raise in rpms about 1100 and engine light comes on sometimes it happens when I'm driving and it will accelerate by itself..this is with no load (lights and ac) and with full load ....I've changed throttle position sensor...I just changed the entire throttle body with all new sensors sitting here in the driveway and it's doing it all over again ...does anyon
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