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  1. Thanks. Yes, it makes total sense now that the latch won't work for the trunk, as a valet could still get into it. I'm going to see about a proper key ( I had the key made by the key code from the dealer) this morning and if I already have that one, I guess I will take the back seat out. There is a sketch in the online manual that show how the seat is clipped in on the trunk side, so I might be able to get that it to release with a short flat bar with a bend to catch the latch, or just unbolt the seat at the bottom and see if that will give it enough wiggle room to get in there.... and release the seat. .... then release the added trunk lock, then...... we'll see if the truck will let go. I'll let you know what happens, in case it is ever useful for anyone else to know. Thanks again :)
  2. I just downloaded an owners manual. It's a 1997 and I think that there is a lever with a wire to open the trunk. There is the 'gas door' opener and another lever beside, with the identifier latch missing, but I tracked 2 cables heading under the back set towards the back.I didn't look under the dash either, but I'll do that in the morning also. thanks
  3. great idea..... I'll call up Mazda parts and see about a trunk key. I never had a trunk before (only station wagons and pick up trucks), so it didn't cross my mind. Thanks....
  4. I am trying to bring this nice car back from being abandoned. The trunk lock release by drivers seat, doesn't release trunk, backseats locked upright, key pushes on something, a quarter turn to the right only. Does not pop the trunk. I greased where the key slips in. It is a bit easier to turn now and pops back to the upright position, once it is traveling in that direction. Then I noticed that the ignition key, goes all the way into the key opening on the ignition, but does not go all the way in on the trunk lock. Could that be something to do with the issue? Also is turning it to the right the correct direction and how far should it turn to open the trunk? I wonder which is the best way into the trunk if the key never works. Would it work to take the bolts out that are holding the bottom of the verticle part of the back seat? Would I have enough room to somehow release them from the trunk hold downs? Thanks very much.
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