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  1. Hi guys , so I was wondering if it is at all possible to install a Mazda 6 6 speed gearbox onto a 97 Mazda 626 Mk4 ? How will this impact performance / economy ? Also , where can i buy aftermarket parts for this car? I cant find any in South Africa so I'm guessing I will have to import ?
  2. Thanks a mil , Replaced my waterpump and waterpump gasket along with all the belts - car is running 100s! Thanks again
  3. Hi ALL , from South Africa - If the model differs - So i have a serious coolant leak on my 626 2.0 I4. Issue is , i cannot find the leak , water drips onto the sump but it looks like its coming from around the crankshaft pulley . Has anyone experienced this ? Are there any spots i can try check specifically ? Thanks in Advance
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