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  1. Thanks, that was very helpful. Despite what some other sources alluded to, there was no need to remove anything on top (i.e. draining the radiator). The steps outlined in the post above are all that's needed for alternator removal on a 2.0 2000 Mazda 626 LX outside of dealing with all of the bolts and connectors and the like. Bottom removal is the best method. It can be frustrating and time consuming given the tight spaces and occasional uncomfortable angles, but it's definitely doable.
  2. Hello, we're currently working on removing an alternator from a 2000 Mazda 626 LX (2.0 4 cylinder) and could use a bit of advice. The alternator has been loosened completely and we're now just trying to find the best course for removing it from the vehicle. Clearance is obviously an issue. The top and bottom both appear tricky as of now. We've read some threads here and watched some Youtube videos as well, but most of the existing info seems to revolve around slightly different models. If there is anyone that could advise which steps need to be taken to help give some clearance either on
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