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  1. Great, thanks for the help
  2. Hey, can anyone let me know some measurements of their battery tray in 1979 626 2.0L sedan. need to get one made up. also what battery size are you running and its measurements? i dont have my 626 with me to check, its a few hours drive away. Cheers, Matt
  3. Awesome thanks mate, I will join up soon! Your car looks great, very clean.
  4. G'day, my name is Matt, live on Gold Coast. My brother in law has a large collection of old Mazdas (bongos, B1600s, 323s, 626s) all pre-1980 stuff. I bought a '79 626 off him that I am trying to get on the road, new windscrenn, change to a 5 speed then RW and should be good to go. Hopefully by March i will have it ready, anyone in south east qld who wants to go for cruise let me know, look forward to it. Cheers, Matt
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